Saturday, December 8, 2018

A Modest Proposal - Tau

Discordian here! I have a couple of modest changes that I think would benefit Tau.

Interesting ideas that will probably never happen.

1. Kroot

Kroot are relatively okay. I feel like their only real problem is that Fire Warriors are just to cheap.

But I would really like a way to field a pure Kroot Detachment. Something like the following.

     War Shaman: In a Detachment that only includes units with the KROOT Keyword, Kroot Shapers        become a HQ choice instead of Elite.

2. Rail Weapons

I like Rail weapons. They look cool and they're the OG Tau heavy weapon, but they're just not performing anymore.

I'm going to put aside my frustration that both Riptides and Storm-surges never got options to take them, and focus on the guns that exist.

Make them all a little more expensive, stay with me here..... and make them all rapid fire rapid fire. It would allow mobility and increase the fire potential, without being to close to ion weapons in function. Boom.... followed by a additionally boom then I guess.

3. Vehicles

Vehicles should be able to take wargear. Its not like they'd be free, and this game naturally penalizes expensive vehicles so it balances out.

Plus this would actually be a great help to Rail weapons because it would mean Hammerheads could move and shoot normally, assuming they don't magically change into rapid fire weapons.

I would also like a diminished form of Savior Protocols to work on Vehicles, or as a compromise allow you to swap out their gun drones for shield drones which can be sacrificed.

4. Crisis Suits

Crisis suits are a Tau unit that have just been slowly made more and more useless. They are just to expensive these days for what they bring.

They need to come down in points or be made BS 3+ naturally. With an additional change to be units of 1-9 and a special rule like the following:

      Special Operators: If a unit of Crisis Suits contains 3 or more non-drone models, that unit can be        taken as a Troops choice.

I'm assuming Chapter approved is going to just drop the points, but I desperately want them to be more then that unit that just isn't a Commander in some way.

5. Commanders

Before we talk about how commanders should change, I want to bring up one thing. The special matched play Tau commander rule should NOT go away. And that's because there are in fact 5 different commander units, and that's not even counting special characters.

Unless GW does something about consolidating those units into less units with more upgrades, the rule of three just doesn't work here. Because they're all just Bs 2+ special weapon platforms with a couple of odds and ends thrown in.

So instead lets swap some things and balance some others.

Weapons for commanders should just be more expensive. If it works for Guard it can work for Tau.

Commander XV8 should loses Irdium Armour and Commander in XV85, the so called "Enforcer" gains Iridium Armour stock. Congratulations, now there is a legitimate difference between those two units.

Coldstar change to BS 3+. I'd like them to be planes, or some kind of "Flying Monstrous Creature", because that would cooler than the aggressive hoping they do now. But as long as they stay HQs... actually that's it. Just drop the commander part. Make them a specialized unit that is a plane, or an elite. Their BS drops and your HQs are no longer throw away suicide units. We're done here.