Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Biggest Bang: Psykers (IG Inq 2k List)

NOTE Since I keep having issues with my 2nd HQ and the fact that people just want to see a higher number of psykers I will have another list up this evening.
The concept behind this list was to have a high and diverse number, with the different psykers performing different roles.

Biggest bang is a series here where I take a crazy element and try to max it out. Things like a Space Marine Battle Company in 2500 or as many blast templates as possible in a 3k list.

Today's theme: Psykers!

HQ Primaris Psyker- 70
HQ Grey Knight Brother Captain- 146: Psychic Hood, Psycannon, Word of the Emperor, Unguents of Warding, Master Crafted Weapon

Elites Psyker Battle Squad (10)- 110
Elites Allied WH Inquisitor- 120: Combi-Melta, Power Weapon, Psycannon Bolts, Power Armour, Hexagrammic Wards, Purity Seals, Divine Pronouncement, Scourging
Elites Allied DH Inquisitor- 114: Power Armour, Refractor Field, Consecrated Scrolls, Targeter, Purity Seals, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Psycannon, Word of the Emperor, Holocaust

Troops Veteran Squad- 130: 3 x Melta-gun, Grenadiers
Troops Veteran Squad- 130: 3 x Melta-gun, Grenadiers
Troops Veteran Squad- 130: Plasma Gun, 2 x Sniper Rifle or Grenade Launcher, Mortar, Grenadiers
Troops Penal Legion Squad- 80

Fast Attack Valkyrie Squadron (2)- 310: 2 x Lascannon, 2 x Missile Pods, 2 x Heavy Bolters
Fast Attack Valkyrie- 155: Lascannon, Missile Pods, Heavy Bolters
Fast Attack Vendetta Squadron (2)- 280: 2 x Heavy Bolters

Heavy Support Hydra Flak Tank- 75
Heavy Support Hydra Flak Tank- 75
Heavy Support Hydra Flak Tank- 75

Pts: 1999 Scoring Units: 4 KPs: 17, 28 (3,2,1 system)

Tactics: Break the army up into 3 groups such as the following.

Group 1:
Psyker Battle Squad in Valkyrie
WH Inquisitor w/ Veteran Squad in Valkyrie

Group 2:
DH Inquisitor w/ Non-melta Veteran Squad in Vendetta
Primaris Psyker w/ Penal Legion Squad in Vendetta

Group 3:
Grey Knight Brother Captain w/ Veteran Squad in Valkyrie

Alternatively, you can scout on some or all the groups and just start the Hydras in your deployment zone (or bring them in from reserve as well).

The Witch Hunter Inquisitor can use its Divine Pronouncement from inside the Valkyries as it does not require line of sight. This power causes units to fall back, so is great for forcing units off objectives, or if a unit is below half strength but hasn't broken, for forcing them out of the game.

The psychic hood helps keep the psychic edge well on your side, with the hexagrammic wards as a back up for that.

The Witch hunter provides extra melta power to the Veterans to crack a tank if the 3 before it fail. The Bolter has psycannon bolts to take out daemons and characters (if the squad is dead) and a power weapon to aide in combat. Scourging give you some high strength shooting as well, though I think Divine Pronouncement is better overall.

The Daemonhunter inquisitor and his squad should be put on the hardest objective, where their Vendetta can support them and where Word of the Emperor can keep units from assaulting you. The targeter should always be used before anything else in the army is shot. Really can be useful for checking ranges, especially since this squad is the shooty squad, especially with the Psycannon.

The Primaris is great with the Penal Legion. He is great in CC with his force weapon if the Desperadoes rule yeilds a Psycopath or Knife Fighter result. His shooting though fits right in with gunslingers as well.

Hydras are just cheap and pump out fire in healthy portions, thus why they are there. Just decent support.

The Valkyries and Vendettas are rather obvious. Try and shoot with them as much as possible to get units below half strength for Divine Pronouncement to be more effective. Also, this army isn't very high in numbers, so thinning down what you can will really help.

The grey knight brother captain is a bastion, and if you have to assault an objective, use his squad.

Really this list is purely for fun and the absurdity of it. What might be more fun though is to run a Culexus against it. He would be crazy awesome.

So what do you think? If you try it out, let me know.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Using Forgeworld

This is something that often comes up in clubs and stores:
The Usage of Forgeworld models and rules.

