Friday, November 1, 2019

Allies of Inconvenience- Episode 23: Space Marines Post Iron Hands FAQ & Psychic Awakening

Join us this month and Evan, Chris and Jason actually manage to stay largely on topic and discuss their recent hobby progress and games played, cover the major changes that came with Iron Hands and their FAQ, and discuss the new psychic awakening campaign and the first release wave for it: Phoenix Rising.

Special apologies for Evan's audio this episode. The microphone malfunctioned and no one was aware until after we had recorded the episode.

00:00 Intro
04:59 Hobby Progress & Games Played
35:45 Iron Hand Supplement and FAQ review
1:04:07 Psychic Awakening Pheonix Rising Discussion

Songs and Soundclips
Blue Mark- Atlan Urtag
Kaap mere- Bugotak
Clip 1- Iron Man 3
Clip 2- Conan the Barbarian
Clip 3- Conan the Barbarian