Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blood Angels + Inquisition "Skull Bash" DoA (and 2k List)

So the new Inquisition "Codex" has unleashed a whole realm of possibilities for Imperial Armies. Pieces of wargear such as the psyocculum and servo skulls open up some real potential, and at low costs. Looking through this I found a clever trick. Yes it is cheesy/beardy/unfair, but on a competitive circuit I think it can definitely give the Blood Angels a bit more bite, and bring back the glory of 5th edition descent of angels lists.

I call this the Skull Bash.

NOTE: I scanned through the BRB several times and couldn't find anything that makes the trick below illegal. If you have information counter to that PLEASE comment and let me know the error of my ways. Specifically give the section and page number in the rulebook.

Take two inquisitors of your choosing. Equip them how you like, but you must MUST take MAXIMUM SERVO SKULLS. That is 6 skulls. For those of you who don't know, servo skulls subtract 1d6 from scatter for Deep Strike and Blasts w/in a 12" radius. Now Blood Angels have Descent of Angels which ALSO subtracts 1d6 from Deep Strike. So effectively you have six 24" circles where there is no scattering for Blood Angels.  The great part is only 3 are required to get full board coverage, so with all the overlapping coverage, it is nearly impossible for you opponent to move within 6" of more than 3 a turn, meaning you can have coverage to guarantee what is coming next.

Now to maximize this-Heroic Intervention and Fast Vindicators. Mainly Heroic Intervention. Having a unit that can Assault the turn is arrives from deep strike is great. Being able to place the unit with 100% accuracy is brutal. Insanely so. This has the potential to make Blood Angel Vanguard Veterans one of the deadliest units in the game. The fast vindicators can add to this brutality as you end up with highly mobile Demolisher cannon blasts that can only scatter 2" stationary, which is a guaranteed hit essentially, or max of 6" otherwise, which is still AMAZING.

Spice up the whole mix with some other nasty Inquisition Tools and Astorath as your Warlord. Why Astorath- well making the Vanguard Vets furious assault 50% only adds to their undeniable lethality on the board.

Here is an example list I put together

Primary Detachment- Blood Angels
HQ- Astorath the Grim- 220
Elites- Sanguinary Priest (2)- 100
Troops- Scout Squad (10)- Sniper Rifles, Cammo Cloaks, Missile Launcher- 190
Troops- Scout Squad (10)- Sniper Rifles, Cammo Cloaks, Missile Launcher- 190
Fast Attack- Vanguard Veterans (5)- 5 x Power Weapons, Jump Packs- 225
Fast Attack- Vanguard Veterans (5)- 5 x Power Weapons, Jump Packs- 225
Fast Attack- Vanguard Veterans (5)- 4 x Power Weapons, Power Fist, Jump Packs- 235
Heavy Support- Vindicator- 145
Heavy Support- Vindicator- 145
Fortification- Aegis Defense Line- Quad Cannon- 100

Inquisitorial Detachment
HQ- Ordo Xenos Inquisitor- Power Armour, 3 x Servo Skulls, Conversion Beamer, Psyker, Force Sword- 117
HQ- Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor- Power Armour, 3 x Servo Skulls, Psyocculum, Liber Heresius, Psyker, Force Sword- 107

Pts: 1999 Scoring Units: 2-4 KPs:12-14

So the priests and inquisitors camp in the Scout Squads. Place the one with the Liber Heresius in the Aegis Line, as the Split Fire it can provide will be best suited there. Place the priest on the quad gun, which is really your only anti-flyer defense. The Psyocculum + Split Fire + Sniper can make the squad incredibly deadly against armies with heavy amounts of psykers, like Grey Knight and Eldar. With their psyker rule, I recommend Divination for the obvious reasons of boosting shooting in the sniper squads. Meanwhile the other inquisitor brings the conversion beamer to the army, adding some extra high range, high S fire power that is otherwise lacking.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Is 40k coming unhinged? (Rant)

Well, it seems this is a terrible time to be on deployment. I am going to get back and not even know where to begin with 40k.

Whether digital or not, there is a massive flood of rules coming in and at a rate almost too fast to consume.

Starting back with 6th ed there was the introduction of allies and fortifications. I had reservations of allies, just because they seemed a little open and loose with the application of it, but with the 5th ed codices it wasn't terrible. Okay, maybe Matt Ward was stupid with things like Blood Angels and Necrons. So while nothing was overtly broken in the beggining, this was the start. As well, Fortification detachments were a necessity with the intro of flyers, but were never broken, and as 6th has evolved I think there are even less and less of them.

At first I approved of the idea of the digital supplements. They allowed for fluffier builds and captured parts of the fluff that were critical to lore but not enough to develop their own codex around. I will say some of the rules seem pushing it, and allying these supplements into forces to min/max bad/good rules is a little broken and unfair, but allies was already allowing that, so I let it slide in my mind.

One thing I WHOLLY APPROVE of is the release of Be'lakor. Finding models without rules, or classic characters, and giving them life in the game again is both fun, interesting, and great for hobbyists and veterans. If Cypher, Doomrider, Moriar the Chosen, Lord Solar Macharius, etc. etc. all got rules, that would be great. It is also hard to make a single character game breaking.

I also love the ideas of releasing scenarios and missions. Styles of play releases is a classic concept and it is just being sped up. What were city fight, planet strike and zone mortalis if not this. Things like this are just fun additions to the game, offer variety for players and typically don't fundamentally alter the meta or hobby, as most people typically dabble in it, but return to the standard format of play for ease and the sake of finding opponents and playing in tourneys.

Shifting gears, I want you to remember back to what changed the hobby forever? Apocalypse. The flood of purchases with the promise of massive formations and unrestricted force org the first time around caused everyone and their mom to go on a buying spree.

Now we have Codex: Inquisition, Escalation and the Tau Firebase Support Cadre, and I am sure there is more to come on this front. Allies already left the door open on power combos. These and future releases are just pulling the door off the hinges. The ability now for attachments in addition to the primary detachment is crazy. The idea of formations and super heavies in regular 40k is out there to me as well. I can foresee escalation going the road of Planet strike, but the formations and Codex supplements or mini digital codices are here to stay. What is the point of including these forces in your primary detachment anymore. Why not just take 1 HQ, 2 Troops and start taking formation detachments all around it? I can't wait to see the first list that has just a 25 point Inquisitor as the Primary Detachment and then nothing but allies and formations to max out power combos. That is a sarcastic I can't wait.

What is seems is that GW wants to recapture that sales success. Let everyone play with all their toys all the time. And with formations, you need larger collections of expensive models to make a  cohesive unit. So instead of having bought a 3 suit broadside team to ally, you now buy 9 broadsides AND a Riptide.Oh, additionally, don't forget to bring scoring Jetbikes in your ally detachment... and a 25pt, $25 inquisitor.

So what's the solution. Now I have seen a lot of things going around like "Ban lists" and "No allies". Now I hate putting limits on people's fun, but GW seems to be just pumping the game full of "cool ideas" and leaving it to players to sort out.