Well I for one am for their use at all times. I will start with apocalypse:
They should always be allowed in Apoc. There should be no argument against it. Apoc is about using your entire collection and having as much fun as possible. Putting some restrictions though is fine, like no superheavies over 3 structure points or gargantuan creatures over X number of wounds. This can help everyone have fun instead of getting stomped on. But some forge world stuff is definitely acceptable.

Next up, casual gaming:
Yes again. Why? Because it is meant to be fun. But this is also where my argument is weakest. It is meant to be fun for both people. So what is acceptable and what isn't. Well, super heavy detachments may be unacceptable. But using Forgeworld Guardsmen or Tank variants, well, how is that really going to effect the game, especially if it is the same rules as the codex entry? But for forgeworld rules, they put as much time, and likely more, into balancing and playtesting I feel.
All forgeworld army lists should definitely be allowed here I believe, as this is typically the only place where a person can use them in the current hobby environment. As I said, they are playtested. Why not let some one who spent that time and money on their army enjoy it. It goes back to my fair sportsmen post. The game is about encouraging people to have fun. Let them have it. Their army, while different to you, is not holding any super dirty tricks up its sleeve.

Now for the big one, Tourney's and Competitive Play:
I think that there should be no reason not to allow Forgeworld here. No reason at all. Why? Tournaments, especially things like 'ard Boyz and Adepticon, are all about proving who the best player is. If you are not allowing a certain group of armies and units (FW) just because it wouldn't be fair, that's wrong. If a player can't beat a player using Forgeworld, then he wasn't good enough to win. This should absolutely be the case with 'ard boyz. Isn't it the quest for the best? Well how can you be sure the winner is the best when certain things were banned from competing.
Just because it is different/you can't afford it/new to you doesn't give a valid reason for saying that it is unfair.
It may be too expensive for me to buy 2 land raiders, so should no one I play be allowed them? No.
I may have never played against Orks before, so if I enter a tournament, should orks be banned? No.

So that's my 2 cents on the usage of Forgeworld models and rules.
So even if you don't have them, play against someone who does. Get a model of your own. Get everyone around you used to seeing it. Lets see if we can break this stigma of "Hey, that's FORGEWORLD, you can't use THAT!"

Commission up for sale: Chaos Daemons

If you want the soul grinder I did a while back as a commission for some one, well you can get it. The guy is selling all his daemons in favour of his Space wolves.

Nurgle Soul Grinder
Daemon Army

If you want some commission work done, email me at I'll do conversion work easily, but don't have too much time for painting commissions (I am slow enough with my own stuff). I'll paint a handful, but preferably not much. Sorry. And I can only have a limited number of projects, so if you want it, don't wait.

Monday, January 25, 2010

40k Reskewed: The art of the fair sportsmen

So BoLS posted this article a few days ago. It is on the Art of Cheating.
BoLS Cheating Article

Why would you actively encourage this? Why would you post tips and tactics to cheat? This should never have even been put on the internet, especially by such a well reviewed well read hobby blog. There are readers there that go to that site to learn what they should do to be better at 40k, and what is presented to them? How to cheat.

So lesson one in being a fair sportsmen: Doing nothing recommended in that BoLS post.

See that picture right up there. Those guys are fair sportsmen. The Olympic ideal. We, as a society are ashamed and disappointed when we learn that athletes like those men cheat. It shouldn't be any different at any level of society.

Lesson two: No one likes cheaters.

Schools, Organizations, Government Jobs, etc. etc. all have Honour Agreements or Challenges. Every university has an academic integrity review board. Why? Because cheating is unacceptable. Why? Because a doing well through cheating proves nothing about the activity at hand. The only thing it shows is that you are proficient in being underhanded.

Basically, you weren't good enough at 40k to win. So you cheat. But that win still doesn't mean you were good at 40k. It only means you are good at avoiding 40k. So how can you truly appreciate what you earned.

I am going to take an example from Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein. You run a race and get 3rd place. But I give you the medal for 1st. But you know you got 3rd. That 1st place medal is worth moot to you because it represents something you did not earn.

Lesson three: a false victory is an empty victory. You earn nothing, you prove nothing.

This leads to another thing: the other player. He now thinks you are/may be a better player or his army is deficient. This though is unproven. He was not given a fair chance to earn a victory.

So lesson four: consider the other player. Always keep in mind he is here to try and have fun and win as well. Give them that opportunity and don't just take it from them.

