Monday, April 22, 2019

Allies of Inconvenience: Episode 18- Adepticon 2019 Coverage

Join us for our post Adepticon 2019 discussion, where we cover our last minute changes and preps, the Warhammer 40k Team Tournament, and various other event games like the Knight Fight and Space Hulk!

05:05 Adepticon Preps
23:07 Adepticon Day 1 and 2
59:11 Warhammer 40k Team Tournament

Songs and Soundclips
Blue Mark- Atlan Urtag
Kaap mere- Bugotak
Clip 1- Babylon 5
Clip 2- Galaxy Quest
Clip 3- What would Brian Boitano Do?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Post Adepticon Breakdown Part Three: Astartes on Ice 40k Team Tournament Board

Coming back to you with more Adepticon Coverage, this time our last minute board and theme.

The forthcoming podcast will talk more about it, but in short we had another large amazing theme planned for this Adepticon. Unfortunately one of our team mates had to bow out this year for a family emergency. In solidarity with him, we decided to put that on the back burner and in two weeks time pulled off this board and theme. It basically came about because Chris joked my Redemptor looks like he is Ice Skating. And since all good boards start with a joke, we went from there.

So here is the finished product
How did we get to that? Well a whole ton of last minute work.
I personally built 3 bikes, painted 6 bikes, an attack bike, and 11 intercessors, and painted the Realm of Battle Boards. Chris did TONS of construction on the boards, integrating all our motors, put together our draft pamphlet, and helped with bases, while Jason helped finish off bases and added all the snow once we were in the hotel. The whole thing was finished (with me painting and gluing models to bases) at 2 AM the morning of the tournament.

So what follows is alot of the WIP photos and videos

And here is the pamphlet we handed out

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Post Adepticon Breakdown Part Two: Assault on Kings Landing, Space Hulk and Star Wars Legion

Back with my continues coverage of Adepticon 2019.
Check out part 1 here where I talk about my first impressions of A Song of Ice and Fire game, Horus Heresy Knight Fight, and the Kings of War Big Battle.

I skipped my first game to sleep and paint that day. It was an ASoIF even, but only cost me $5, and I made the better decision considering how late I stayed up to finish for the 40k team event the next day.

I did make it to my second game, which was ASoIF Assault on Kings Landing. What made this game extra fun was it was ran by the game's designer. He had a really cool mission put together where the 8 players (mostly Starks and Boltons) fought his Lannister Army. I was that little green blob of Wildlings led by Tomund Giantsbane. Not the most accurate thing, but awesome of him to let my do that when asked who my favourite character was when he realized he didn't have enough units set up for us. He also had a constant narrative progression happening. AND BRIBES. He'd bribe up with free models to do certain actions. But I live and died as the Free Folk should and took no bribes, submitting to no King (it also let people more invested in the game get the cooler swag). In the end we slew Joffry anyway, so it all worked out.
After that I played a super aweome large scale game of Space Hulk. 6 marine kill teams (BA - my team -, DA, BT, Ultras and 2 DW) had 11 turns to stop the GSC from lighting off a beacon to summon the hive fleet. The 4 Marine players had secondary comms objectives that gave the Imperials 1 more turn for each up. There were also 2 power gerenrators for the DW, that each reduced the beacons health by 25% when destroyed.

We managed to get all the secondaries and finish the game in turn 13. Only 3 Marines made it to the central area, my BA Captain, the DA one and the BT one. I was also the first to take out their comms relay, first into the central chamber, damaged the beacon and slayed the Patriarch once before he got back up and killed me. Still over all success in what the event coordinators said was the deadliest game to marines they had seen in a while.

After that I just went and painted to be ready for the next day and then got some Giordinos and did the 40k team trivia event, which was rougher for us this year without our resident Chaos expert.

