Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is a call out to the readers.

I would like to start putting up more photos of WIPs and do some hobby articles concept to finish. BUT I need to take some quality pictures for that.

I have trouble getting good results though when trying to get pictures of my minis. They never look as good as they do to the naked eye and glare occurs. Stuff like that.

SO if you have any suggestions or tips please leave a comment. Any pointers would be helpfull.

In the mean time, here is some of my photography work, albiet unrelated to 40k.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Port Call 2: Pictures

Here are some old photo's of my fleet. Not everything I listed is in it yet and they are not very good images. The second picture is the Terra Class Battleship Jutland (the first Terra to exist as far as I know).

The Terra was made from a Retirbution Class Hull. I added the old Master of the Ravenwing pit to the prow after cutting off the eagle. As well I took the bridge off the Retirbution's superstructure and put on a plastic chaos cruiser bridge. To make it a Terra Class, you just do 2 WB sets and one lance set.

The colour scheme is an attempt to look older and worn, with the blue and white markings being the newest paint jobs, the rest of the ship being rather bare. They started out as just the reddish look with the white and blue, but one day I spilled my boltgun metal, so instead of letting it go to waste I put it on my fleet at the time (6 cruisers and a Battleship) and it looked decent enough that I stuck with it. All were painted when drybrushing was the thing to do rather than highlighting or layering.

Port Call

So in themed with my last post a few minutes ago, I thought I'd let you know about one of my forces I have (and my most complete at the moment).

Emperor Class Conqueror (Converted from Ret. Class)
Retribution Class Champion of Order
Terra Class Jutland (Converted from Ret. Class, I did the original concept submition)
Invincible Class Count Moriathas (Converted from 2 plastic cruisers and 1 dauntless)

Non IN cruisers:
Punisher Strike Cruiser Audacious (Converted from dauntless and plastic cruiser along with Invincible battleship, maybe I will do 1 more of each with a hobby article)
Blood Angels Strike Cruiser Crour Angelus

Imperial Cruisers:
Lunar Class Retribution
Lunar Class Lord Daros (NC variant)
Gothic Class Relentless
Gothic Class Usurper
Dictator Class Uragal Hammer
Dictator Class Archduke Tymalt
Tyrant Class Zealous (45 cm WB)
Tyrant Class Dominion (45 cm WB)
Dominator Class Jade Dynasty

Mars Class Imperious (Lft Col Shift)
Armageddon Class Gethsemane
Overlord Class Cypra Probati

Red Squadron Firestorms; Hannibal, Marauder, Prophet
Anvil Squadron Firestorms; Leviathan, Kraken, Behemoth
Alpha Squadron Firestorms; Cardinal Domingo, Constellation, Renown
Bronze Squadron Falcions; Nunc Agh Semper, Governor Hiatious, Ebon Hawk
White Squadron Falcions; Vossian Pride, Graf Spee, Miracle
Zulu Squadron Falcions; Hatchet, Hindenburg, Incandescent 
Saber Squadron Swords; Macedon, Boeotia, Thermopylae
Viper Squadron Cobras; Count Malaflour, Martyr, Revelation
Escort Carrier Squadron; Ticonderoga, Wasp, Oriskany

So this is based off Battlefleet Armageddon. My personal name for my fleet is Battlefleet Divinity.

Pictures will appear later.

Hobby: What I am up to


So I thought I'd let you guys know what I am working on between school work and actually playing:

Aeronautica Imperialis
Unpainted: 1 & ½ thunderbolts, 2 Vultures

Battlefleet Gothic:
Unpainted: 6 falcions, 3 firestorms, 1 & ½ escort carriers

Blood Bowl:
Unpainted: 3 ogres built and primed
Unprimed: 1 ogre built
Required: 1 ogre, Snotlings (guardsmen double for them right now)

Armoured Company:
Unpainted: Baneblade, Vanquisher, Conqueror, Battletank
Unbuilt: Marcharius Vanquisher
Uncompleted: 2 Conqueror, 1 Vanquisher, 3 Demolishers, 2 Battletanks
Needed to be stripped and repainted: Thunderbolt Flyer

Blood Angels: These guys were stripped last fall to be completely redone
Unpainted: 59 marines, 5 Terminators, 1 Furioso Dreadnought
To be touched up: Librarian, Rhino, Moriar the Chosen, 1 Baal Predator
To be repainted: 1 Assault Marine, 1 Rhino, 1 Vindicator, 1 Land Raider, 1 Landspeeder
Unbuilt: Terminator Captain conversion, 4 marine conversions (all from Marneus Calgar and Honour guard)