Another thing to consider, wouldn't you be angry if some one say, rigged a deck of cards when playing poker. Same goes for 40k. No one, not even cheaters, like to be cheated. So why do that to some one else. And in doing it to some one else you may create another cheater and propagate the problem. Who knows, that propagation may come back when some one cheats on you.

Lesson five: the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You don't want to be cheated SO DON'T CHEAT!

I guess the biggest problem I had with the BoLS post is that they didn't frame it in how to avoid cheating/cheaters or mock cheaters, but they taught cheating.

Lesson six: Encourage honourable fair play, not underhanded tactics. This hobby is about fun, so foster that core concept at all times.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Evolution of a List: SM (Salamanders) 3000 pts

For those of you who don't know, the Evolution of a List Series is a series here at Sepulchre, albeit one I haven't updated in a while, where I start with a small core list and build from that core into a large 3000 pt army, adding new elements of play each time. This is the Final Installment of Space Marines, specifically Salamanders.

The first parts of this list are here:

HQ Forgefather Vulkan He’stan: 190
HQ Chapter Master: 190- Terminator Armour, Digital Weapons, Thunder Hammer and Storm Sheild
Troops Tactical Squad (10): 250- Sergeant, bp & power weapon; Melta Gun; Lascannon; Rhino, Extra Armour
Troops Tactical Squad (10): 240- Sergeant, bp & power weapon; Melta Gun; Multi-Melta; Rhino, Extra Armour
Troops Tactical Squad (10): 240- Sergeant, bp & power weapon; Melta Gun; Multi-Melta; Rhino, Extra Armour
Troops Scout Squad (5): 100- Sergeant, bp & power weapon; 3 x BP & CCW; Teleport Homer; Heavy Bolter w/ Hellfire Rounds
Fast Attack Land Speeder Storm: 60- Heavy Flamer
Elites Stern Guard Veteran Squad (5): 225- 2 x Melta Gun; Razorback, Twin Linked Assault Cannon, Extra Armour
Heavy Support Whirlwind: 85
Fast Attack Vanguard Assault Squad (10): 730- Jump Packs; 8 x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield; 2 x Lightning Claw and Storm Sheild
Fast Attack Land Speeder Squadron (3): 210- 3 x Heavy Flamers, 3 x Multi-Meltas
Elites Terminator Assault Squad (5): 250- Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields
Heavy Support Land Raider Redeemer: 265- Multi-Melta, Extra Armour

Pts: 3000 Scoring Units: 4-7 KPs: 13, 24 (3,2,1 System)

Hobby Notes: Be able to switch the Sternguard Vehicle between a Rhino and Razorback for earlier lists. Vanguards need to be able to have CCW or TH&SS.

Evolution: Inclusion of a second HQ and Assault Vehicle (Land Raider)

Tactics: He'Stan stays with the Sternguard that he has been with the whole time. The Chaptermaster goes with the Terminators. These Terminators ride in the Redeemer, and go after the same things that the Vanguard go after, heavy units/vehicles.
5 Scoring units, one of which is in a Fast Vehicle (Land Speeder Storm) should be plenty (especially with Combat Squads) for any of the current missions. The Sternguard with He'Stan should hold the worst of the objectives, and if need be, support from the Vanguard or the Terminators directed towards there, as Sternguard should shoot before fight in combat.
The plethora of melta-weapons and thunderhammers should reduce Mech lists to smouldering wrecks.

If you want, you can remove the Teleport homer from the Scouts to upgrade a Sarge in a Tac squad to have a powerfist. I left it in only for tactical flexibility with my Terminators.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

5th Edition Powerhouse

We all hear about it. We all see it in action. 5th Edition Codices are generally, well, better.

You consistently get more for less than any of the older codices. Thus why when ever a new codex comes out, all anyone sees/says on the Internet is "Why aren't they updating my army! IT SUCKS RIGHT NOW!" Well, that is because, to put it simply, all old armies are essentially bad.

Its not that you can't win with them. Its not that they weren't good. Its just that they don't have the potential to build the competitive lists that the newer 5th edition codices.

In time all the older ones will be updated. Even Dark Eldar and Necrons. Yes, it does suck in the meantime to be playing the older rules against the bullies of 5th edition (Imperial Guard, cough cough).

