Saturday, January 3, 2009

Knight Project

So reading Mechanicum has inspired me to undertake a project. Though still in the planning phases, I am going to scratchbuild a Knight.

So I need some things first.
1) As much fluff as I can get on these things. Orders, Weapons loadouts, Famous Riders/Battles, etc. etc
2) Models
3) A Plan

Where you can help:
I have an idea of what I am going to use to build this beast. Defiler parts are key. There will be some Space Marine Dreanought parts and some Sentinel/Pentinent Engine parts in there as well. Maybe so Leman Russ or Wraithlord parts.

The plan is to just get a defiler kit to start off and the sprues from the SM Dread I know I will need, plus someother stuff.

I want to avoid plasticard like the Plauge. Never looks good to me and is hard to work with. Frankenstiening Plastic is better in my opinion.