Friday, January 9, 2009

Evolution of a list: Episode one - 1500 pts Eldar

Okay, so I am going to start a little series that will be updated every so often, taking a list from a basic 1500 pt list and adding on a little each time up to 3000 pts, just to show how a theme can evolve.

First installment was between Blood Angels and a Eldar force I have always wanted to play. I decided on the Eldar though because of the uniqueness of my list.

Warp Jump Generator
Power Weapon
Fusion Gun
Banshee Mask

Spirit Stones

Wraithguard (5 + 1)
Wave Serpent
Twin Linked Bright Lances

Guardian Jetbikes (4 + 1)
1 x Shuriken Cannon
Singing Spear

Guardian Jetbikes (5 + 1)
1 x Shuriken Cannon

Fast Attack
Warp Spiders (7)
Extra Deathspinner
Power Blades

Warp Spiders (8)
Spinneret Rifle
Power Blades

Vyper Squadron (2)
Scatter Laser
Eldar Missle Launcher

Pts: 1499. Scoring Units: 2 KPs: 8, 16 (3, 2, 1 system)

Okay, so I have here a fast Eldar army with a preference for Warp Spiders. Many people don't like them, but as I said, I like Jump Troops. These guys are better than Swooping Hawks, have high S weapons (although no AP) that can kill vehicles from the rear on a AP roll of 6+. I know that isn't too great, but they are also Assault 2 so everyone that hits (BS 4 and 5) gets 2 rolls and the spinerent rifle on a 4+ since it is AP 1. The other thing about Warpspiders is that the Exarch has at least 3 Power Weapon attacks from the powerblades, and as jump infantry are most likely to get the charge, so that is 4 power weapon attack at WS 5 I 6 first round of combat. They also wear power armour, which is great. On average they will move 7 inches with their Jump Packs rather than 6, with a potential to move further. The only draw back is if you roll a double, which is 1/6 chances, which means in a game you are likely to lose 1 warp spider per game if you Jump every turn. BUT you should only make 3-4 jumps at most SO the chances of loosing a warp spider aren't too high. From both squads, you should only lose 1 most games. In this case, I added the Autarch to the warp spiders as well. He goes in the Squad without the Spinneret so that they also have an AP 1 weapon. The Banshee Mask helps with assaults and the power weapon for obvious reasons. Both units have Withdrawal giving them the hit-and-run special rule. So if they prove to be too much or you want to open them up for shooting and move on to the next target without having to wait for the end of the next assault phase. What is extra nice is that this can be done in your opponents phase as well if you want, so you can assault in your turn, keep them tied up through his so they can't shoot, and then escape yourself at the end of his turn. You can then even re-assault him if you want, gaining assault bonuses all over again PLUS a round of shooting with your S6 assault weapons.

The Jetbikes are the troops of the list. The idea is to ride around killing all game and on that last turn, turbo-boost into the objective. Farseer rides around with the smaller squad, using fortune to protect them when needed and Mindwar against opportune targets. The singing spear can also take out big beasties/characters with its 2+ to wound. The S9 also is nice for neutralizing vehicles.

The wraith guard are your heavy assault troops. Use the Wave Serpent to take them where they need to go and its bright lances to deal with any Armour 14 targets on the table. The wraith guard then get enhanced by their accompanying warlock making them WS 5 S 5 T 6 I 5 combat beasts with a 3+ armour save. They also should do some nasty shooting needing 3+ to hit and 4+ to wound with assault 1 AP 2 weapons. These guys can take on terminators fairly well (and kill the LR that they were riding in).

The Vypers are your support. They have a nearly full 1/2 of the heavy weapons in the list. Use them to engage targets that need to be blown to smithereens. Usually I wouldn't do different types of weapons, but in this small of a list the diversity is needed. Against infantry, the scatter and Frak missile is great. Against vehicles, you have to hit the rear with the scatter, but the Krak is one of your best options in the army.

Items to prep with Magnets: Vyper weapons. You are going to be adding cannons and different main weapons down the road. Also put magnets on/in the Autarch's head OR make a Banshee Mask with Mandiblasters. Up to you.

So there you have it. 1500 pts of eldar. A good starting point for a new army. Not for a new player though. A lot of metal parts and a list requiring advanced maneuvering tactics. I think mostly vets read this blog right now anyways.