What to do in the meantime: Play for fun. Instead of taking what units you can to try an be competitive, take what you like. Come to the table going "I am more than likely going to lose, but I will have fun if my *insert unit here* utterly destroys that psyker battle squad."

I know Jawaballs wins all the times with Blood Angels, but he does it without Jump Troops. To me, this isn't as much fun. I want my Jump Packs. Therefore, I play with my Jump Packs. I have a rough time right now in one on one games, but I give it my all and take the small victories to heart. That, and know in my mind that my day in the sun will come and I will eventually have the newest 5th edition codex.

Another thing to do, is play 2 on 2 games. It is a very good way to play to your army's strengths and have a lot of fun using what you like, while your team mate covers your deficiencies by playing to his strengths. When I do 2 on 2 I like my allies to have shooting and/or numbers. This way, taking Jump Troops is beneficial to him, and his numbers and/or range cover up for how small and assault based my army is.

So basically, have fun against the 5th edition power house. If you can't beat it, just fight it your hardest and enjoy what you were able to achieve.

To the right is a poll on what you think is the most powerful 5th edition codex.

Which of the 5th Edition codices do you think is the most powerful?
Chaos Space Marines 1 (1%)
Chaos Daemons 4 (5%)
Space Marines 6 (8%)
Space Wolves 9 (12%)
Orks 2 (2%)
Tyranids 7 (9%)
Imperial Gaurd 43 (58%)
Eldar 1 (1%)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Champions of the Game: Daemonhunters

Well, it has been a while since I have done a Champions of the Game post, so I figured I'd continue in my quest for the best with one of the Inquisition codices this week.

Daemonhunters first.

Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz:
As an older codex, he still has a pts restriction on him of 1500 pts in the army to be use able. Putting that aside, lets get to the meat of the matter.
He has a bolt pistol and an anointed daemonhammer. This is a thunder hammer that fights daemons at normal initiative order, and can re-roll to hit and wound. It does use up the 0-1 restriction on daemonhammers in the army though.
Daemons within 6" of him are -1 LD. This doesn't matter to much though as they are all fearless and only effects them when they use a psychic power really.
He is allowed a Retinue of 15 people, which is more than a normal inquisitor, and is allowed to take 4 of any one type rather than just 3.
His Glovodan Eagle gives him +1 I and +1 A, so against daemons he has 4 WS4 S8, I5 Thunderhammer attacks, which can possibly incur an initiative penalty. Keep in mind his Grimoire of True Names halves any daemons WS (rounding down). This makes his WS4 competitive against them.
Unfortunately, when it comes to psychic powers, Banishment no longer works, as daemons no longer roll for instability.
Fortunately, his other power is the scourging. This is an 18" S5 AP5 assault d6 shooting attack that allows no Inv Saves. And he can still charge after using it since it is an assault attack.
Finish up with 3 T3 wounds is like a guard character, but Coteaz here has a 2+/4+, so that definitely compensates. All this for a whopping 185 pts.
My suggestion, only use him against Chaos Daemons.

Brother Captain Stern:
Once again, the army needs to be 1,500 pts to use him, but setting that aside.
First he is a terminator, allowing him to deep strike. As well, he can take a terminator retinue, which is definitely one of the most powerful units there is in the game.
His psychic powers hammerhand and holocaust are definitely nicer than what Torquemada had. The first makes him S8 and give +1 attacks, essentially allowing him to attack vehicles. The latter is to wipe out the enemy remaining at the end of combat, especially hordes, with S5 on the roll of a 4+.
His nemesis force weapon is like a normal force weapon, but makes him S6 in combat. So typically you are looking at 3 S6 I5 force weapon attacks at WS5. Against Daemons this is better, as he too has a grimoire of true names.
Finish up his stats with 2 T4 wounds with a 2+/5+ save and he is respectable.
The last of his rules are interesting. Well actually, only one is. Since CSM no longer has a Lord of Change in it, the Daemonic Nemesis rule is no longer in effect. I think this is fair and makes up for the many other disadvantages in the current DH codex.
The other rule, the strands of fate, allows Stern to re-roll 1 dice per phase per player turn. But for every die stern re-rolls, his opponent gets to re-roll that many regardless of the situation, so use this one warily.

So which guy do you like more. The poll is over to the right for your voting pleasure. -->

Which character is better?
Inquisitor Torquemada 8 (20%)
Brother Captain Stern 31 (79%)

Thursday, January 21, 2010



If you don't know who Yakkface is, he is the guy GW has write some of their FAQs and is also heavily involved in Adepticon rulings.