To me the most functional way is to no longer just agree on points before a game with your opponent, but the number of detachments as well. Cap it yourself.  Say you will do a 2k point game, but no more than 2 detachments + 1 Fortification, or some other such restriction as you see fit. I see this as a good approach for TOs as well. What if instead of allies I want a formation. Or instead of a fortification I want an Inquisitor. This allows for maximum player flexibility while inhibiting game breaking.

In a way it is sad to see the days of the mono-codex list fade away. I love Blood Angels, but if I step on to the competition scene I am really hurting myself without bring exterior forces in it seems. As well, unless you are able to live and breath 40k, the rate of release is definitely exceeding the average players ability to absorb the information.

In the quest for access and fun, I think the idea that it is a game, and as such requires balance, has been forgotten. Am I going to stop playing. No. I love the lore and the models. I will likely slowly become more of a collector and hobbyist rather than gamer. Heck, I am even getting into historical wargaming (already have my copy of War and Conquest). But that is a discussion for another day. For now I just hold on for dear life, because in the Grim Darkness of GW's gaming future there is only war.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What I'd Like to See- 6th Edition Codex Tyranids 2013/2014

There are a lot of rumbles and noise about the great devourer on the Internet, and lets just say I haven't read any of them. I am on a ship, Internet is slow and I am busy. But I am on liberty now, and can blog away. So I am going to post what I'd like to see in the upcoming release. Whether or not this goes hand in hand with any of the rumours is purely coincidental.
First off I have never played nids, but I have always been a fan and familiar with them, as they were one of my Brother's armies. I would love to play them, and they would be a fantastic hobby project (I would get old and new Carnifexes and Tyrants, as this is the army where some of the classic models still fit in beautifully, so much so I wish FW made new resins is the same style).

Anyway, on to the wish list

1- A mutation table. I loved this back in the 3rd ed codex. Squad mutations such as weapon beast and hive node. It was a great element to the genetic monsters, and could really add characterful models into squads of never ending chitin, breaking up what could otherwise be a monotonous paint job and hobby project, as well as being visually striking. Separate from the visual appeal, it added some tactical depth and options to squads. Think of it as the Nid version of special and heavy weapons.
2- Effective genestealers. Right now they are passe. These should be one of the most ferocious CC units in the game.

3- Speaking of Close Combat, this, of any army released in 6th thus far, should be the army that makes CC viable. While still effective, the game has definately shifted towards shooting. Nids should be the book that makes Tau players quake in thier boots. Furthermore, it shouldn't be just numbers alone that does this, as there is a limit as to the number of models a person can reasonably fit on the board. Come on, be clever now GW.
4- Speaking of Genestealers, Stealer Cult Allies would be GREAT. My guess is just allow nonvehicle/noncharacter allies from codex IG but require a Broodlord be taken as their detachments HQ and a minimum of 1 genestealer unit in the main detachment. And maybe give the IG some boost, like +1I or something to represent their foul xenos corruption.
5- A monster that can go Toe to Toe with the the Riptide and Wraithknight. If GW has to do a plastic Hierodule, then so be it. If any army was ready for a big plastic kit, it is this one. What would be cool is to see a Carnifex that is to scale with a Land Raider, but that is just me and I know that won't happen.
6- Versataile choices in every FOC slot. Even if nids get allies, they won't be for everyone. This is where having a really usefull unit in each spot on the force org chart would really be called for. The nids cna't supplement their forces to fill in their weak spots. They have to be self sufficient. What would take this concept to the next level is if the units all round are all well balanced and okay and then made GREAT though synergistic effects that focus the list around a core group of units, like a warrior-guant centric horde or a ravenor-trygon vanguard etc. etc. Themes within the army that allow it to build power off itself.

Friday, November 15, 2013

First Thoughts on SM + 2k WS/IH list

So I am still on deployment (in the Navy for those of you who don't follow me) and as such I have been out of touch largely with the 40k community and meta. BUT I did order and have delivered to my ship the new Space Marine Codex. First of all, I like the quality of the book and LOVE the fact that there is once more an Amoury section.

So I going to say "Called It". I have been a major proponent of bringing back some sort of doctrines and the having Characters buff these doctrines, rather than the doctrines be entirely character driven (like they were in the last codex). While my suggestion was to do this with Captains, I think the form they are being implemented now is OUTSTANDING. Just pick away.
I love that the Black Templars and other chapters are being rolled into it, it is great and will simplify the game. I do wish they focused on strengthening the supplements, but I am happy to see that supplements now exist. It is weird that I can have White Scars from one codex and WHITE SCARS from a supplement, but it is really up to a player to determine if they want what is extra in the supplement, and there isn't so much to make it game changing or breaking.

I have to say that while I like the Centurions, I really don't understand why they made them from a conceptual point. They aren't "vehicles" despite what the fluff says. They are just bulkier terminators and in terms of real world practicality and purpose, they make no sense. Thank goodness this is 40k though, where sense is not a prerequisite for existence.
Anyways, onto my list. This can be used as either a White Scars or Iron Hands list, though I think it is most effective as a White Scars list

HQ- Chapter Master- Bike, power weapon, auspex- 170
HQ- Master of the Forge- Bike, conversion beamer- 130
HQ- Techmarine- Bike, servo harness, grav pistol, auspex- 115
HQ- Techmarine- Bike, servo harness, plasma pistol, auspex- 115
Troops- Bike Squad (5)- 2xGrav Gun, Vet Sarge w/ Power Weapon- 155
Troops- Bike Squad (5)- 2xGrav Gun, Vet Sarge w/ Power Weapon- 155
Troops- Tactical Squad (10)- Multi-melta, Plasma Gun- 165
Elites- Terminator Assault Squad (6)- 6xTH/SS- 270
Dedicated Transport- Land Raider Redeemer- Multi-melta, Extra Armour- 260
Heavy Support- Land Raider- Multi-melta- 260
Heavy Support- Vindicator- Extra Armour- 135
Heavy Support- Hunter- 70

Pts: 2000 Scoring Units: 3 Kill Points: 12

Fist off, this is just a conceptual list that should be playable as Scars or Hands. If I dedicated it to White Scars, I'd drop the chapter master for Khan. Same effect PLUS scouts. PLUS is would buy back 20 points to spend elsewhere. I tried to keep this flexible though to give the most amount of readers some ideas or direction while list building.

The concept is to have a very fast moving heavy hitting force. It can't devastate across the board, but where is focuses it should destroy. The tactical squad is for objective delivery, and they ride in the Land Raider. With the onset of the age of the plasma, duel Raiders will be hard for anyone to deal with and should be a major pain the whole game. They also provide a good variety of shooting and should be able to engage any targets. All the characters are on bike and are to zoom around dropping auspex shots for the grav guns and TL bolters to tear apart units OR to fix vehicles. They also add some BIG hitting power in the bike squads with 2 x Power Fist attacks from the servo harnesses, +1A with them on the charge. Use bolster defenses throughout your deployment zone to weather fire fore the first turn and then zoom away, jink saving or FNP like crazy. Insert here obvious bike gravgun salvo shennanigans. Finally, there is the ever awesome TH/SS Terminators. I don't have to tell you how to use these guys. even in the shooting environ of 6th, these guys are a unit to be feared. Having a LR for delivery even more so.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

10 Things I Like/Hate about You Space Marines - Discordian

So new codex, new stuff, and more marines.

