Monday, November 30, 2015

Completed Death Company for Adepticon!

This squad is made up of kitbashes of Plastic DC, Khorne Berserkers, some FW/chapterhouse bits and the old metal Death Company. I technically have 4 more to paint to complete the squad, but for Adepticon I only need 5 of these 6 so I am moving on for now. I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves for the rest of this.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Nathaniel Garro released! (and rules)

IF you don't know who Garro is, then you are missing out on one of the coolest characters in all of 30k (and possibly 40k IF he truly is the founder of the Grey Knights)


Check him out!

I am in love with his chest piece TBH. And the base is really cool, standing on a dead Gal Vorbak marine. IF I played Grey Knights, I would get him for my army, no doubt. He also has serious potential as a Deathwath Watch Captain IMO.

Oh, and FW released his rules HERE for all you 30k books. A free preview from book 6: Retribution.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


SO I m doing it. Finally. I am going to Adepticon. I am STOKED
I have my Hotel.
I have my Registration.
I have my Plane Ticket.

SO I am getting there on Thurday and Leaving Sunday.

Events I am doing
Thursday- Necromunda by Night
Friday: Pike and Shotte (English Civil War), Learn to Play Firestorm Armada, Zone Mortalis #1, Artemis Space Ship Bridge
Saturday and Sunday: Warhammer 40k Team Tournament.

SO I am not going to spoil my Team lists any time soon, but we fit into the "Hybrid" Category and will be taking some unexpected things I imagine.
BUT I will share my Zone Mortalis List
750 Points, Blood Angels
HQ- Librarian Dreadnought: 225- Legacy of Glory (Battle of Terra), Psyker lvl 2, Blood Fist w/ Heavy Flamer, Warlord
Elites- Contemptor Dreadnought: 225- Blood Fist w/ Heavy Flamer, Kheres Assault Cannon, Extra Armour, Magna-grapple
Elites- Furioso Dreadnought: 160- Blood Talons w/ Meltagun & Heavy Flamer, Magna-grapple, Extra Armour
Troops- Cassor the Damned: 140- Blood Talons w/ Meltagun & Stormbolter, Magna-grapple, searchlight.
I honestly have no clue how well it is going to do, but it should be interesting to run. Just 4 models, but all with High Armour for the Zone Mortalis and a whole bunch of Heavy Flamers that gain shred!!! On my Librarian I would take my primaris and then really any other power is fine by me.

Simple to get donw my Adepticon too. I just need to get some Magna-grapples for my metal dreads and contemptor!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Budget Necrons? (40k Humour)

Want to start a Necron army, but can't afford it/the significant other won't let you buy more minis? Well then, lets put what you have to use!

Weapon destroyed? Take a bite out of it!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Specialist Games Return: How and Why (a tale of Forgeworld, Horus Heresy, AoS, and the Hobbit)

First of all, if you haven't heard the news, Games Workshop is planning the return of Specialist Games in the coming year(s).

Now let that settle in. I have been very much opposed in the past to the dumping of specialist games. The are part of the Game Workshop BRAND. This is a very important thing they should cultivate. That is why from the beginning Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were doomed to fail. (You really should read the two linked articles for the full effect of this post). They are not the brand. WARHAMMER is the brand. Heck, GW is even renaming all their stores WARHAMMER.

Don't take it the wrong way. I am not saying the Hobbit or LotR was a bad game. But is want a GW game. At least not a core game. Beyond matching the movies up to a system of rules, there wasn't much they could ever add to it. Definitely nothing in the way that BFG adds to 40k or Mordhiem did to Fantasy either.

Quickly I want to touch on Hobbit/LotR as a Specialist Game. I have seen this hinted at several places, particularly one GW store on Facebook, and I think it is great. If they keep a Master Rule Book/Source Book available in hard form, or all the books in digital, and move the models to their new specialist department, this can only be a positive. So long as revenue from it breaks even with costs OR it is shown to bring in customers that then expand to their other games beyond any lost profits on the Hobbit/LotR, then they should keep it. Why?
1- It gains loyalty from customers
2- It keeps a massive Fantasy IP within their control an not that of a competitor (Imagine if Fantasy Flight Games got a hold of it? They would definitely find a way to leverage it into something VERY appealing)
3- Offers collectible models to die hard tolkien fans (I still want a Balrog and Smaug)
4- It does what it always did, serve as a gateway to GW's main product lines

Enough about the world of Tolkien though, that is not why you are here I am sure.
The biggest reason WHY they will do this though is simple. Falling market share. GW has been loosing ground FOR YEARS. They are still the biggest kid on the block, but they used to be the ONLY kid on the block. Now they want to ensure they remain viable in ALL FORMS.

