Monday, January 26, 2009

Blood Bowl: The Bolgosgrad Berserkers (Bone 'eads)

Okay, so since I last talked about the Berserkers (my Blood Bowl Ogre team) I have had two games in my regular season.

GAME 1: Bolgosgrad Berserkers versus The Mask of the Flying Skull (Dark Elves)

1st Half Highlights
1- Dark Elves Received, Snotling recieves a casualty
2- Snotling Journeyman gets a smashed hip, Ruk Hurtbringa smashes a DE lineman's hand (MNG), Snotling ejected from the game on an attempt to foul a witch elf.
3- Grog Hammerarm inflicts a casualty (Badly Hurt)
4- Snotling Journeyman recieves a smashed ankle from a Witch Elf, DE Runner Scores
KICK OFF- Berserkers Recieve, High Kick
5- Grog Hammerarm gets the ball
6,7,8- I fail to score

2nd Half Highlights
1- Berserkers Received, Pitch Invasion stuns Murda, Grog, a Snotling and a DE Lineman, Ruk Hurtbringa inflicts a casualty
2-Thudd gets the ball
3-Ruk Hurtbringa is Badly Hurt by a Dark Elf assassin's stab
5-Thudd Ironogre Scores
KICKOFF: Quick Snap
6- Ogre throws a snotling at the elfs, snotling recieves a badly hurt casualty on the landing and doesn't knock anyone over, DE Assassin Scores
KICKOFF: Pitch invasion, Murda, a snotling and a DE lineman stunned
7,8- NA

Game results: Bolgosgrad losses 1-2. Winnings: 60,000 GP. Gate: 5,000. Grog Hammerarm wins MVP. Hire on Ogre #5: Krash N'Smash

GAME 2: Bolgograd Berserkers versus Hausern Imperials (Human) (I was 4th in Team Val, he was 1st, though I have the worst league record). The first four turns I didn't fail a Bonehead or a Block action. After that though, it seemed I'd never get anything but push or bonehead. As well, only my 6th reroll of the game worked.

1st Half Highlights:
1-Imperials Recieve, Blitzer Casualties a Snotling
3- Human score from pass plays
KICKOFF- Perfect Defence
3- Murda kills a lineman, Apothecary down to badly hurt, next block Thudd Kills a lineman
6- Snotling loses the ball
7- Imperials Score
KICK OFF- Change of weather: Nice
7- Grog incomplete snotling throw, Human Lineman self inflicts a casualty on a go-for-it, Smashes his knee and recieves a Niggling Injury

2nd Half highlights
5- Human Score
KICK OFF- Throw Rock: Human Lineman stunned
6- Snotling gets the ball
7- Grog Hammerarm completes a snotling pass, Numba 7 lands and goes in for a touchdown
KICK OFF- High Kick

Game Results: Bolgosgrad Losses 1-3, Winnings: 4,000 GP. Gate: 10k. Krash N'Smash wins MVP.

My next game is against the Lizardmen "The Crested Blood Crushers". Wish me better luck. next time.