The recent turnover of his "Counter Attack + Furious Charge" ruling by GW was wonderful to me. Finally someone stopped the stupidity. Even if it is after all the other mistakes over time.

A list of FAQ official yet blatantly dumb rulings:
1- Counter Attack + Furious Charge. Glad this one is gone. It made Space Wolves always better in combat and prevented units with defensive grenades from negating attacks when they charged. Most importantly, it made Straken even WAY MORE broken than he already is.
2- Lucas the trickster can kill a warlord. What?! A Vortex grenade only does d3 structure point/wounds to super heavies/gargantuan creatures. How can a bomb the size of a Astartes heart destroy a warlord. And if that could be afforded to be put into the heart of an SM, why is it not the principle munition of the universe.
3- Piranhas and Drones. When a piranha wrecks, the drones become a Kill Point. I believe this is the same for an ejected pilot from a battlesuit. BUT WHY? That is entirely dumb. The enemy already got a Kill Point from the piranha. Why does he deserve another for 2 gun drones.
4- Planetstrike FAQ not answer whether or not demons could assault the turn they arrive. The rule was worded that demons deploy as a special type of deep strike and not deep strike itself. There was a bunch of controversy, FAQ was put out, and every one was like "HEY! ANSWER OUR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!"

Basically, the problem I see is that they get guys like Yak and other super competitive people to make the FAQs. The problem there is that competition gets in the way of common sense.

Take competitive modeling for instance. Crawling assault marines and devastators on columns. Though the rulebook says you should not use modeling to your advantage, Yak was one of the first to recommend it. It is really an unfair element in my opinion, favouring people with time, resources, and money over common Joe guy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blood Angels: Milling over the Rumours in the Rumour Mill.

First of all check out BoLS Blood Angels Rumours part one and part two.

Some sweet stuff there I think.

First thing I want to address is a strategy I think you are going to see alot in the new codex that comes down to a rule interpretation. Quickening Land Raider Assault.
The Quickening says Infantry move like beasts. Does this make them beasts, or just move like beasts? If it makes them beasts, that means it can't be cast on squads inside vehicles or allow them into buildings. BUT if they only move like beasts, then this is irrelevant. And even if they are beasts, just cast it after disembarking, because I bet it is a movement phase power.
So lets see. A squad of Close Combat Terminators are in a land raider. Move the raider 12", disembark, which adds another 2-3". Then you fleet (If they are able to. Beasts are able to, so I assume they can.) Then you charge 12". That gives them a 26/27" + d6" assault range. That is the furthest in the game. Now this is really in the air at this point, but it is something that my friend and I noticed right away.

This brings up my second point. I am thinking Librarians will become a Staple HQ choice, more so than chaplains now. Some great new amazing powers that I believe will often be tactically critical for some of the list variants you will see come out of this release.

Another thing I am wondering about is this new tantulus lander. My guess is that it will be very much like the IG Valkyrie. I am thinking that even assault troops can use it as a dedicated transport, and "Jump Out" or something of the sort. A question I have as well though: can bikes take it as a transport? It says it is for everything in the army other than tanks and landspeeders and the Exalted.

Speaking of the Exalter/Knight of the tower: this sounds great. I Can't wait to see these rapier wielding models. Great statline. I am wondering if they have an assault move the turn they drop in.

I really like combining veteran assault squads and honour guards into one choice, and Dante making his Honor Guard troops. Makes taking an honor guard more practical.

The second rumour did not talk about an all Assault Cannon Landraider, but I'd rather have that than a redeemer, so lets cross our fingers on that one.

Mephiston with Feel No Pain, T5, Eternal Warrior. Sweet. Still be warry of power weapons with him. No mention of an invulnerable save.

The fact that I will now have to (most likely) purchase DC is disappointing to me. Though it does allow me more flexibility in HQ, as I don't always have to take a chaplain, it just feels like it is removing something from the army. I wonder at the unit's competitive ability and fear that many blood angels will be missing these devoted madmen. Though, they seem like a very potent unit, keeping furious charge as long as they win assault. Wait and see what the point cost is.

Tycho is useful now. It should be nice to see him in play.