1. Chapter tactics have really seen a change for the better. Pick a chapter get a bunch of neat abilities that filter through your whole list and now not character dependent. They covered a lot of the big ones and really left the door open for other ones later down the road.

2. Points reductions across the board on a lot of units that were just priced so far out of practical use (Whirlwinds, Devs, Sternguard, Vanguard). It was also nice they matched what was done with Dark Angels so that we don’t have the same units across different units have different costs.

3. Chapter specific Characters are chapter restricted to their actual chapters. I know people are going to moan about their “counts as choices” being axed, but you can always ally in other chapters because they built a smart book with multiple theme options that can ally with itself. This in my mind is what they should have done with all the 6th edition books. But it really only makes sense with this one because they actually included the rules they have been kind of outsourcing to supplements so far.

4. Both the Chapter Master and Captain unlock bike troops. And I like that fact they made them have to be larger than minimum squad if you want to do it. The bikes might be a little cheaper than the dark angel versions but I’m glad the opportunity cost for scoring bikes work out to be relatively more. I still wish every Ravenwing biker didn't have to have their own personal teleporter homer which inflated their costs.

5. The land speeder storm becoming a dedicated transport for Scouts is a nice change. Their still dark eldar paper bag transports, but it’s great to see them changing a unit to make it actually usable.

6. Some of the first anti-air units that don’t have intercept that are actually worth taking. A lot of people are crying about not having interceptor on them so they don’t shoot at all units equally, but I don’t see that as too much a problem. Tau already do this and they have to pay a lot of points to have both on a unit, if they did the same with these space marine tanks I’m sure they’d be priced out of being used pretty easily. Right now they are great units with good stats and weapons priced in such a way that even if your opponent doesn't bring flyers you still won’t be too upset you brought them.

7. I really like the “Savant Lock” rule the Hunter has, makes me wonder if that was what was supposed to be on the Dark Angel Backsword missiles…..

8. Legion of the dammed not only got cheaper they also got new ignore cover ammo on all their guns, this combined with their already present Slow but Purposeful rule and accurate deep striking  makes them a scary disruption unit.

9. We can now officially ignore the fact “Death from the Skies” ever existed.

10. Black Templar got folded into this codex which something I sort of like. With the teases of a possible supplement to flush out the army more I’m kind of okay with this. Fingers crossed that the supplement actually happens and includes new units, not just special war-gear and force org swaps like they've done so far.

1. I think they were too timid about FOC swaps. Some of the chapters could have really seen some better divergence by allowing some units some wiggle room. This could have also been cued to some of the special characters. Shrike could have made his infiltrating unit scoring or Calgars additional Honour Guard units could be taken as troop units, things that probably would have needed the caveat that they needed to be the warlord or the units where non-compulsory troop choices. Considering the trend of supplements this might be a non-issue, considering most of them so far have moved units into troops.

2. There is no dedicated Scout HQ unit; the closet you get is Shrike. This could have been a great change for Telion.

3. The Tonka terminators are just so weird. They look goofy and they just feel so forced trying to hog both the terminators and devastators spot lights. I get all the new codexs need to have this one new unit that you should buy, but why did it have to be these goofy power armor inside of terminator armor dudes, if they were inside of Dreadnoughts I could have not stopped myself from calling them Turduckins.

4. Grav Weapons. I don’t like how they scale, being ap 2 with what they do is just annoying. The more expensive your dudes the better these are against you. I like the to-wound mechanic and the inclusion of more salvo weapon. The real problem comes from two units that can spam the shit out of the grav guns don’t actual care about salvo rules. Everyone’s favorite Tonka Centurions and Bikes, the later really being obnoxious to me because they can be made troops, can be given scout, and have a back-up weapon that compensates for the only weakness grav weapons had left with bikes.

5. Captain Sicarius is just not really appealing and I really wanted him to be. He’s cheaper and his battle-forged unit can be picked during deployment, but he lost the re-roll to seize and just really doesn't do anything else. His special rules really don’t make up for the versatility you can bring with any other choice.

6. Grimaldus cenobytes don’t make any sense to me. They don’t have any gear or options, and the rule that lets him join other units with them seems to have disappeared. So they can wonder around giving people 6+ saves but it just really doesn't look like many people will take them.

7. The warlord traits are very boring; some of them are just worse versions of the BRB traits. I wouldn't mind one use abilities if they did something more then give out free basic USRs or re-rolls. How about “once in at the beginning of an opponent shooting phase you can declare only snap shots on your warlords unit” or “First blood can’t be scored off of you because your warlord just doesn't care”.

8. Is anyone ever going to get proper Mortis Dreadnoughts?

9. Probably not a lot of people are going to notice this but Scout Heavy Bolter Hellfire ammo got range reduced to 24”. It doesn't matter much but I've always liked the Heavy Bolter and am kind of annoyed when they keep taking away from it, in the hands of a space Marine I just wished it had become salvo or something.

10. I like that Black Templar got folded in, I don’t like that they were the only ones. I know a lot of people are going to nerd rage against what I’m about to say but I think we are at the point that GW just needs to get it over with and fold everyone into one book, and they chickened out this edition. Apart from Grey Knights all the current Space Marine books are about 80% the same book. You have a different chapter tactic type mechanic, 2-3 unique units out of 20+ units they all share, some special characters and, 2-3 unique squad war-gear.

It really isn't this hard to create a source book like they just did that could have incorporated all the basic units and individual chapter tactic set-ups, then release specific supplements to each of the big ones. I get that each space marine army is special but this was their big chance to simplify everything and really put into a place a system that could have been done and carried over to all armies. Instead we are still stuck with the same design issue we had from all the previous editions where we will have all these space marines that are going to have the exact same units but with different points costs and rules, not because any of them are the unique chapter units or gear but because they are the standard units built at different times and in different metas.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One White Dwarf Changed Me

Brief background. For those of you who don't know, I am Gothmog, and I am in the Navy. As such I am away from home for a LONG TIME right now. It makes it difficult to keep up with the changes in the realm of Wargaming. HOWEVER I do still get White Dwarf magazine sent to me on my ship, and I recently got the August Issue, with that beautiful Carnosaur on the cover.

Let me say content wise, this White Dwarf was overall a little weaker for me than the previous 2013 issues. BUT that did not matter, for it was the pretty pretty pictures that caught me hook, line and :"skink"er.