I imagine there was a board meeting that went something like this:
"We are loosing market share every day to things like Drop Zone Commander, Dreadball, Infinity, Malifaux, and the like? Not to mention that blasted X-wing game! What do we do? How do we get those customers back?"
"Simple, we make a game for every part of the market they went to."

Notice there is no direct competition to 40k (other than 30k, which they have, so who cares), but there is to ALL the Specialist Games. Just like (IMO) Age of Sigmar was an attempt to steal back the skirmish crowd from Warmachine (yes it was also to reinvigorate the fantasy crowd, but they failed in that by blowing up their own world), this is now an attempt to regain all their lost customers.

How do you bring back an Infinity player? Release Necromunda.
Dreadball? Blood Bowl!
DZC? Epic!
Malifaux? Mordhiem!
DFC, Halo, X-wing, Armada, FSA? Battlefleet Gothic!

And then you bank on your robust lore and premium models to bring them back in droves. Lets face it, none of the competitors have nearly as expansive or as loved of a universe, and not many can compete in terms of model quality.
Now don't go expecting any of this stuff any time soon. It will be at least 6 moths, but more than likely over a year, before we see our first Specialist Games products return. So why announce it now? Well for a few reason
1- Gain customer loyalty and support before the holiday season. Essentially wash away the bad taste in anyone's mouth from the last year, particularly AoS, and make them feel good enough about the company to spend money on them.
2- Build A LOT OF HYPE.

That second point I am going to expand upon using Age of Sigmar and Betrayal at Calth as my examples.
I am not going to touch on the qualitative aspects of either games. To me it is for the player to decide with AoS, and it is far too soon with Betrayal at Calth. Yes, admittedly you can use your Calth minis for 40k or existing 30k and it is not replacing a game, but there is still a major comparison to draw, and that is pre-release Hype.
I feel like with Age of Sigmar, the end consumer was kept entirely in the dark as to what to expect until right before the release and that did alot of damage. People were hesitant to buy in and reactionary when they finally saw it right before hand. It was damning in a way.
Now look at Betrayal at Calth. For over a year we have heard talk of plastic horus heresy. MONTHS ago we saw leaked sprues. We confirmed about a month ago now (I think) that it is a hex based board game. And pre-orders have seemingly been AMAZING.
SO what does this have to do with the return of Specialist Games? Well by announcing it now they have not engendered a renewed faith in GW right before the largest shopping season, but they have created THE BUZZ. THOUSANDS of us around the globe are now excited! The prospect of these games returning has made many people happy or at least optimistic as to what the future may hold at GW. By controlling this themselves, they can direct us to be positive about the future of Specialist games, rather than scared of the darkness like it was with AoS.

Along with the official announcement, several GW stores also leaked that the Forge World design team was being incorporated into this new department. This bodes very well for a few reasons. First and foremost, I trust their design team in both the model department and rules department far more than the GW design team. Sure they have some busts too, but overall I think they make a better product. Alan Blight is the man.

Secondly, FW used to make Specialist Games products and likely still has the master moulds for what they used to sell. That means that as soon as something is released, say BFG, they can have their old product back up, in this case the entire Tau Commerce Protection Fleet.

But most importantly is the HOW part of this article and what Forgeworld brings to that.
I think it is going to be all Resin. Well majority of the releases at least. Everyone keeps going "OMG PLASTIC" on all the different SG facebook boards, but I don't think there will be enough demand for each game beyond a core box set in plastic. I think they will follow a Horus Heresy BaC model (Once again, learning from something that is already successful as above): a deal core set and then tons of optional and expandable units and upgrades from Forge World, just like Horus Heresy. Even if GW never makes another plastic HH model, the current combo will funnel profit to them.
By going mostly resin, they are able to cut costs AT EVERY LEVEL, which was one of the major problem with the old SG games. The cost of maintaining them was too great for the revenue they received, especially since most of the range was metal.
 FW will be able to offer a premium product in small batches with Just-In-Time production/delivery methods and warehousing costs will be diminished. Additionally they will be able to use their generic packaging (which will save a lot long term). Finally making resin moulds costs less than plastics I believe. Heck for some games I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even offer a core set, just all straight to resin (Mordheim perhaps, especially since all the AoS plastics can translate very well into it. Inquisitor for sure. Necromunda is another maybe. The biggest potential for plastics for Necro is actually new Terrain that they could market to us and 40k players. UNDERHIVE terrain sets, and they could release it with a new version of cityfight for 40k or something).

