Friday, January 2, 2009

The end is nigh... EVIDENCE


So I just finished the book Mechanicum today, and I have to give a round of applause to Mr. McNeill.

So towards the end there was some huge revelations pertaining to the Emperor and to the "Dragon of Mars".

This definitely, to me, shows that the Emperor is really the Omnisiah. Even though the Dragon is what really gave the Mechanicum its knowledge, it is because the Emperor put him there.

So is this the Void Dragon? It seems awkward for a C'tan to just be living on earth eating one woman at a time, but not impossible. It took the Emperor to imprison it, so obviously a creature of unimaginable power. I also remember a mentioning of stars being consumed towards the end.

As well, the end talks about the book containing the Grand Lie of Mars as missing and 10,000 years passing but the damage being done. This ties in nicely with my last post that a cataclysmic event will occur. I wonder though who got the book and what will happen? Who ends up with it? How will it be used? Will the Dragon escape? I think that that is one of the most likely events to trigger a temporary Imperial collapse.

Another discussion I'd like to spin using this is the history of the Emperor. I mean, he was alive in the year 1200 according to this. COOLEST THING IN THE BOOK. I thought the Emperor would have been born millenia from now, not centuries before. This though will be a topic for next time. Use some of my actual historical knowledge to guess as to where he may play a role in the course of actual history. Just a fun "what if" session.