A LONG LONG time ago, I played my first game of Warhammer. My introduction to the world of Wargaming was a 1500 point battle of Lizardmen versus Orcs, in 6th grade back in 1999. I loved lizardmen and pretty much played them everytime I got a game in, but they weren't mine. My good friend owned several armies, or rather a group of 3 brothers did. For some reason, we all started to get into 40k, and that is when  I hoped into Blood Angels Space Marines and never looked back. Some years later, I started Brettonians when their last army book and model wave came out, but that was at a low point in my wargaming career and didn't really have enough fantasy players to keep me interested. I still have those Brettonians, but upon returning from living in Japan, I had resolved to sell them. But going to GW in Norfolk and briefly in Jacksonville kinda sparked my interest in fantasy once more. But the idea of Brettonians was too daunting of a paint job with how slow I am, and they are too inorganic. I paint plenty of Marines and Guardsmen, with sharp lines and uniform symbols and colours. I had been thinking I wanted something with skin and flesh, fur and scales. I had been leaning towards beastmen, but then it happened. The white dwarf. THE WHITE DWARF.

Memories of my first love came rushing back. Flipping through the pages, my eyes feasted upon the bright colours and beautiful sculpts and my heart fluttered. That initial love of the game was re-awoken. Desire and inspiration for great projects and armies. The Scaly Horde calls to me. And why I may be away, I can still begin planning. I ordered myself a rulebook, armybook and battlemagic (along with the new SM codex).

So what is the point of this article. Well other than I could knock it out in 10 minutes on liberty (don't worry, I will have something better on Fri or Sat), it is to really just speak to something inside all of us. That primal spark of interest. That initial allure to the game. Do you remember what grabbed you? If you can, are you as inspired now as you were then? If not, I recommend trying to find it again. And when you do, grab onto it and don't let go. I know I wont. Maybe that is just because a Carnosaur doesn't release its prey that easily.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wishlist for Tyranids - Discordian

So apparently something is crawling out from under a rock soon and it has me interested.

The last book fell into the codex category of having a good amount of interesting units and rules to play. But no one cared because we play this game to win! So most people only really see one or two kinds of lists because those are the only ones that work. Vehicles in 5th where the Tyranids problem.... unless you spammed hive guard and tricked your opponent into coming close.

Oddly enough with the change to 6th I've seem a lot less vehicles. If it wasn't because of the change to gun-line lists that might have actually breathed life into the 5th edition codex, but there are just too many guns right now for slow hoards to work unless you've got some tricks up your sleeve. Another thing about 6th worth mentioning (even though I hate that it left) is the removal of fearless wounds, I've seen this to be a big boast for Bugs.

Now with the next book coming out I'm curious how the Bugs are going to evolve into 6th. Here is a few things that I'm hoping hit the tables.

1. Assault:

We need a army that makes this happen. Daemons was a nice try, but I largely feel that book was an attempt to create a jack of all trades with the whole 4 god thing going on...... and then somehow they all got lost in pulling it all together into the final product.

A lot of the issues Tyranids have had with vehicles have kind of evaporated. They're easier to hit, you can glance them to death, and they aren't pill boxes that hide assault troops anymore.

So I hope they push the book more towards eating things rather than creating some hybrid shooting/assault book.

2. Board control:

Tyranids need to be able to get everywhere. Your over there, well they need to be there two. I'm guessing they'll remove assaulting out of reserve for ymgrls but bugs should keep the random unit outflank, infiltrate, or appear out of nowhere rules.

And they need to have massive swarm or tough as nail units that can stay there.

3. Options:

Tyranids have always had a lot of units, but they have really failed at making them all usable or having a balanced FOC.

If they are really dead set on Allies and Tyranids not having them, their codex really needs to have all their units be usable. Being so isolated means they really need to have good internal and external balance against the the other armies, because unlike the other books they aren't going to have the option to add new things to their roster with new releases.

This could be wrong with the advent of supplements, but they have been really hit or miss so far. And I don't like the idea of supplements being used as band-aides.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Dwarf Slayer and Runelord - Schlemazal

I’ve been finding more time lately to play some 40k (I might do an article at some point on the Dark Angels in 6th), and that prompted me to go back and take a look at my Fantasy army – the Dwarves. I’ve had my Dwarf army for nearly as long as I’ve had the Dark Angels for 40k, but they’re nearly entirely unpainted and spend most of their time boxed up due to a lack of Fantasy players near where I live. After I got them all out and reminded myself of what I even had, I was struck by the urge to paint a couple of the heroes that I had never gotten around to, a Runelord and a Dragonslayer, and I thought I would share some pictures.

I had a lot of fun painting these two models, especially the slayer. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything with so much cloth and skin rather than 40k style armors and beards are great. I decided to paint both of them in the Karak Kadrin paint scheme (emphasis on dark red and bronze/gold).

The slayer model is actually a Slayer Doomseeker from the Dwarf Slayer army list in the old Storm of Chaos book, but the idea of a slayer character running around with chain-axes was just too goofy to pass up on, so I picked up the model when I first saw it. I considered adding a tattoo on the back, but I really liked the way it looked without and I was worried the skin was already getting a bit busy with all the piercings and the woad. The ridiculous weights hanging all across the beard and belt didn’t help in that department.

Every suicidally insane monster hunter needs axes on chains

...and apparently one can never have enough giant brass balls

The Runelord wasn’t quite as interesting, and to be honest I found the model a little bit of a hassle to work with (probably a reason why that particular model seems to be OOP). This was my first attempt at painting white hair, but I think it came out alright. I did like the patterning on the edges of the apron and gloves, but that sort of thing is a standard on a lot of the Dwarf Hero/Lord miniatures.

Apparently runesmithing is particularly boring work

So there you have a couple of painted dwarves. I’m still debating what to do with the rest of the army (I might sell it, since I have nobody to play against), but I had a such a blast painting these two after so long of primarily painting space marines that I might do a couple more heroes or maybe some hammerers. If I do paint some more dwarves, I’ll be sure to take some pictures.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quick thought on Apoc Datasheets and "Deployment"

Quick thought on Apoc datasheets.

Look at all the superheavies. None of the weapons are hull, turret or sponson mounted.

Time to convert your Shadowswords boys. Turret mounted Volcano Cannons.

To me this is a major oversight as now WYSIWYG is the primary rule concerning weapon facings rather than spelled out mounting types.

Just something to poitn out.

For "Deployment" for those of you who are steady readers and don't know, I am in the Navy. This coming week I deploy for 9 months. I will get on and blog when I can but don't expect too much from me. And typically book reviews.

HOWEVER Sepulchre is not dead. I have 3 other contributors who should be putting up content occasionally. And after this period of 9 months I should never be away for so long again. So stick with me through the rough times ahead. See you all on the other side.

The Emperor Protects.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

10 Things I Like/Hate about You Eldar – Discordian

So within the course of 3 months my first and second armies got released. It has been a fun couple of months, maybe a little expensive……. but fun none the less.

I’ve been able get several games in with the new elder, even some with dark elder allies and one in apocalypse using the first edition rules. So I figured it was about time I did a little list of my likes and dislikes so far.