Imperial Guard
Unpainted: Chimera, Armageddon Pattern Basilisk, 51 Guardsmen (including stormtroopers and other metal models), 5 heavy weapon bases, 5 Grey Knight Terminators

Unpainted: 16 peasant bowmen, 4 defensive stakes, 2 damsels, 1 trebuchet and crew, 2 pegasus knights, 9 knights errant, 5 knights, 5 questing knights, 2 hero knights
To repaint: Lord on Hippogryph

2 Orks, 1 Dwarf slayer

Knight Scratch Build
Blood Angels Revamp
Snotling conversions
Terminator Captain Conversion
Creed Commissar Conversion

So yeah, thats alot to do. Wish me luck.

WHERE WOULD YOU START? Poll over there --->

Aeronautica Imperialis 0 (0%)
Battlefleet Gothic 2 (11%)
Blood Bowl 2 (11%)
Armoured Company 1 (5%)
Blood Angels 4 (23%)
Imperial Guard 2 (11%)
Brettonians 0 (0%)
Painting anything 1 (5%)
Conversions 2 (11%)
Repainting 1 (5%)
Superheavies 2 (11%)
Touching up things 0 (0%)

Poll Results for archival purposes

This Poll had no home article

Which Imperial Guard regiment do you think is the coolest?

Cadian Shock Troops 2 (5%)

Catachan Jungle Fighters 2 (5%)

Death Korps of Krieg 11 (28%)

Elysian Drop Troops 5 (13%)

Savlar Chem Dogs 3 (7%)

Preatorian Guard 3 (7%)

Mordian Iron Guard 0 (0%)

Vostroyan First Born 2 (5%)

Tallarn Desert Raiders 2 (5%)

Valhallan Ice Warriors 2 (5%)

Armageddon Steel Legion 6 (15%)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why Character Driven Variants?

Okay, rant time.

Why are they doing character driven variants in lists now?
Isn't 40k a "Skirmish" Game. Sure a big character gets into Skirmishes sometimes BUT not typically.

Does Samael really lead all Ravenwing forces? NO. Can't Afford to. Same goes for Belial and Deathwing.

Tell me where in the fluff do you see a Chapter Master deployed with not even a full company. I'll tell you where: No Where. So why is Pedro Cantor with every Crimson Fist?

Examples of where Chapter Masters have deployed:
Blood Angels: ARMAGEDDON
Salamanders: ARMAGEDDON
Dark Angels: VRAKS (a full half the Chapter was there)
Ultramarines: McCRAGGE and ICHAR IV
Space Wolves: CHARYS (retaking the Spear of Russ, 7 Strike Cruisers and a Retribution Battleship plus escorts were the SW fleet)

So why do characters of such magnitude run amok in the game? And why do ONLY THEY change the tactical doctrines of the Army? You'd think that in a small enough of a force that some Ravenwing/Deathwing could deploy, like they do in the fluff, lead by someone not as important/heroic as what is required by the codices.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fluff Question: Space Marine Design


So someone recently asked me "Why do Space Marines have square butts?" I of course had no answer. There is nothing in the fluff to indicate why. It is just the way they are.

I came up with some ideas though

Helps them stay in their seats on T-hawks and in Rhinos due to increased surface area.
When sitting next to each other, they fit together like stacking chairs.
Measure right angles/level surfaces (indicator on their hud, data fed from some interal sensor).
"Butt"butt things.
Sit on uncomfortable stone thrones (Marneus Calgar)
Drop Pods clamp on there.

So vote one what you think. If you have a better idea, tell me please.


Helps them stay in their seats on T-hawks and in Rhinos due to increased surface area. 6 (33%)
When sitting next to each other, they fit together like stacking chairs. 1 (5%)
Measure right angles/level surfaces. 3 (16%)
"Butt"butt things. 2 (11%)
Sit on uncomfortable stone thrones. 0 (0%)
Drop Pods clamp on there. 2 (11%)
Other (please put in comments). 4 (22%)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2000 Pts Death Korps Krieg Line Breakers

HQ: Death Rider Command Squad (273): Heroic Senior Officer (MC Pwr Weap, Plasma Pis, Carapace Armour, Refractor Field, Medallion Crimson, Krak Grenade); Ridemasters x 4 (each with Carapace Armour, 1 Standard Bearer with Regimental Standard and Krak Grenade); All have Hunting Lances