By cutting costs, they make the games profitable to keep. Lets face it, blood bowl is great, but it isn't 40k. Same with BFG, EPIC, and Necromunda. They never drew the crowds. So if we want them to stick around, we have to accept that they will use production methods that better suit a smaller demand.

The interesting thing will be to see what effect that all of this ends up having on the current Ebay market and, even more so IMO, the current afterparty and 3d printing markets...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Is Games Workshop ACTUALLY Bringing back Specialist Games?!?! (AND CONFIRMATION!!!!!)

So there is this Image, shared by a GAMES WORKSHOP in AUSTRALIA


This SEEMS really REALLY Fake.. But if it isn't... Why I had to share, on the SMALLEST chance it is true...




My guess is (IF TRUE, which I have doubts about still) that an EMAIL went out to all the managers and that is why the first "Flyer" looks so amatuerish, as it was made by the manager of that store!!!

EDIT- 3 GWs have shared at least.

Betrayal at Calth price increase?!?!?! (PHOTO)

So either this is a Typo, or the preorders on the forthcoming Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth have been so WIDLY SUCCESSFUL that games workshop has already planned and moved forward with a $35 price increase on the box set.

So here is a picture from a forthcoming White Dwarf (or possibly warhammer visions. Not sure myself) making the rounds. Yes I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT MUST HAVE CHAPLAIN. However, it has been posted everywhere so why bother posting about it. There is also some Astra Militarum stuff coming, but that too will get covered. I am mostly concerned with this.

Here is the current Preorder page

I also checked it against Canada. Currently $180 CAN. Listed as $220 per the White Dwarf, so a $40 increase there. For the lads down under it is going from the Kings Ransom of $265 AUD to $320 AUD. A $55 INCREASE.

Let us hope this is a misprint. If not, I suggest you preorder NOW!!!!!

The only condolence I can think of is that if preorders really did do that well, the market will be so flooded that ebay and trade sites should have a decent price. Maybe?

EDIT: Pics of Karlean, Chaplain and the Astra Militarum Command Tank

Source of images: Tartan Paint Studios 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Additional Ships Compendium 2.0 for BFG updated! Now with Adeptus Sororitas!

Admist working on my Blood Angels for Adepticon 2016 I also got in an update for the Additional Ships Compendium 2.0 for BFG:R.


What is BFG:R (Battlefleet Gothic: Revised) you ask? It is a community driven effort to balance and update the ships and fleets of BFG, as well as consolidate all the Official and really popular Unofficial designs.

The main site for BFG:R is Afterimagedan's Starship Combat Blog, but majority of development has occurred on the BFG Specialist Games forum. As well there is a forthcoming BFG 2015 ruleset utilizing BFG:R rules
Screen from the ASC 2.0
What I am working on is the additional ships compendium 2.0. The original ASC was a rough document that just managed to gather all the extra and cool designs out there from Fanatic, BFG and Warp Rift magazines. My ASC 2.0 is trying to dress that up and update it to be compatible with the great BFG:R project, as well as be more comprehensive of the fluff and potential for ship classes.

I am working on it on the BFG Specialist Games forum currently, getting inputs from any and all interested.
Here is the main dev thread. Each race has its own dev thread on the main discussion page (Thus far Imperial Navy, Chaos and Space Marines).
The draft document is here (via dropbox). It is also on my downloads page for future reference. And you can always get to the forums via my Fanatic Specialist Games Portal.
Screen from the latest update!

If interested, pop over to the forum and help out! BFG is still an awesome game, and these projects make it even better IMOHO. There are plenty of proxy suggestions out there, especially from firestorm armada. Shapeways and other 3d printing sites have cool models too, and there are model companies like Helios that just make cool spaceships for any game that work really well.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Forge World: Betrayal at Calth Bundles & WIN 5 FIRE RAPTORS!!!!