Fleeting Furiosos. Super Sweet. Fleeting Jump Infantry (quickening) Mega Super Sweet. Living Darkness should help protect these guys cross the feild.

I am wondering about the practicality of the MC. Seems cool, but like the thunderfire cannon of the SM codex, I doubt you see this unit in play very much.

2 types of Elite scouts make me doubt scout bikers, but having a scoring unit type seems nice. I just wonder what will make the other variant special.

Lists I think we will see:
Landraider/Tantulus Mech:
2 x Terminator
2 x LR
Tactical Squads in Rhinos
Assault Squads in Tantulus

Dreadnought Drop:
Dreads in drop pods
Assault Squads for troops

Assault Squad Army:
Assault Squads
Land speeders

I really just fear too broken of a list now. People ranted about Jaws of the World Wolf in SW and About plenty of things in the New IG. Tyranids not so much, so hopefully as april/may approaches, we will see it in a more balanced light.

What I really want to see now are these new models.

Scabeiathrax (Forge World Great Unclean One) Commission

Well here is the finished painted Scabeiathrax (the Forge World Great Unclean One) for my friend. It needs some work around the base, but that will be taken care of when he decides what to base his Nurgle Demon army.


What is really unique about this is I actually used a bunch of Walmart brand paints. I didn't have the paints I needed to do the skin, so the guy lent me his. Sage green mixed with a dark brown of some sort got the look I was going for, with a develan mud wash and a straight up sage green/sage green skull white blend for highlighting (drybrushing).

The Decaying areas where done by putting the same colour as the flesh tone in, then brown ink, then asurmen blue wash around the edge and golden/sunburst yellow drybrushing.

All in all he was fun to do and actually took maybe around a third of the time it took for me to do my banner for my blood angels. Large models I guess are just very forgiving that way.

Note, the very bright spot on his nose isn't actually there. That is just something weird in the photo. Sorry.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blood Angels Banner: Freehanded

Here are some pictures of my Blood Angels Standard Bearer: Ancient Medici. No transfers were used. Only aide I had was a picture to look at.

I first painted it all Mecharite red and then used the following picture from the 3rd edition BA supplement as my reference. I drew on the major components roughly using a mechanical pencil.

Once I drew on what I needed, I painted a black field and put dehneb stone down where their would be skin, cloth and white and iyaden yellow down were there would be yellow. I then began adding the details, starting with his lower body and working my way out.

I know some details are a little different. Such as what is below the scroll at the bottom. Really, this had to change because of the nature of the plastic space marine banner that I used.

Another aspect that is different is the blue sash across his midriff. I chose blue rather than green to tie it in with the rest of my army, where I heavily use blue.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Quiz: Vehicles

Here is a new quiz. Let me know if there are any problems.

Warhammer 40k Vehicles and Artillery

Bigger post tomorrow! Me talking about the latest BA rumours.
Sunday Post will have pictures of Scabbie and my Banner.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back from break

So I am back from my break and returning to the grind.

Here are things I am going to put up this weekend:
-Finished Scabieathrax
-Finished hand done BA Banner. No aides used.

But for now I just have some random musings while I sit on the floor in the back of an overly full lecture hall at an entirely pointless meeting that I had to attend.

1st musing- Ultramarines the Movie
This is going to be sweet. SUPER SWEET. Here is my speculation- It will be against Orks. Why orks? Because they are easier for someone who absolutely knows nothing about the 40k universe than say Chaos, Nids, DE, or Necrons. That leaves tau and eldar. Why not them. They are too relatable to the audience in the wrong way. They will steal the limelight from the Marines and confuse the non-40k viewer as to who is good/bad. We all know orks are bad. Therefore, no matter how grim and dark a Space Marine of the Imperium may be HE IS GOOD.
I hope it is live action/CGI. Not expecting the levels found in something like Avatar, but maybe along the lines of Star Wars Prequels.

2nd Musing- Tyranids
I need to read the new dex, but those new models look SWEET. The one question I have is in regards to the floating venom guy. Why is he metal? Be ready with the super glue everyone. Those tentacles are going to fall and break off all the time as he falls left and right. I recommend never using him on carpet.

3rd Musing- Blood Angels
I really want to know more. Over the past several games, I have really been hurting in assault. Which is really WRONG. I am supposed to be the definitive Assault army. But the BA are not. I want to now what they are going to do to fix this. Furious Charge? Higher WS? What will you do GW?!?!