Troops: Engineers (160): 10 engineers; gas grenades, mole launcher, demo-charge
Troops: Engineers (160): 10 engineers; gas grenades, mole launcher, demo-charge
Troops: Engineers (160): 10 engineers; gas grenades, mole launcher, demo-charge
Troops: Hades Hive Drill (50)
Troops: Hades Hive Drill (50)
Troops: Hades Hive Drill (50)

Elites: Grenadiers (189): Vet Watchmaster (MC Pwr Weap, Carapace Armour, Plasma Pis); 4 Grenadiers (2 x Melta Gun, 1 Heavy Flamer Team); Centaur (Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers, Rough Terrain Mod)
Elites: Grenadiers (189): Vet Watchmaster (MC Pwr Weap, Carapace Armour, Plasma Pis); 4 Grenadiers (2 x Melta Gun, 1 Heavy Flamer Team); Centaur (Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers, Rough Terrain Mod)

Fast Attack: Death Rider Squad (171): Vet Ridemaster (Carapace, Plasma Pis); 9 Deathriders; All have hunting lances
Fast Attack: Death Rider Squad (171): Vet Ridemaster (Carapace, Plasma Pis); 9 Deathriders; All have hunting lances
Fast Attack: Hellhound (121): Cammo Netting, Extra Armour

Heavy Support: Preliminary Bombardment (50)
Heavy Support: Leman Russ Vanquisher (206): Hull Lascannon, Sponson Heavy Bolters/Flamers, Cammo Netting, Extra Armour, Rough Terrain Mod

Points: 2000 Scoring Units: 3 KPs: 14, 23(Hard Boyz)


Okay so here you have nearly as much as you can get into 2000 pts.

The engineers and drills are suppossed to deepstrike under objectives much like my last post. This time you just have more.

The Death Riders are suppossed to hit the enemy hard. Even Plague marines holding an objective should fall before them, as they are WS 4, S 5, I 5 power weapon attacks on the charge. So 1st turn you win the combat ideally as you kill more and then save even against Pwr Weaps with the 6+ inv. Plus a plasma pistol in each group should eliminate 1 guy before you arrive even. Make sure to utilize cover though, as you only have a 5+ armour save, but luckily a 6+ inv as well. Keep the DKK Com Sqd near others. Assault the hardest targets with them and a normal squad for the best results and a virtually guaranteed win of the 1st round of combat, which is the most important round anyways.

The grendiers are your fastest unit in the centaurs. Fill gaps with them, cover them with smoke, hunt high T/Armour targets with those melta guns. The Heavy flamer is to handle any larger infantry squads that get too close, and the watchmaster is a decent combat guy at WS 4 with a MC Pwr Weapon and 4 attacks on the charge (2+1+1), and the plasma pistol to boot.

The Prelimbombard is a fluffy and cost effective choice. What assault is not precceded by a Prelim?

The Hellhound is to take out any nasty infantry swarms, such as genestealers or orks mobz.

The Vanquisher is to deal with armour. It is essentially a 72 inch range Melta Weapon at BS 3. The Heavy Bolters/Flamers are a personal choice I leave up to you.

Both the tanks have cammo netting to fill the last 2 pt gap and make sure they survive any cheap shots at the start of the mission.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2000 Pt Death Korps Krieg Siege Army

HQ: Command Squad (264): Heroic Senior Officer (Carapace Armour, Refractor Field, MC Pwr Weap, Plasma Pis, Medallion Crimson); Ensign (Plasma Pis, CCW, Carapace Armour, Regimental Banner); Watchmaster (Carapace Armour, Plasma Pis, CCW); 2 Guardsmen (Master Vox, Melta Gun); Frag Grenades
HQ: Anti-Tank Squad (125): 3 x Lascannons
HQ: Anti-Tank Squad (125): 3 x Lascannons
Troops: Engineers (165): 10 engineers; gas grenades, mole launcher, vox, demo-charge
Troops: Engineers (165): 10 engineers; gas grenades, mole launcher, vox, demo-charge
Troops: Hades Breaching Drill (50)
Troops: Hades Breaching Drill (50)
Troops: Command Squad (190): Heroic Senior Officer (Same as other); 4 Guardsmen (Vox, Melta Gun, Heavy Bolter)
Troops: Infantry Squad (111): Veteran Watchmaster, Vox, Melta Gun, Frag Grenades
Troops: Infantry Squad (111): Veteran Watchmaster, Vox, Melta Gun, Frag Grenades