So it is PRE-ORDER DAY in NZ already, so you can preview the Bundles Forge World has up to go with Betrayal at Calth!


What is SUPER AWESOME is that they have Task Forces FOR EACH LEGION! (released to date... Sorry Space Wolves) Meaning either there will be a way to play using other legions OR they are just admitting that they know we are all going to use these for other games than the one in the box! And don't let the picture mislead you, they come with 30 resin bodies, 30 heads, and 30 shoulder pads to upgrade your guys with!

These bundles start at about $340 USD and get up to $1300 for the Legion Devastation Force

And it gets BETTER. If you preorder any of these bundles, you get entered to win 5, yes 5, Fire Raptors!!!!!


Buy this bundle now and you could win one of five Fire Raptor Gunships!
Buy any bundle that includes The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth by 30th November 2015 and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win one of five Fire Raptor Gunships! CLICK HERE for terms and conditions.
This product will be despatched with Free Standard Shipping.
Joining battle with the speed and ferocity of the avenging angels of ancient myth, the Blood Angels Legion were known for their rapid assaults. The sons of Sanguinius stayed loyal to the Emperor throughout the dark days of the Horus Heresy, though they could not know that the final battle would herald their darkest hour.
This exceptional bundle is the perfect start to your Legion. The models and upgrades included allow you to dive straight into the cataclysmic warfare of the Horus Heresy.
Included are thirty-eight plastic models; a Praetor in Cataphractii Terminator Armour; a Legion Chaplain; a Contemptor Dreadnought, armed with a Close Combat Fist with inbuilt combi-bolter and a choice of multi-melta or Kheres assault cannon; a squad of five Cataphractii Terminators including a Sergeant, with weapon options including combi-bolters, power fists, lightning claws, chain fists, power swords, a heavy flamer and a grenade harness; and Thirty Legion Tactical Space Marines in MK4 armour, with a huge selection of weapons and custom features, including bolters, missile launchers, heavy bolters, chainswords, power swords, power fists, plasma pistols, lightning claws, plasma guns, melta guns, flamers, combi-weapons, combat blades, ammo packs, holstered bolt pistols and a selection of grenades. These thirty Space Marines make perfect Legion Tactical, Veteran Tactical, Legion tactical Support or Legion Heavy Support Squads.
To upgrade all thirty Tactical Space Marines with the armour of your Legion there are ninety resin components included; thirty Blood Angels Legion Heads; thirty Blood Angels Legion Torsos; and thirty Blood Angels Legion Mk IV Shoulder Pads.
Also included is the full Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth game, including four double-sided boards, beautifully printed on thick card stock; a forty-eight page book, featuring an introduction to the battle on Calth and comprehensive rules and scenarios for playing the game; forty-two command and reference cards, used to introduce effects and events into the game; twelve dice and an array of markers used in-game. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Over 100 attacks?: 1850/2000 pt Blood Angels (DC Death Star) + Astra Militarum

So my last post was a crazy ALL DEATH CO 3k list, but that list inspired me with an amazing idea IMO. I am just going to throw up the lists then discuss
PRIMARY DETACHMENT- Baal Strike Force, 1495
HQ- Astorath the Grim- 165: Warlord
HQ- Brother Corbulo- 120
Elites- Death Company(15)- 660- 12 x Inferno Pistols, 3 x Hand Flamers, 3 x Power Fists, 3 x Power Swords, 1 x Thunder Hammer
Troops- Scouts (5)- 60: 5 x Sniper Rifles
Troops- Scouts (5)- 60: 5 x Sniper Rifles
Fast Attack- Drop Pod- 35
Fast Attack- Drop Pod- 35
Heavy Support- Spartan Assault Tank- 360: Pintle Multi-melta, Hull Heavy Flamers, Sponson Quad Lascannons, LoG: Schism of Mars and War of Murder

HQ- Lord Commissar- 80: Power Sword
Troops- Veterans(10)- 90: 3 x Melta-guns
Troops- Veterans(10)- 90: 3 x Melta-guns
Heavy Support- Hydra- 70
No Slot- Ministorum Priest- 25

