Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blood Bowl: The Bolgosgrad Berserkers (Bone 'eads)

Well since a player dropped from the league I ended up playing Wood Elves (Leafshadow Lost Dogs) today rather than nurgle.

Highlight Coverage: (Key: + is Bolgosgrad action, -- is Lost Dog action. Score is My team then opponent)
Bolgosgrad Inducements: Bloodweiser Babes, Extra Team Training. TOTAL: 150,000 GP
NOTE: Journeymen and Normal snotlings both refered to as snotlings except where SPP are concerned.
1st Half: Berserkers Recieve first. Kickoff result: Perfect Defence
Turn 1:
+Hammerarm rolls both down and is KO'd as a result
-- Snotling KO'd
Turn 2:
+Hurtbringa inflicts a casualty, fracturing a Lost Dog Lineman's leg (out next game)
-- Snotling KO'd
--Leafshadow Lineman Scores: 0-1 Lost Dogs
Turn 3: Hammerarm and 1 Snotling return to the game. Berserkers Recieve. Kickoff result: Get the Ref
+Hammerarm inflicts casualty, gouges a Lost Dog Lineman's eye (out next game)
Turn 4:
+Hammerarm pushes Lost Dog Catcher into crowd, catcher goes into reserves box
Turn 5:
+Ironogre stuns a lineman
+Snotling fouls and KO's a lineman journeyman
+Snotling stuns a lineman
+Snotling casualty on a both down, badly hurt (out for rest of game)
Turn 6:
+Snotling fouls and re-stuns a lineman
+Hurtbringa stuns a lineman
+Ironogre gets a completion when he tosses a snotling down feild who successfully lands
Turn 7:
+Snotling breaks for endzone
--Lost Dogs knock over snotling with ball
Turn 8:

2nd Half: 2 KO'd Snotlings return. Lost Dogs Recieve. Kickoff results- Change of Weather (Downpour)
Turn 1:
--Snotling KO'd
+Hammerarm KO's a lineman
Turn 2:
--Snotling Casualty (Badly Hurt)
--Leafshadow Wardancer Scores: 0-2 Lost Dogs
KICKOFF RESULTS- Riot. Clock Resets to turn one
Turn 1: Berserkers recieve. All KO'd Snotlings back in. Kickoff scatters out of bounds, placed in hands of Ironogre
+Ironogre goes for it twice for foward progression after blitzing a lineman out of the way
Turn 2:
+Ironogre stuns Wadancer with a blitz, goes for it to make a TD
+Ironogre Scores: 1-2 Lost Dogs
Turn 3: KO'd Leafshadow lineman journeyman back in. Kick off result- Blitz
+BLITZ ACTION: Snotling stuns lineman
--Wardancer KILLS a Snotling
+Ironogre inflicts a casualty, gouge's a Lost Dog Lineman's eye (out next game)
Turn 4:
--Lost Dog Linemen scores: 1-3 Lost Dogs
Kick off results- Get the Ref
+Hurtbringa stuns a lineman
Turn 5:
+Hammerarm inflicts a casualty on a Lost Dog Lineman, breaks his jaw (out next game)
+Hurtbringa KO's the Lost Dog Lineman Journeyman
--Wardancer knocks ball out of Snotling hands and fails to catch it
Turn 6:
+Ironogre picks up the ball
Turn 7:
+Hammerarm stuns Wardancer
+Ironogre hands off the ball to Snotling Journeyman
+Hurtbringa makes a completion when snotling with ball lands
Turn 8:
--Lost Dog catcher pushes Snotling Journeyman with ball, dodges forward
+Snotling Journeyman goes dodges and makes a touchdown

2-3 Leafshadow Lost Dogs

Dead: 1 Bolgosgrad Snotling
Out for next match: 4 Leafshadow Linemen

Profit: 40,000 GP

Bolgosgrad Berserkers:
Grog Hammerarm
-Ogre-Position: Quarterback
-SPP: 5
-----Completions: 1
-----Casualties: 2
-Value: 140,000

Thudd Ironogre
-Ogre-Position: Center lineman
-----Casualties: 2
-----Completions: 1
-----TD's: 1
-----MVP: 1
-Improvements: Break Tackle
-Value: 160,000

Murda Bonebreaker
-Ogre-Position: Left lineman
-SPP: 2
-----Casualties: 1
-Value: 140,000

Ruk Hurtbringa
-Ogre-Position: Right lineman
-SPP: 9
-----Completions: 2
-----Casualties: 1
-----MVP: 1
-Improvements: Block
-Value: 170,000

Numbers 5 - 9
-Position: Snotlings
-SPP: 0
-Value: 20,000 ea

Numbers 10-11
-Position: Snotling Journeyman
-SPP: 0
-Value: 20,000 ea

Head Coach: Boyar Ivan Vladyka
Team Assets:
-3 x Rerolls
-Team Value: 1,010,000
-Treasury: 80,000
-Extras Value: 260,000

Preseason is over, with a sad sad record of 0-2 versus dwarves (The Drunken Dominators, who whooped me with a 3 point shut-out) and Wood Elves (Leafshadow Lost Dogs). At least I did better this time and I get an Ogre back, as well as gaining block on another. Now I just need to start winning.

Season Schedule
PRE: Drunken Dominators (Dwarves) (L), Leafshadow Lost Dogs (Wood Elves) (L)
REG: Dark Elves, Humans, Lizardmen, Drunken Dominators (Dwarf), Chaos, Leafshadow Lost Dogs (Wood Elves), Orcs