Sunday, February 28, 2010

Inquisitorial Purge of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

This is just some old piece of humour I had from the original BFG forum. Enjoy!

To; Lord-Inquisitor Von Grimm, Ordo Hereticus
From; Inquisitor Bigotin, Ordo Hereticus
Subject; Inquisitorial Purge BD-4992 "The Hogwarts Purge"
Transmitted; Inquisitorial Fortress, Bethor VIII
Transmitter; Astropath Ginla
Receiver; Astropath Wulesh

Salutations Lord!
I am pleased to report that the heretical witch-coven, the sect known as "Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft" has been eliminated, and every member of this vile cult has been cleansed with fire and sword.
Accompanied by five squads of veteran Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, two-hundred local militia, a dozen arco-flagellants, two Penitent Engines, and three squads drawn from the Order of the Holy Nimbus, we began our assault upon the fortress of the enemy at dawn's first light. Although the castle was hidden from normal sight by a myriad of hexes and foul enchantments, these wards were easily bypassed thanks to the psyk-out strike launched by the Persecution, and we were able to begin the assault.
We stormed the grounds, suffering only minor casualties from various self-defence spell-traps that the enemy had placed within the grounds. These traps were disposed of quickly by my cadre of sanctioned psykers, and we able to press on.
We were soon accosted by a heavily-haired mutant of exceptional height and bulk upon approaching the castle's main portcullis. He was accompanied by a variety of abominable creatures, gruesome beasts which looked like twisted parodies of ancient creatures of legend- such beasts included a disturbing horse/eagle hybrid and assorted scorpion/crab-like creatures, each one the size of a small landcar, amongst others. The large mutant challenged us in an accent I did not recognise, but no doubt it was speaking in some daemonic tongue. I ordered the attack. The creatures of the mutant beastmaster took a heavy toll on the local militia and my Stormtroopers, but our numbers and weaponry were superior, and the Sisters of the Holy Nimbus swiftly brought down the creatures with bolter, melta and flamer fire. The giant mutant beastmaster possessed incredible strength and endurance, and managed to inflict crippling damage on one of the Penitent Engines and kill and seriously wound twenty-three militia, Sisters and Stormtroopers before it was brought down by the holy rage of the arco-flagellants (three of which perished due to lethal combat stimm overdose- in death, they have been granted His Forgiveness).
We consolidated our position and set up a strong foothold whilst our chirurgeons and Sisters Hospitaller provided healing for the wounded and mercy for the dying.
To the south, I glimpsed an oval structure that appeared to resemble a standard Imperial amphitheatre or coliseum. Six tall poles, topped with huge hoops, were situated on this "pitch", three at each end. I theorised that the cult held some form of diabolical rituals or ceremonies there, and that the hoops were utilised in these.
No sooner had our wounded been comforted and aided by our medical staff, the witches of the Hogwarts School appeared. I was at first shocked at the average age of our foe; the youngest seemed to be ten years of standard, the oldest no more than seventeen. They were led by five older psykers, and they outnumbered us nearly two to one. At first, I foolishly thought that fighting children would be no challenge, but I chastised myself, remembering that each of these younglings was an illegal psyker, taught by their council of the older rogue psykers.
The eldest of the rogue psykers, whom I presumed to be the leader, stepped forward, and I saw the malevolence and hatred in his eyes that spoke of a man driven insane by the daemonic power which he wielded. He personally addressed me, giving his name as Albus Dumbledore, but I did not wish to bandy words with a heretic and a witch, so before he could speak any further and bewitch me, I disposed of him with my stake crossbow and gave the order for my force to attack.
Pandemonium erupted immediately. The younger psykers were herded back into the castle by two of the "teachers"; a wrinkled midget and a portly woman bedecked with scraps of local flora. The older children retaliated, led by the other two psykers, a crone-faced woman and a cadaverous man with long black greasy hair.
The psykers launched a variety of psychic attacks that killed and/or otherwise incapicitated my warriors. I saw some terrible things. Two Stormtroopers stumbled and fell to the ground, as if their limbs had ceased to function. Sister-Palatine Lucresia was transmuted in a second from a proud warrior of the Adepta Sororitas to a pewter goblet. Local militia either burst into laughter so violent that their blood vessels burst, or were inflated like carnival balloons. Arco-flagellants slipped and collapsed as the ground beneath them was turned to ice. I remained unscathed, thanks to the protection offered by my hexagrammic wards and my accompanying sanctioned and penitent psykers.
I rallied my troops and pressed the attack. Many of the child psykers were slain by the accurate firepower of my Stormtroopers and the Sisters, and they fled in craven dissarray, only to be picked off at the leisure of my warriors and I. Subject 23 was bisected by Sister Superior Paminda's eviscerator, whilst Subject 22 met the Emperor's Judgement at the claws of the Penitent Engine.
We advanced into the castle, gunning down resistance where we found it. Subjects 24 and 25 were killed as they defended the younger heretics, many of whom surrendered after the deaths of their "teachers". I tasked Stormtrooper Lieutenant Virone with prisoner detail, and he and his squad set about dealing with the captured children, taking them to the evac zone and transferring them to the null-cells aboard the Persecution, where they would await interrogation and execution.
We finally came across the last point of resistance in the great hall of the castle, a room so seeped in obscene witchery that I permitted only the Sisters and my personal staff to accompany me inside- I could not risk the corruption of the Stormtroopers.
At the end of the hall stood four figures, all of them young psykers. Three of the psykers were male, and one was female. They began a last-ditch defence, but their efforts were in vain. The blonde, arrogant-looking male was reduced to ashes by my gun-servitor's plasma cannon, and the freckled, red-haired male took a trio of bolter shots to the chest. The female, a young girl with long, curly brown hair surrendered to us, and I immediately placed an inhibitor upon her (I have since transferred Subject 26 to my own staff, where she now serves as a penitent psyker).
The final male, a boy with thick black hair, spectacles, and a curious scar on his forehead was monstrously powerful for one so young, and claimed the lives of four Sisters, my two gun-servitors, and Interrogator Delaun before he was stopped. As Interrogator Tesze held him in the jaws of her mancatcher, I prepared my power stake for the killing strike. Subject 29 looked at me frantically and cried out; "You idiot muggle! If you kill me, Voldemort will return!"
I presumed that "muggle" was some sort of profane cult slang. I had no idea who "Voldemort" was/is, but I assume that the witch's babble was a desperate and useless plea to prevent me from dispensing justice. I paid his rambling no heed, and impaled his heart with my sacred power stake.
Our mission a success, we ransacked the castle for any heretical items that would need to be immediately destroyed to prevent them from corrupting the servants of the Emperor any longer. We found all manner of wands, ingredients, spellbooks and scrolls, and curious orb-shaped relics. All was put to the cleansing flame.
Upon our return to the Persecution, I gave the order for Captain Yevonce to begin the orbital bombardment of the castle, completely obliterating the vile structure. As we made warp transition to Bethor VIII, I and my staff began the interrogation of the young witches.
My apologies for the lack of transcripts at this current moment, but I regret to announce that both my scribe-skull and auto-savant are both out of ink and parchment, and Interrogator Tesze has been forced to transcribe the interrogations from the various vox-thief recordings. The transcripts will be with you shortly, my Lord.
The stain of the Hogwarts coven has been wiped from the Emperor's glorious realm.