(So this uses codex BA as well, so you can't take an ALLIED detachment of the same Faction, though some tournaments do allow this, BUT you can take a Flesh Tearers Strike Force. To do so, remove one or both of the drop pods from the Primary detachment and put them in here.  would also very much consider switching Astorath into this detachment and the Librarian I am about to mention into the Primary Baal SF. This is so that the Librarian can be the Warlord and get a different trait and he can benefit from the Baal SF +1I, something from which Astorath can't since his axe is Unwieldly)

TERTIARY DETACHMENT- Flesh Tearers Strike Force (150 w/out Drop  pods you need to switch in )
HQ- Librarian- 90: Mastery lvl 2, Force Sword, Bolt Pistol
Troops- Scouts(5)- 60: Sarge w/ Melta-bombs

Now that the lists are out of the way, I am going to tackle the low hanging fruit of the tactics before detailing the Death Star.
-Scout Snipers camp objectives and attempt to slow the enemy with pinning fire.
-IG Veterans go into the drop pods and land to pop vehicles, kill small squads or take/contest far off objectives.
-Hydra sits in backfield and is pretty much just there to be 70pts of flyer insurance.
-In the 2k list, the extra scout squad is just a general throw at an objective and take it. They can also follow in the wake of your death star and camp an objective the Death Company leave in their wake.


So the 15 Death Co, Astorath, Corbulo, the Ministorum Priest and Lord Commissar all go into the Spartan. The Spartan is the key here. It is AV14 all round with 6 HP, so it should nearly always make it to your target, especially since Corbulo can attempt to reroll seize the initiative with his far seeing eye. With the two LoG it has it makes the scouts following it fearless (if they are close enough), is deadly against daemon engines, has protection against Haywire and has both Tank and Monster Hunter.

But ultimately it is just a delivery vehicle. Transport capacity 25 means it fits all the models in with room to spare. Dump them on target and Assault (it is an assault vehicle). Then watch mayhem happen.

First you open up with 12 melta shots, 3 S3 Handflamers (just for a large number of hits, let the dice work in your favour), 2 Bolt Pistols and 2 Laspistols.

In the 1850 point list this is how the assault breaks down on the charge:
-40 WS5, S5, I6 AP- attacks (2 Base attacks per DC, +1 for 2CCW, +2 for charging w/ Rage, +1I Baal SF, +1I & WS Red Grail from Corbulo, +1S Furious Charge)
-15 WS5, S5, I6 AP3 attacks (same bonuses, power swords)
-16 WS5, S9, I1, AP2 attacks (power fists and thunder hammer, so 4 of these are concussive)


Now the Commisar is there to dive on any challenges as a throw away, but he has 5 WS5 AP3/2 attacks on the charge, depending on what power weapon you equip him with. I personally would probably go sword so try and kill any power fist wielding challenger before they strike.

Astorath would provide 4 WS7 (+1 from Corbulo) S6(+1FC, +1 Axe), I1 AP2 Attacks that have instant death on a to wound roll of a 6. He also gives the squad Adamantium will for some psychic defence (as the Warlord).

Corbulo has 5A at WS6 S6(+1 Heaven's Teeth, +1 FC) and I7(+1 Baal SF, +1 Red Grail) and Rending.

Lastly the Ministorum Priest adds 4 WS3 S3 I3 AP- attacks. Any dice help right?

IN TOTAL that is 89 ATTACKS, of which 40 are AP3 or higher, with 5 more rending. AND 60 of the attacks are at I6 or Higher. WOW!!!! AND 71 of them REROLL EVERYTHING!!!!

Now to really put in a kicker- Because of Corbulo, all of the guys have FNP, not just the DC. AND BECAUSE OF THE MINISTORUM PRIEST'S WAR HYMNS, YOU CAN REROLL ALL ARMOUR AND INVULNERABLE SAVES!!!!!! (with a successful LD check).

So you not only get an armour save, you can reroll it AND then still get FNP.

NOW to make it more brutal at 2k

Add the Librarian. I personally would make him my warlord over Astorath and try to get a better trait, especially since with him in the death star you no longer need Adamantium will.


The next best powers are
-Shield of Sanguinius- 5+ invlun for the squad (which your priest makes rerollable)
-Wings of Sanguinius- if you loose the spartan, this is the next best way to move them around
-Quickening- Primaris power as in don't bother with the others. +d3 I and A to a character. Would be useful of himself, corbulo, astorath or the commissar in a challenge.

BUT YOU NEED UNLEASH RAGE- why? Well it give a targeted friendly unit rage (+2 A charging) or +1A if they already have rage. This means all the characters in the squad get +2A and all the DC get +1 A.