1. All of the new models are gorgeous. They look fast, sleek, and definitely alien from a human design aesthetic.
Come on you know you want to sell us newer ones....

2. The book is beautiful and had a great lay out. It’s a great mixing of iconic classic art and a bunch of new pieces. The special edition is kind of pricy for what it is though considering it really is just a standard version with a dust cover.

3. Eldar are fast and deadly in close combat just like their dark kin. This is the first codex to have a lot of different varieties of ap 2 and rending close combat weapons that aren’t strapped to large monstrous creatures. I think they make up for this pretty well with their lower than normal str scores (the claw might be a little pushing it though :P).

4. Farseers being base mastery 3 is pretty great. It really makes Eldrad have some competition with his generic versions. The Farseer table is kind of lack lacklustre, but it combined with either divination or telepathy can give you a lot of options before deployment to.

5. Spiritseer are really unique and playable. They gave them access to cool buff/debuff spells and they make Wraithgurad troops to boot. I’m bummed about not having warlocks with my wraith units, but my old Bonesinger model will just be my new Spiritseer. I guess the real bonus is that my wraithguard leader now can look out sir on a 2+.

6. Warwalkers can dance like crazy since they scout and they reroll battle focus. They have the potential of having 18” displacement from where they first deployed turn 1, and that my friends is how you get to side armour.

Dancing Time!

7. I want to thank GW for making the Eldar planes have Vector Dancer, though still waiting for the Dark elder planes guys.

8. I really like battle focus; it is definitely a curve ball kind of thing. It can be used either for allowing a little bonus to short range weapons or as a mini version of jetpack to protect fragile foot units from retaliation.

9. It seems every xenos codex is getting neat unique shooting mechanics. Necrons got tesla and gauss, Dark Eldar got mass poison, Tau got Ion, and now Eldar got monofilament. I was expecting it to be like the doom weaver from white dwarf, but instead we get a rending weapon that gets better on slow people.

10. Wave serpents have become worth their cost. Last edition they had become a simple means to deliver fire dragons, their cost was really high for a transport and if you wanted to turn it into an anything more it got worse.

1. The Wave serpent hits this list too because I think they overdid it a little. The shield gun in my opinion is just too good, ignoring cover is a really great ability and it really fills the str 7 hole that was missing in the last edition. But when you start combining it with the scatter laser and holofields, you’re getting a battle tank that puts out 4 str 6 and 4ish str 7 shots all at bs 4 (most likely all twinlinked) that floats around with a 4+ cover save for only 135 points. I think there’s a reason wave serpents magically became direct only overnight.


2. What the hell happened to Yriel? Granted he wasn't seen much last edition, but this time around it’s almost like they didn't want to sell his model. He’s still a close combat dude and he got a little cheaper, but he lost the ability to take on Teqs and his re-roll successful save gimmick really hurts him. He will straight up buzz saw though anything that doesn't have a 2+ save, but that really isn't needed in this edition. I honesty wished they had given him the Wraithguard/blade troops rule; but they just pigeon holed him as a cheap close combat character that just doesn't add anything your army.

3. Aspect warriors got some nifty new rules, but I guess we will have to wait for new models. Scorpion, Dragon, and Banshee models are still good considering their age, but everyone else has a serious case of the fuglies. Also Banshees no grenades? Are you freaking kidding me?

4. I guess I can understand why Warlocks became legit psykers. But did they need to still be leadership 8? They are one wound 35 points models that will be risking perils to auto kill themselves. Also still being an upgrade sergeant of sorts for the guardian units makes it silly they didn't at least bump it to 9.

5. I own 10 metal Wraithguard that where on 25mm bases. Thankfully the new models are pretty close in size and I had 10 40mm bases on hand to convert them to 6th. But it was still a pain in the ass.

6. Wraithblades are an interesting unit and when you start to buff/debuff intended targets. But like all the other Eldar close combat specialist (minus striking scorpions) they really don’t have a reliable delivery system. I don’t see myself fielding them, if they are walking I want them to have guns and if I’m putting them in transports I’m going to give them scyths.

Kind of bummed Iyanna doesn't have legit rules 
outside of a scenario version

7. I love versatile models that approach the game differently, which is why when I first heard about the wraith plane that made people run away I was super excited. Then I saw the rules and price I wasn’t. I get having a plane designed for air to ground and sure you can build an army around scaring people away, the problem is that GW priced the plane so high that there’s really no desire to field it outside of that one trick build idea. Its guns are also silly being supposedly heavier versions of another gun, but end up being largely weaker.
Also as a side note I’m guessing this is why marker-lights lost the ability to lower leadership scores for pinning tests. One of these in a tau army would be bonkers.

8. Eldar have a serious anti-air issue. Yes they have one of the best strike fighters in the game, but in the 6th edition environment that has attempted to adjust to Vendettas and Helldrakes, it’s almost a joke. It’s one interceptor gun away from being generally useless for its point cost.

Eldar really have no other options other than fortifications (walkers and reapers are too expensive in this roll). You can put an exarch with cool powers on a quad gun or something like you could always do, but opponent can usually kill the gun easily enough if it worries them.

                                     cawcaw caww. caw caw cawcaw caw cawcaw cawcaw caw caw caw caw caw cawcaw.
Versatility right here

9. The Wraithknight is just too big and too expensive.  It looks like a super-heavy to me and I do not like this trend of bigger and bigger robots for 40K. Also what is up with its weapon choices? It can have 4 weapons but only ever shoot 2, that sword looks awesome on a KNIGHT model but is clearly the worse choice, and for some reason it doesn't it get access to other Wraith variant weapons.

10. What ever happened to force org swaps? Other than wraithguard and ginger step child wraithblades, there’s nothing. I’m really hoping the supplements will start pushing in that direction.

So that’s it so far. Anyone thing I missed?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Model Review: Space Marine Masters of the Chapter

So with the new edition of Apoc, GW released 4 more "masters of the chapter" to represent the captains of the 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th Companies of Space Marines and with the original set (which covered 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 10th Company), you have almost the entire chapter covered.

Now I am not going to review the positives/negatives of finecast. Finecast is here to stay, whether you like it or not, and all models are going to be released in finecast if they are not part of a plastic kit.

First I am going to start with the old Masters, from the first Apoc release. You'll see why soon.

Look at these guys. They are pretty awesome IMO. They are as ornate as a captain, or even chapter master if you so chose to use them as such, should be. Great details and functional form. They also are very nicely equipped and give you sometimes hard to model/bit options otherwise, such as the thunderhammer and stormshield. I also love that you can swap the heads for helmets. Each one is true to the role they are intended to fill in the chapter without really over doing it in any absurd fashion. One model has great motion while the rest are really static. HOWEVER, the static feature of the one with the shield carriers an air of stalwart defence, while the others have a sense of stoic superiority and wisdom of command, so it works. And lastly, they are very clearly equipped with a specific weapon. Now the formation doesn't (or at least it didn't, we will see if that changes) require specific weapons loadouts, so you could use whatever models you wanted as SM captains, but these guys fit the role and are usefully equipped for a Character. By that I mean Characters should have a good CC loadout. That is where their boosted stats are most worth the cost. 1 shot at BS5 is nice, but is it worth the +100 points you paid for it?