Your Servant,
Inquisitor Predujis Bigotin

Monday, February 22, 2010

Megabattle Scenario: Massacre

Today I thought I'd share one of the mega-battle scenarios my club has done.

This scenario is particularly good for groups that don't have very many armies geared to Apocalypse but still want a very large battle.

Mission: Massacre (Modified Annihilation)
No Apoc forces allowed (formations/legendary units)
Recommended pts cap per player: 3000-4500 pts

Force Organization Chart:
1-3 HQ
0-3 Elites
2-6 Troops
0-3 Fast Attack
0-3 Heavy Support
0-1 Free (may be applied to any other Force Org Slot)

Setup: Pitched Battle
This mission principally uses annihilation rules, where everything is worth 1 kill point.
Furthermore there are Kill Point objectives. I recommend approximately 3 per 4000 pts.
Objectives are placed in each deployment zone and in between the deployment zones. Evenly distribute them is set of 3 so that every set has one in each zone.
If you hold an obj in your zone at the end of the game it is worth 1 KP.
If you hold one in the neutral zone it is worth 2 KP.
If you hold one in your opponents deployment zone, it is worth 3 KP.
Only scoring units can hold objectives as per normal rules.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1st List Idea for New Blood Angels 2k pts

With everything flying around and all the rumours, I have desigend my first list for my Blood Angels codex.

Based around deepstrike assault concept. I love Jump Packs!