This is an additional 23 attacks, plus the 6 WS5, S5, I5 AP3 (possibly force) attacks the librarian brings.
That brings the total to 118 attacks on the charge, 86 of which reroll to hit AND wound. I'd like to see a Superfriends Death Star try and stand up to that (they won't). You win on weight of dice alone.
Now this thing won't be winning any tournaments. For one it is kinda over powered. It would blast something off the map and then be open to shooting. Though the amount of save power they have makes them pretty resilient, they would still loose effectiveness. Where it works best is against OTHER death stars. Basically it is a death star designed to overwhelm other death stars with a gigantic number of dice, of which most will be going before the enemy even has a chance to fight. There are enough guys to multi-charge, but this seriously cuts down on the number of attacks and forfeits alot of rerolls, but they are still DC and would still be very fast and strong.  Despite these flaws, it would be amazing to use IMO just to watch your opponents jaw drop. And they would have to expend so much (other than D) to eliminate the death star that your low point troops would likely be unharrassed. And who knows, you could possibly use them very well to protect your Death Star (bog down 1 squad with the assault scouts, pin 2 squads with the snipers, melta vehicles or monstrous/gargantuan creatures with the vets and blast them with the spartan). Hopefully those can mitigate the amount of fire you take.

It is possible to scale back the Death Star. If you reduce the amount of Death Company you take, you could fit them into a Land Raider Variant (I would go Crusader, maybe Redeemer. Standard LR is just too small). This would open up the points and allow you to either take this in a 1500 pt game or include more options. I would go for a Tactical Squad and some more Imperial Guard stuff myself. Maybe a flyer of sorts (Vets in a Vendetta).

EDIT- Thanks to a rule pointed out on the Spikey Bits Hobbies Facebook page- Gothmog: SO ASTORATH CANNOT be taken in the squad because he CANNOT ride in the Spartan. Look under Transport rules… no jump infantry. I just thought he was Bulky, my bad. BUT I do have a good fix to still get ALL THE BONUSES. Drop Astorath and buy a Second AM Priest and a Terminator Chaplain with the Veritas Vitae and a combi-melta (to round out the last 5 points, you can put them anywhere if you’d rather do that instead). NOW you can get ANY Warlord Trait from the beginning AND you get a bonus Strategic Trait. BUT WAIT He still has Zealot, so reroll to hit still applies. AND now you have one Ministorum Priest popping Warhymns to reroll saves and another for wounds.  SO the Chaplain gets 4 (+1 charge, +1 2xCCW) WS6(+1 from Corbulo) I6 (+1 Baal SF, +1 Corbulo) S7(+1 FC, +2 Crozious) AP4 concussive attacks on the charge BEFORE being buffed by the Librarian. And you add another 4 Priest attack. SO 8 dice where there were 4 before. AND You add another 2 Attacks to the Chaplain if you manage to get Unleash Rage. SO it still all works out in the end. It gets a little harder to scale back and you loose an Instant Death ability, but the guy is S7 on the charge and overall I am not sure you need it so much in this list.

But ultimately it is a one trick pony that will likely only work once or twice a game. But man what a trick.

Monday, November 2, 2015

You can still buy Warhammer Fantasy Battles?!?!

Recently Black Library changed their site (a terrible change IMO, but that is a different story). Browsing tonight, I have come to notice something kinda crazy

You can still buy Warhammer Fantasy Battles and all the End Times books.

Yes, you read that right... you can still buy WHFB


They may only be digital. However, there they are, for sale. And at a significant price reduction ($32.99 for the core rule book).

Now it may have still been this way on the last site, but I don't think it was. Correct me in the comments if I am wrong.

No army books unfortuately, but I don't think that means there won't be... they do have several battlescrolls up after all. Maybe AoS isn't the unheralded success they hoped for.

There is this disclaimer "Warhammer: Rulebook is designed for use with Warhammer: The Game of Fantasy Battles. That game system is no longer supported, but this title remains available for those who want to recreate the epic battles of the lost world. To continue the war against Chaos in the Mortal Realms, check out Warhammer Age of Sigmar."

But when has GW EVER sold old rules... sure this is digital and of no cost to them. It could just be a money making ploy, but maybe, just maybe, it is a little bit of back tracking too.