Now lets start with what I think is the best of the new Chapter Masters
This guy is the new Lord Executioner. I will probably grab one for my Blood Angels at some point. He is pretty sweet and can make a great captain or vanguard vet, no problem. I like him for all the reasons that I liked the original masters. He is appropriately detailed, clearly defined and clearly equipped. Okay, maybe not the clearest, but it can only be 1 of a 3 things: Power Axe, Glaive Encarmine, or Relic Blade, and two of those aren't even in the same codex, so really just one of 2 things. So as I said, well designed. They even made an Iron Halo that doesn't look like it is an extra bit. It belongs. My one complaint is the chest. I never was a fan of the harnesses for Jump Packs, but that is an aethstetic thing and personal preference. A little static of a pose, but there is a hint of movement, it has logical flow, and  anything more dynamic may have prevented the high level of detail work. Finally, he has a feel of grim determination that fits with the old masters and is well suited to someone titled "Lord Executioner".

From here on out we go down IMO
This is the new Master of Relics. As far as being a captain goes, I am not a really big fan. As I said before, I believe captains should be equipped for the CC department. A Combi-plasma means that this expensive unit is shooting a bolter all game except 1 turn. Whoopee. I guess it is nice if you really wanted to equip you captain as such, but who does? Furthermore, what SM player doesn't have a combi-weapon bit floating around. I will say however you at least know what he is equipped with. Overall, he is less ornate and the servo skull and satellite dish are just a bit odd, but not overdoing it and not too ugly. They are appropriately "grim dark" I guess.  A tunic would have been nice and keeping in tradition with captains and given it more of that ornate feel. This model is ever more static that the last, but does not manage to capture the stoic nobility of the old masters. He just looks grumpy. His head actually looks like Darth Vader with his helmet off, rather than a paragon of mankind.
I actually think I will grab this model too, but not for a Captain. Sorry, but this guy is getting a demotion- Devastator Sergeant. IMO he is perfect for this role. His armour is of the appropriate level of ornateness for a veteran, he is equipped well for a Devastator Squad, as it will be static and shooting the whole time, so a plasma shot and bolter support is entirely appropriate there. I could also see, maybe with the removal of the servo skull and radar dish, the use of the model in a Sternguard squad as well.

This is the new Master of Marches. IMO if you get one, paint him entirely in bronze or stone and mount him to terrain, because that is the most useful application of this mini. Makes him some sort of PA system for a town square. His armour is actually nicely ornate and befits a captain, but those weird speakers and the cherub with scroll is more befitting the parade ground rather than battlefield, and last I checked this was Warhammer 40k, not chapter wide inspection 40k or pass and review 40k. He just doesn't fit on the battlefield. As well, they turned his scepter/baton into a cane. He should be hold it high, marshaling his troops forward, not leaning on it like a crutch. Compare it to the old master with his sword downward. He at least looks to be in contemplation after/before a fight, ready to don his helmet and heft the sword at any moment to march to battle. And this new guy doesn't convey that. For that matter, what is he ever equipped with. A pistol. Is the baton a power mace? It doesn't look it. It looks like a cane. As for it being static, it isn't as noble as the old masters, but I will say with the cherub and scroll, he at least fits what he is doing. Though he seems to be reading a boring text rather than a fiery oratory. Overall not a poorly sculpted model, and rather nice looking. Just some poor choices that make him useless for gaming and those speakers as just really weird. Don't SM all have earpieces/helmet comms? Why does he need those?

This is the new Master of Rites. Just pass on this guy. Just pass. He fails in all aspects. First, if you do get him, do yourself a favour and just don't mount the Servoskull PA system. It just doesn't work. Incorporate it into your terrain or a vehicle instead. Now lets look at the model. He does look like a captain, but a poorly done one. Once again, just like the Master of Marches, what is with the speaker. Why do SM need that. And in adding it, they ruined the Iron Halo. Where the Lord Executioner's Halo looks cool and integral to the model, this looks like a weird bit added to the back. Now I want you to scroll up to the old masters and look at the one holding his tunic and then come back to this guy. Now the old one has a look of arrogance in the way he grips his cloak. This guy seems to be holding his up to keep it out of a puddle or something. It is just weird and inappropriate for the battlefield. And speaking of battlefield, what are this guys weapons. Once more a pistol. That's it. That is not a power mace, that is for sure. Maybe if they had doubled the size of the icon so it was more like a Crozius that chaplains use, but this is just come sort of sceptre. As well, it is rather static, but not in a good way. He seems to be just casually pacing while yelling at the top of his lungs, likely screaming "WHERE IS MY SWORD! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS THING?" He has none of the nobility of the old models, nor functionality of form of the other 3 new ones.
This guy would work if you were modelling a diorama of a chapter mass in their fortress monastery, walking down the aisles during processional or to give a benediction. But otherwise there is nothing. He is $22 of finecast that would be better spent on this:
At least these guys look cool on the table and clearly fought in a battle.
Overall GW strayed from the originals and the air of coolness and functionality they captured. They tried to make these new guys "Blanche-jitsu" and in doing so, ruined 2 models. The first one is great IMO and the second has its uses, but I just don't get what the sculpters were thinking with the last two. They need to be useable in games of 40k as well, not just Apocalypse.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Opinion: GW dropped the ball on the Apocalypse Release

This isn't so much a rant, or a serious complaint, but I think that GW missed a great opportunity with this release of Apoc.
Owens = GW
What did they screw up? Bundle deals.

Now all the formations look great and it is an awesome way to start a collection. The problem is that anyone in the hobby has no incentive to buy them. If it is the same cost of buying the individual units, then I am more likely to budget out my puchases than spluge.

SM Battle Company from the original release. I think this was $300. Not that I expect those kinda saving today, but I am sure this flew off the shelves.
It is the same concept as Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Memorial Day sales etc. etc. etc. People overspend because they trick them selves into believing they are ultimately saving. You figure you are going to buy all this stuff eventually, or you at least want it all, and now it seems affordable, so you buy more than you intend. And yet you still spend more money later, even though you exceeded the amout you wanted to spend at the time. Most people spend pretty consistently and don't alter their purchasing habits, even if they had a month they spent too much.

The problem with what GW did is they gave me no incentive to overspend. I already have a large collection, so I can play Apoc just fine. Plus all the really cool stuff is available from Forgeworld, so I'd rather save my money and get a Titan or their superheavies.

