Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blood Angel Honour Guard Tech Adept (Tech Marine)

So I have talked about the loss of Tech Adepts from Honour Guards in the past and mention it from time to time when talking about Blood Angels. I however insist on keeping them in. I just use them as a Veteran armed with a Power Axe and carry on. It is a flavorful aspect of the Blood Angels and just looks impressive in an Honour Guard IMO. Alternatively, he can be used as just a Techmarine when I am not employing the Honour Guard.

Take a look at my latest efforts. He is simply a standard Space Marine Techmarine with an old Chaos Raptor Jump Pack. Since they did not appear too chaotic, with the correct paint job and paired with a suitable model, it really just gives a super appearance.

Oh and if you like the photography, please say so. My wife was kind enough to break out her camera and take these for me.