And with that I leave you will some bonus pics of some Star Wars Legion tables I checked out while waiting for my first game to start.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Post Adepticon Breakdown Part One: ASoIF first Impressions, HH Knight Fight and KoW Big Battle

Well, Adepticon was a few weeks ago. I have had plenty of time to recover (I took extra vacation afterwards for family time. If you ever go, especially if driving, I highly recommend this approach). Now I should start sharing my experience. Over the next week I'll be posting numerous articles covering it including

-A Song of Ice and Fire by CMoN
-40k Team Tournament
-Making our Team Tournament board
-Horus Heresy Knight Fight
-Kings of War Big Battle
-Medeival Times
-Space Hulk
-Bonus Roadshow Podcasts!
-And it will all wrap up with our Allies of Inconvenience post Adepticon podcast!

This was my 4th Adepticon and it was as fun as ever. This year I went into it signing up for as many events with models provided day 1 and 2. Just took a lot of personal prep pressure off (which got put right back on later, but I'll talk about that when I get to the 40k team tournament this year). And man did this approach pay off big time. I had a lot of fun games starting with my introduction to the A Song of Ice and Fire game by Cool Mini or Not.

What was nice was my opponent had played 2 to 3 times already, so he was able to help guide me along. The models were wonderful (even unpainted) and the rules quick to pick up while still feeling relatively unique and having some good strategic depth. And if you have been missing a good massed battle maneuver based game since WHFB bit the dust, this is definitely one to consider IMO.
I lost my first game playing as the Lannisters vs the Starks, but learned a lot really fast and I am interested in playing this game more in the future. If they run more event games next Adepticon, I would definitely consider signing up for them. And my initial taste made me glad I was signed up for 2 more games the next day.

What is really great for me is the Premium swag bag came with a copy of the game AND I was gifted another copy. SO now I have a massive Stark and Lannister army. If I happy into a bunch of money, I'd consider commissioning someone to paint them. For now though I am going to treat it more like a board game and leave the models unpainted (I have way to much to do already) and break it out as a fun distraction game.
After my Intro to ASoIF, I played the Horus Heresy Knight Fight. This was an awesome game. They provided all the knights needed (Cerastus and Questoris only. No Acastus or Armigers) and had some really fun and fluffy custom fast play rules.
I brought my own Adepticon themed Knight Atrapos... because why wouldn't I? There were 14 Knights on a super terrain dense table, 7 per side. I was my team king. The unfortunate thing meant I was last every turn. This really would not have been an issue had I been a shootier knight, but as a close range knight, earlier each turn would have been advantageous for me. I wouldn't hesitate to do this event again though, I would just ask to NOT be the king next time I play it.
After that I got to go experience my first real game of Kings of War in the big battle. I had fun, but probably something I only need to experience once. The board looked fantasitic, the models were great for an army done en masse. The people were great. And it is Kings of War, so the rules were easy to pick up, and they even provided each of use with a handy reference book of the units in our armies. 
 The only real issue I had with the game is it didn't feel that strategic. Because it was SOOOO dense in models, we just kinda mashed sides together and let the dice duke it out. No terrain other than rolling hills. It also was pre set up for us, and looking at how I did at the end and the order my units hit the enemy in, I definitely would have deployed differently and this would have made the game seem more strategic as well. As it was I just kinda had to pick what was in front and move it forward. So overall it was just a cool battle of Fire vs Water. In the end I was on the winning side though, so there is that. If you are a fan of KoW, this is probably a cool even for you. For me, I'll stick to just using the historical version for quick play games.
Afterwards, my friends and I loaded up and went to Medeival Times in Schaumburg! They are always running a Spring Break special while Adepticon is happening, so we just show up on a Thursday evening show which still has plenty of room and pay about $40 for a show and dinner. Always worth it and if you go to Adepticon, you should do it.
Our Yellow knight won (we referred to him as an Imperial Fist. Last time we went the Black and White "Black Templar" knight won for us, so there is something about the sons of Dorn). Really a cool great time.

And with that that's my day one. A little bonus content below, some ESR Napoleonics and Titanicus.
And I got to meet the Terrain Tutor Mel!