New Battle Company. $674.75. So I get less than last time, and pay over twice as much. I already own half a battle company, so with no savings, why should I bother to buy this?
Are they telling me that on a formation of 3 Wraithknights, they couldn't bundle it for $20 less? That is only $6.33 less per Wraithknight. Still over $100 a model. BUT if I had planned on evetually getting 3 and there is no discount I am going to spread out my purchases, and keep my purchasing habits consitent. If I had had the bundle though, I would have bought it and then started planning my next purchases, which I had not been considering or budgeting for, but now I am suddenly and I am likely to buy them sooner than originally, ultimately spending more money.

Other than the impulse buyer or someone jump starting a new collection, there is no reason to buy the formations.

And since the formations are lackluster, I would've hoped for an awesome model release, but there wasn't much. 4 Finecast Marines, 3 superheavies, and terrain clearly for Imperial/Chaos use. And while they look good, it is really not alot and not for every faction. I do love that the baneblade is a combined kit. I am honestly surprised we don't see GW selling "Citadel Magnets" with all these combo kits these days.  And the WoM terrain does look nice.  But it just isn't what we were hoping for.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

List of Apocalypse 2013 Formations/Datasheets

Okay, so the Apoc Preorders AND orders are up

I scoured the online store and found all the following "Formations" and "Datasheets" for sale

The numbers don't represent the number of models, but rather Units as they are sold (eg assault squads are sold in boxes of 5, so for a Battle Company to have 2 full squads, they require 4 boxes). As well, I apologize for some of the short hand, trying to get this up fast. All prices are USD.

Space Marines
Battle Company- $674.75 (6 Tac, 4 Assault, 4 Dev, 1 Command, 1 Capt, 1 Chaplain, 1 Dread, 1 Ironclad, 1 Ven Dread)
Reserve Company (Assault)- $875.25 (20 Assault, 1 Command, 1 Capt, 1 Chap w/ JP, 1 Dread, 1 Ironclad, 1 Ven Dread)
Reserve Company (Dev)- $748.25 (20 Dev, 1 Command, 1 Capt, 1 Chap, 1 Dread, 1 Ironclad, 1 Ven Dread)
Reserve Company (Tactical)- $583.50 (10 Tac, 1 Command, 1 Capt, 1 Chaplain,  1 Dread, 1 Ironclad, 1 Ven Dread)
1st Company Veterans- $1157.00 (5 Terminator, 5 Terminator Assault, 5 Vanguard, 5 Sternguard, 1 Command, 1 Terminator Capt, 1 Terminator Chaplain, 3  Ven Dreads)
Librarius- $86.25 (1 Terminator Librarian, 1 Force Staff Lib, 1 Force Sword Lib, 2 Force Axe Lib)
Masters of the Chapter- $181 (All 8 of the Masters (new and Old) + Marneus Calgar and Honour Guard)
Predator Assassin Squadron- $173.25 (3 Predators)
Scout Company- $522.25 (10 Scout, 10 Scout Snipers, 1 Captain)
Imperial Fist Titanhammer Squad- $171.50 (Lysander, 3 Terminator Assault)

Blood Angels
The Black Rage- $366.50 (6 Death Company, 2 Furioso Dread, Tycho, Astorath, 1 Chap w/ JP, 1 Chap)
Wings of Sanguinius- $753.75 (20 Assault, 1 Sanguinary Guard, Sanguinor, 1 Chap w/ JP, 1 BA Vanguard Vet)
Lucifer Armoured Task Force- $694.00 (2 Land Raider, 2 Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer, 2 Baal Pred, 2 Pred, 3 Tac, 1 Command, Captain Tycho)

Chaos Daemons
Cohort of Blood- $247.50 (7 Bloodletters, 1 Herald of Khorne, 1 Skulltaker)
Flaming Host of Tzeentch- $286.25 (3 Pink Horrors, 3 Flamers, 3 Flaming Chariots, 1 Changeling)
The Great Promenade of Excess- $190 (3 Daemonettes, 3 Seekers, 1 Masque)
The Tallyman of Nurgle- $345.50 (4 Plague Bearers, 3 Plague Drones, 1 Epidemius)
Tetragon of Darkness- $347.00 (1 Plague Bearer, 1 Pink Horror, 1 Daemonettes, 1 Blood Letters, 1 Bloodthirster, 1 Great Unclean One, 1 Keeper of Secrets, 1 Lord of Change)

Chaos Space Marines
Cult of Destruction- $104 (1 Oblits, 1 Mutilators)
Heldrake Fear Squadron- $222 (3 Heldrakes)
Khorne Lord of Skulls- $160 (1 Lord of Skulls)
Legionnaire Warband- $649 (3 CSM, 2 Terminators, 2 Possessed, 2 Raptors, 2 Bikes, 2 Havocs, 1 Aspiring Champion, 1 Daemon Prince, 1 Warpsmith)
Lords of the Black Crusade- $105.25 (Abaddon, Ahriman, Kharn, Typhus, Lucius)
The Lost and the Damned- $139.25 (12 Cultists, 1 Dark Apostle)
Thousand Sons War Coven- $68 (Ahriman, 1 Sorcer w/ Axe. 1 Sorcerer w/ Staff, 1 Sorcerer w/ Sword)
Tide of Spawn- $206.25 (5 sets of Spawn)

Dark Angels
Deathwing Redemption Force- $622.25 (1 Belial, 10 DW Command Squad)
Ravenwing Huntmasters- $665.00 (5 DA Battleforces (6x Bikes and 1xLS), 1 Ravenwing Command Squad, 1 Landspeeder Vengeance)

Dark Eldar
Carnival of Pain- $284.50 (3 Talos, 3 Grotesques, 1 Wracks, 1 Urien, 1 Haemonculus)
Dark Olympiad- $251.00 (1 Helions, 1 Reavers, 3 Wytches, 1 Khymerea, 1 Clawed Fiend, 1 Razorwing Flock, 1 Beast Master, 1 Lelith)
Kalibite Web Strike- $295.25 (2 Raiders, 1 Ravager, 2 Venoms, 2 Kalabite Warriors, 1 Incubi, 1 Archon)
Ravager Titan Hunters- $148.50 (3 Ravagers)
Sickle Squadron- $136.50 (3 Razorwings)

Cloudstrike Squadron- $148.50 (3 Falcons)
Farseer Council- $90.00 (Eldrad, 2 Faseers w/ Staff, 2 Farseers w/ Spears)
The Pheonix Court of Khaine- $157.75 (Avatar, all the Pheonix Lords)
Sunstorm Squadron- $148.50 (3 Fire Prisms)
Wraithknight Dreamwalker Squad- $345.00 (3 Wraithknights)
Winrider Host- $374.25 (Autarch on Jetbike, 4 Jetbike Squadrons, 6 Vypers)

Grey Knights
Brothers of the Flame- $349.25 (10 Grey Knights, 1 Castellan Crowe)
Dreadknight Brethren- $161.25 (3 Dreadknights)
Execution Force- $301.25 (3 Stormravens, 1 Dreadknight)