HQ Dante
Troops Honour Guard(5) in Storm Harbinger w/ meltaguns
-Priest w/ exsanguinator and powerfist
Troops Veteran Assualt Squad(5) in Storm Harbinger w/ meltaguns
-2 x Power Weapons
Troops Veteran Assault Squad(5)
-2 x Flamers
Troops Assault Squad(6)in Storm Harbinger w/ meltaguns
-Powerfist or Power Weapon and Meltagun
Fast Attack Scout Bike Squad(3)
Fast Attack Scout Bike Squad(3)
Fast Attack Exalted(5)
Heavy Support Devastator Squad(5)
-4 x Missile Launcher
Auxilary Death Company(5)
-Frag and Krak Grenades
-Jump Packs

I heard through the bushes Dante makes Veteran Assualt Squads Troops. Not just scoring, but troops.
The scout bikes give me some beacons to bring my deep strikers down on. Shotguns give them a little more weight of fire for no cost. Just use them to harass really.
Keep Exalted near the Death Company.
My Storm Harbingers are tank and High T hunters.

What I should have hear is 22 guys assaulting upon Deepstrike. I took more veterans because for most likely only 20-30 pts more for 5 guys, I significantly increase my attacks (2 base instead of 1 base). Then I have 10 more deepstrikers that are just plain good in assault. Death Company should have that rumoured continous Furious Charge and Exalted should have hit and run and power weapons. Then 6 bikes harrassing the enemy. Hide them as much as I can and then swoop in last turn to contest an objective is what i'd ideally do with them. 3 Storms and 4 Devs should handle any armour or MC on the table as well. Plenty of powerweapons and fists all around. Good amount of rending shooting. And some melta from the storms and Dante.

Alternatively, I may drop pod or rhino my Death Company and take the Assault Squad as a 5 man Veteran Assault Squad. Really, the only reason they are just normal right now is so the DC can get Jump Packs.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Death Company

So the new death company rumours I am seeing here are mixed to me.

I don't like having to buy Death Company. At least they are still outside the force org I believe and don't take up a slot.

I really hope there base size is 10 and not 5. I am not taking Devastators, especially with the Red Fury rule across the army. Blood Angels don't do devs. We do armour heavy support. Baals and Vindicators. So that is negative 1.

They are going to be potentially super expensive. I see them being great in Apoc games, but generally avoided in normal play. Power weapons are great and all, but +10 more points on a guy that is probably already 25. Eh.

I do have to say that at least it will be easy to get jump packs, as I will always be taking at least one Assault Squad. And the potential for 2+ armour saves is really sweet. Makes these guys great for going toe to toe with terminators or plague marines.

I am thinking though that often it will be worse to take a Chaplain with them then to just let them run amok.

I am also worried that taking Seth will be the only way to play them reasonably. I DON'T PLAY FLESH TEARERS! I play Blood Angels. I only want to use BA characters. GAH! Having to take certain characters to play certain ways is so annoying!

Really, taking any chaplain should make Death Company a reasonable choice, with certain characters potentially enhancing them, such as Leamartes or Seth.

Imperial Armour 7 Question

Hey guys, I just got my IA 7 the other day and I am trying to make my Krieg Armoured Battlegroup list.

Unfortunately, the points cost for a Krieg Infantry squad is unlisted.

I have emailed FW but no response yet. And as it is the weekend, no calls can be made.

Does anyone know the points costs of a Krieg Infantry Squad from Imperial Armour Vol 7?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

40k Flash Game: How many Halo Spartans does it take to kill a Space Marine?

A friend sent me this game:

How many Halo Spartans does it take to kill a Space Marine?

Simple flash game.
Music is from Cool Runnings. Hans Zimmer is the composer.

So how many does it take?
By my count: 1013.
Or if you just sit there with your chainsword on: 310
Or if you do nothing: 130

Bringing Flavour Back to Armies

One thing I think that is missing from the current 5th edition codices is army flavour.

Remember how you used to take doctrines or traits to play your force. Now it is only characters.

Well, so yes there is some flavour, but the idea of having to buy a character to have that level of flavour is absurd.

In my mind there are 3 codices with the biggest problems in the field of flavour.
-Space Marines
-Imperial Guard
-Chaos Space Marines

First off Space Marines. This is the codex of characters. To play Crimson Fists you need Kantor, Salamanders require Vulkan. Okay so GW says "Well that doesn't have to actually be Kantor, you can say he "counts as" someone else." NO! Why should all my crimson fists captains have a sweet storm bolter and power fist. Do they get promoted and the chapter master issue them a copy of his gear. NO! And in the case of the salamanders, you are talking about a character armed with 3 of the Primarch's own weapons. WHY WOULD ANYONE ELSE HAVE THEM?!?!
I should be able to play the chapter I want with the feel it should have without taking a specific person.
THE SOLUTION: When I buy a generic Captain, he should come with combat tactics for free and then for X number of points, I can buy one of the other chapter tactics. This way, I can have an Imperial Fist army without a Terminator Lord, or a crimson fist captain with a power weapon and actually have them feel like an Imperial Fist or a Crimson Fist.