Elites: Heavy Mortar Battery (239): 4 Heavy Mortars; 1 extra Crewman each; 1 w/ Smoke Shells; 1 w/ Siege Shells
Elites: Quad Launcher Battery (131): 1 Quad Launcher, 2 extra Crewman; Centaur  (Smoke Launcher, Extra Armour)

Heavy Support:
Medusa (137): Indirect Fire, 2 extra crewman
Heavy Support: Medusa (137): Indirect Fire, 2 extra crewman 

Points: 2000 Scoring Units: 5 KPs: 14/17 (not sure if the Mortars are 1 ea), 16 (Hard Boyz)


So you have tons of artillery. The Medusas are the best, hide them at the beginning. Indirect Fire the crap out of your opponent.

Heavy Mortars are next, set them up with fields of fire on objectives. Demolish your opponent. Use the smoke to cover your infantry and the siege to take out hardened positions. 

The Quad Launcher is a mobile piece. Since it fires two out of three turns, you should fire twice and then move it if you want to support something else. The centaur can always move as long as you aren't immobilised (or destroyed) and it should pop smoke at the end of its move to cover your reloading quad launcher and crew.

The Anti-Tank squads are their to provide some more heavy punch. The artillery it best against hordes of infantry. Use these guys to take out enemy armour, which is the biggest threat to your artillery.

The Command Squads and Infantry Squads are to advance and fight under the cover of the ordinance. Most have frag grenades. The Command Platoon CS can even hit heavy infantry rather well with 3 plasma guns, a melta, regimental banner, and power sword. The other has a heavy bolter so it can squat an objective and cover itself. All have meltas to deal with pesky things such as Monstrous Creatures and Tanks.

The cool things are the 2 Hades drills and Engineers. Deep Strike under enemy held objectives for a 5 in blast that does S 10, AP 2, Power Weapon, Melta Attacks. Good Golly Miss Molly. It is brutal. These things then have a melta gun and are S 10 to ram vehicles. Plus the turn after they arrive, the engineers show up. As all Krieg are WS 4, these guys come up and storm the objective with their shotguns, gas grenades (which can even kill those annoying Plague Marines if you roll well) and demo charge. Since they aren't deep striking and just follow the drill the turn after it arrives, they can assault when they show up. It is like a flank march into the middle of the table. The mole launcher then helps them hold the objective, as well as that hades drill rampaging around.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Evolution of a List: Episode Four- Eldar 2500 pts

Check out Episode 3- Eldar 2000 pts here (with links to episode 1 & 2 in it) to see the changes made.

No changes

No Changes

+Dire Avengers (10)
  Power Weapon
 Wave Serpent
  Twin Linked Scatter Lasers

+Guardians (12)
 Wave Serpent
  Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannon

Fast Attack
No Changes
Heavy Support
No Changes

Pts: 2500 Scoring Units: 4 KPs: 15, 22 (Hardboyz)

Hobby notes: Nothing different from previous lists

Evolution: Addition of Scoring units. Critical in larger battles to weather the firepower/numbers your opponent will have. Addition of standard infantry to the list. Typically this happens earlier in armies and tends to be a building block, but this list was intended to be outside the box.

Tactics: Everything operates the same as before but for the new editions to the list.

The Guardians are solely for taking and sitting on an objective and providing what fire support that they can with the star cannon which is good against small heavy infantry units, such as terminators. The wave serpent takes them where they need to go and lends to their anti-infantry fire or departs to go give anti-infantry cover to squads that may need it more, such as the firedragons or even the Jetbikes.

The Dire Advengers are for storming and taking objectives. The wavesperpent allows them to advance with the rest of your army. The bladestorm is critical for this, as they stroll up, unleash 27 S4 AP 5 shots and then assault for 18 Attacks at WS 4 I 5 and 3 WS 5 I 6 Power weapon attacks, with a 5+ invulnerable save on the squad in addition. This is perfect for hitting power weapon totting soft targets, such as Guard command squads, Sister Repentia etc. etc. Plus the squad has decent armour saves already.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Imperial Guard High Command Headquaters Group

Sorry I haven't posted in a week. Been crazy busy. BUT I did just finish this for you!

Imperial Guard High Command Headquarters Group Apocalypse Formation

Based off WD 306 Chapter Approved Article