Imperial Guard
NEW Baneblade Kit (All non FW variants in the kit)- $140 (1 Tank)
Catachan Ambush Patrol- $151.50 (3 Catachans, 1 Catachan Command, 1 Catachan Heavy Weapon)
Emperor's Fist Tank Company- $495 (5 Leman Russ BT, 5 Leman Russ Demolishers)
Emperor's Talon Recon- $300 (10 Sentinels)
Emperor's Wrath Artillery Company- $482.75 (9 Basiliks, 1 Chimera)
Imperial Shield Infantry Company- $409.75 (4 Cadian Command Squads, 6 Cadians, 3 Cadian Heavy Weapons, 1 Regimental Advisor set)
Imperial Sword Heavy Weapons Company- $437.25 (1 Cadian Command Squad, 1 Regimental Advisor Set, 10 Cadian Heavy Weapon squads)
Lord Castellan's Supreme Command- $124.25 (1 Imperial Bastion, Creed and Kell,  1 Cadian Command Squad, 1 Regimental Advisor Set)
Sanctioned Psyker Battle Elite- $45.00 (1 Primaris Psyker, 2 Sanctioned Psyker sets for 6 psykers)
Steel Fury Baneblade Company- $420 (3 Baneblades)

Imperial Armageddon Warzone (Imperial Guard and Black Templars)
Heroes of Armageddon- $154.75 (1 Cadian Command Squad, 2 Space Marine Command Squad, Blood Angels Tycho, Black Templars Helbrecht, Commissar Yarrick)
Armageddon Stompa Hunters- $90.00 (3 Sentinels)
Fortress of Arrogance- $159.23 (1 Baneblade, 1 Commissar Yarrick)
Imperial Vengeance Mechanized Company- $663.75 (10 Chimeras, 4 Cadian Command Squads, 6 Cadian Squads, 1 Set Regimental Advisors)
Crusader Hailstorm Squadron- $222.75 (3 Land Raider Crusaders)
Sons of Grimaldus- $746.25 (1 Grimaldus and Retinue, 1 Terminator Squad, 1 Terminator Assault Squad, 5 Tac Squads, 5 Scout Squads, 5 Black Templar Upgrade Kits, 2 Sword Brethren Sets)
The Legion Ascendant- $188.25 (1 Damned Legionnaires(1), 2 Damned Legionnaires(2), 1 Legion of the Damned Squad, 1 Legionnaire w/ Multimelta, 1 Legionnaire w/ Heavy Flamer, 1 Legionnaire Sergeant)
Firestorm Nexus- $195 (3 WoM Firestorm Redoubts)
Imperial Stronghold- $529.25 (1 WoM Firestorm Redoubt, 1 WoM Aquilla Strongpoint, 3 WoM Defence Lines, 2 WoM Defence Emplacements, 2 WoM Imperial Bunkers, 2 WoM Vengeance Weapons Batteries)

Acquisition Phalanx- $184.25 (5 Lytchguard, 1 Trazyn the Infinite)
Balefull Necropolis- $688 (1 Tesseract Vault, 8 Monoliths)
Infinite Phalanx (my guess is it give without number to the warriors)- $362.50 (10 Necron Warriors)
Tessract Vault/Obelisk- $160 (1 Vault/Obelisk)
War Council of Mandragora- $190 (1 Stormlord, 1 Nemesor, 1 Obyron, 1 Diviner, 1 Immortals, 1 Lord, 1 Lord w/ Orb, 1 Overlord, 2 Crypteks)

Battlewagon Steamrolla Squadron- $242.25 (3 Battlewagons w/ upgrade kits)
Burna-Bommer Skwadron- $136.50 (3 Bommers)
Da Bully Boyz- $291.25 (Thraka, 2 Warbosses w/ squigs, 1 Warbosses w/ Choppas, 4 Ork Nobz, 2 MegaNobz w/ Skorchas, 1 Mega Nob w/ Rokkit Launcha)
Dread Mob-  $191.50 (2 Killa Kan Sets, 2 Deff Dreads)
Green Tide- $312.25 (1 Warboss w/ Attack Squig, 10 Ork Boyz)
Stompa- $115.50 (1 Stompa)

And More Orks (Armageddon Warzone)
Stompa Mob- $231 (2 Stompas)
Bikeboyz Kult of Speed- $390 (2 Warbuggies, 8 Warbiker Mobs)
Karnage Skwadron- $136.50 (3 Ork Bommers) (so just a different datasheet, pictures 3 Dakka Jets)
Stormer Elite- $150 (6 Stormboyz)
Overlord Von Strab- $60.75 (1 Imperial Guard Company Commander, 2 Nobz)
Red Skull Kommandos- $127.25 (1 Snikrot, 2 Kommando sets, 1 Kommando w. Burna)

Sisters of Battle

Space Wolves
Great Company- $1025.00 (1 Ragnar, 1 Ulrik, 1 Rune Priest, 1 Iron Priest, 2 Wolf Guard Terminators, 2 Thunderwolf Cavalry Sets, 10 SW Packs, 2 SM Devastators, 1 SM Scout Squad, 1 SM Bike Squad, 3 Fenrisian Wolf Packs, 2 Dreadnoughts, 1 Ven Dread, 1 Cyberwolf)
SW Librarius- $87.50 (1 Runepriest, 1 Lib w/ Axe, 1 Lib w/ Sword, 1 Lib w/ Staff, 1 Runepriest in Terminator Armour)
Brethren of the Great Wolf- $250.50 (1 Logan, 1 Njall, 1 Bjorn, 1 Ulrik, 1 Arjac, 1 Wolf Guard Terminators, 1 SW Pack, 1 Grey Hunter w/ Wolf Standard)
Wolfpack Flanking Force- $445.75 (5 Thunderwolf sets, 5 Fenrisian Wolf packs, 1 Canis Wolfborn)

Tau Empire
Air Superiority Wing- $195 (3 Sun Sharks)
Counterstrike Cadre- $219.25 (3 Devilfish, 1 Pathfinders, 2 Firewarriors)
Kroot Hunting Pack- $341.25 (3 Carnivore Squads, 3 Krootox, 1 Shaper, 3 Kroot Hound packs)
Optimised Steath Group- $79.50 (3 XV25 Stealth teams)
Rapid Insertion Force- $306.50 (1 Riptide, 3 Crisis Teams, 1 XV25 team)
Riptide Wing- $255.50 (3 Riptides)
Skysweep Missile Defense- $157.25 (1 Devilfish, 2 Hammerheads)

Carnifex Crusher Brood- $161.25 (3 Carnifex)
Endless Swarm- $174 (3 Termaguant, 3 Homaguant)
Living Fortress- $256 (2 Tyrants, 3 Hiveguard, 3 Tyrant Guard)
Subterranean Swarm- $314.25 (3 Ravenger Broods, 3 Trygons)
Vanguard Infestation- $189.00 (3 Genestealer Broogs, 2 Lictors, 1 Deathleaper, 1 Broodlord)

All in all, the bundles don't seem to have any savings, but it is cool to see what formations will exist in the game.