Okay, Imperial Guard.
Well the problem they have is characters again. I think even more so than the Space Marines. At least in the SM codex, you have to choose between which chapter tactic you take. In the Imperial Guard Codex, you can buy in one list if you desire 10 characters (Creed, Kell, Dedd-dog, 1 other HQ, Pask, Harker, Bastonne, Chenkov, Al-Rahem, Marbo). All from different regiments. And you can get all their benefits.
Some should be combinable, such as Bastonne and Creed or Straken and Harker. And Marbo should only ever be catachan!
And Valkyries: do you know how few regiments actually have these things. Not many. But heck, why not let everyone take them.
I don't know a solution here. They took away flavour by removing doctrines and replaced it with a congeal it all approach.

Finally, CSM. I'd rather call it codex Death Guard. Chaos, which is supposed to be one of the most flavourful codices I'd say is one of the dryest. Marking units does little. The MoK is more like the Mark of Terminator Honours. +1 A does not make you khorne I'd say. Furious Charge does. This is particular bad in the HQ section where you can have a Khorne Lord who doesn't feel like Khorne.
Furthermore, the only good way to play CSM is all mech. And on top of that, Plague Marine mech. Why take anything else when you can take plague marines.
I'll be the first to say that CSM is a virtually perfect balanced codex. The only thing is, GW did this at the expense of the one thing that defines an army: Flavour.
You can't play several of the legions at all really. And anything but Deathguard is just not the best way to play it. Heck, my friend is going to be using Blood Angels for his world eaters once the codex comes out, just so he can actually get furious charge.
SOLUTION: There are 2 here. Codex Legions to give me the rest of the options of chaos. Iron Warriors, Night Lords etc. etc.
The other is to improve the marks to make troops other than cult troopers feel like they are devoted to their god.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Update & to do list

Sorry I haven't posted since wed. Been busy in general. And short on ideas at the moment.

Speaking of ideas, vote on what you want the next Evolution of a List series to be on. Poll over there -->.

So this post is just a general update of what I am working on.

Ordered about 15 paints today. Going to factory paint base colours on all my marines that are unpainted. Hope to be done with that by valentines day. Then it is just going back and doing detail work.

I have a megabattle for my club coming up. Cool rules for it I will post here soon.

Ever so slowly trying to get together a working version of God Machine, my homebrew game of Titan Combat.

Have some book reviews to write up, including the Horus Heresy audiobooks.

I am eagerly awaiting to see the new blood angels models so I can plan out what I am buying.

I played a 2k battle this weekend against Khorne CSM

My list:
Lemartes w/ 6 DC and Jump Packs
2 x 5 Man Assault Squad with Powerfist
5 Man Assault Squad w/ 3 x plasma pistol, powersword
10 man Tac Squad w/ Heavy Bolter, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Rhino
10 man Tac Squad w/ Missile Launcher, Plasma Rifle, Powerfist, Rhino
5 man Terminator assault squad (2 LC, 3 TH&SS)
Baal Predator

Chaos (to what I remember)
Sorcerer Lord in Terminator Armour w/ familiar, lash and wind
5 Havocs (2 Las, 2 Missile)
5 Terminators
9 Berzerkers w/ Rhino and Powersword
10 Berzerkers w/ Rhino and Powerfist
5 Chosen w/ infiltrators, icon and MoK
10 CSM w/ icon and MoK
5 Raptors w/ MoK

Game: Capture and Control Pitched Battle

Basically, I kept him on the Defensive for most of the battle, and at the end of turn 6 all he had on the table was a rhino. It came close at one point when his terminators showed up, but Dante really helped here by reducing their weapon skill and giving me preferred enemy. The assault squad with 3 plasma pistols also managed to kill two of them before assaulting I believe and Dante killed 1 or 2 himself.

I need to get a new battery for my camera or borrow a friends so I can do a detailed battle report for you all.

I have 2 tutorials in the work for you guys as well (one specifically for FTW): a Banner Painting tutorial and a Proper Posing tutorial.

I also had a small absurd Apoc battle the other weekend. 2k Chaos 2k IG tanks on both sides. We said from the start it would end in a tie, and it ended up doing exactly that. By the end of turn four both sides held 2 objectives (barely). We extrapolated that turn five would see us each holding 1 objective and turn six, both sides holding no objectives. So yeah. We even ended up taking the exact same assets (Vortex grenade and shield generator).


Waiting on IA vol 7 as well. Will put up my new IG list after that gets here.

If you have anything you want to see or talk about email me