Sunday, June 30, 2013

Opinion: GW dropped the ball on the Apocalypse Release

This isn't so much a rant, or a serious complaint, but I think that GW missed a great opportunity with this release of Apoc.
Owens = GW
What did they screw up? Bundle deals.

Now all the formations look great and it is an awesome way to start a collection. The problem is that anyone in the hobby has no incentive to buy them. If it is the same cost of buying the individual units, then I am more likely to budget out my puchases than spluge.

SM Battle Company from the original release. I think this was $300. Not that I expect those kinda saving today, but I am sure this flew off the shelves.
It is the same concept as Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Memorial Day sales etc. etc. etc. People overspend because they trick them selves into believing they are ultimately saving. You figure you are going to buy all this stuff eventually, or you at least want it all, and now it seems affordable, so you buy more than you intend. And yet you still spend more money later, even though you exceeded the amout you wanted to spend at the time. Most people spend pretty consistently and don't alter their purchasing habits, even if they had a month they spent too much.

The problem with what GW did is they gave me no incentive to overspend. I already have a large collection, so I can play Apoc just fine. Plus all the really cool stuff is available from Forgeworld, so I'd rather save my money and get a Titan or their superheavies.

New Battle Company. $674.75. So I get less than last time, and pay over twice as much. I already own half a battle company, so with no savings, why should I bother to buy this?
Are they telling me that on a formation of 3 Wraithknights, they couldn't bundle it for $20 less? That is only $6.33 less per Wraithknight. Still over $100 a model. BUT if I had planned on evetually getting 3 and there is no discount I am going to spread out my purchases, and keep my purchasing habits consitent. If I had had the bundle though, I would have bought it and then started planning my next purchases, which I had not been considering or budgeting for, but now I am suddenly and I am likely to buy them sooner than originally, ultimately spending more money.

Other than the impulse buyer or someone jump starting a new collection, there is no reason to buy the formations.

And since the formations are lackluster, I would've hoped for an awesome model release, but there wasn't much. 4 Finecast Marines, 3 superheavies, and terrain clearly for Imperial/Chaos use. And while they look good, it is really not alot and not for every faction. I do love that the baneblade is a combined kit. I am honestly surprised we don't see GW selling "Citadel Magnets" with all these combo kits these days.  And the WoM terrain does look nice.  But it just isn't what we were hoping for.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

List of Apocalypse 2013 Formations/Datasheets

Okay, so the Apoc Preorders AND orders are up

I scoured the online store and found all the following "Formations" and "Datasheets" for sale

The numbers don't represent the number of models, but rather Units as they are sold (eg assault squads are sold in boxes of 5, so for a Battle Company to have 2 full squads, they require 4 boxes). As well, I apologize for some of the short hand, trying to get this up fast. All prices are USD.

Space Marines
Battle Company- $674.75 (6 Tac, 4 Assault, 4 Dev, 1 Command, 1 Capt, 1 Chaplain, 1 Dread, 1 Ironclad, 1 Ven Dread)
Reserve Company (Assault)- $875.25 (20 Assault, 1 Command, 1 Capt, 1 Chap w/ JP, 1 Dread, 1 Ironclad, 1 Ven Dread)
Reserve Company (Dev)- $748.25 (20 Dev, 1 Command, 1 Capt, 1 Chap, 1 Dread, 1 Ironclad, 1 Ven Dread)
Reserve Company (Tactical)- $583.50 (10 Tac, 1 Command, 1 Capt, 1 Chaplain,  1 Dread, 1 Ironclad, 1 Ven Dread)
1st Company Veterans- $1157.00 (5 Terminator, 5 Terminator Assault, 5 Vanguard, 5 Sternguard, 1 Command, 1 Terminator Capt, 1 Terminator Chaplain, 3  Ven Dreads)
Librarius- $86.25 (1 Terminator Librarian, 1 Force Staff Lib, 1 Force Sword Lib, 2 Force Axe Lib)
Masters of the Chapter- $181 (All 8 of the Masters (new and Old) + Marneus Calgar and Honour Guard)
Predator Assassin Squadron- $173.25 (3 Predators)
Scout Company- $522.25 (10 Scout, 10 Scout Snipers, 1 Captain)
Imperial Fist Titanhammer Squad- $171.50 (Lysander, 3 Terminator Assault)

Blood Angels
The Black Rage- $366.50 (6 Death Company, 2 Furioso Dread, Tycho, Astorath, 1 Chap w/ JP, 1 Chap)
Wings of Sanguinius- $753.75 (20 Assault, 1 Sanguinary Guard, Sanguinor, 1 Chap w/ JP, 1 BA Vanguard Vet)
Lucifer Armoured Task Force- $694.00 (2 Land Raider, 2 Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer, 2 Baal Pred, 2 Pred, 3 Tac, 1 Command, Captain Tycho)

Chaos Daemons
Cohort of Blood- $247.50 (7 Bloodletters, 1 Herald of Khorne, 1 Skulltaker)
Flaming Host of Tzeentch- $286.25 (3 Pink Horrors, 3 Flamers, 3 Flaming Chariots, 1 Changeling)
The Great Promenade of Excess- $190 (3 Daemonettes, 3 Seekers, 1 Masque)
The Tallyman of Nurgle- $345.50 (4 Plague Bearers, 3 Plague Drones, 1 Epidemius)
Tetragon of Darkness- $347.00 (1 Plague Bearer, 1 Pink Horror, 1 Daemonettes, 1 Blood Letters, 1 Bloodthirster, 1 Great Unclean One, 1 Keeper of Secrets, 1 Lord of Change)

Chaos Space Marines
Cult of Destruction- $104 (1 Oblits, 1 Mutilators)
Heldrake Fear Squadron- $222 (3 Heldrakes)
Khorne Lord of Skulls- $160 (1 Lord of Skulls)
Legionnaire Warband- $649 (3 CSM, 2 Terminators, 2 Possessed, 2 Raptors, 2 Bikes, 2 Havocs, 1 Aspiring Champion, 1 Daemon Prince, 1 Warpsmith)
Lords of the Black Crusade- $105.25 (Abaddon, Ahriman, Kharn, Typhus, Lucius)
The Lost and the Damned- $139.25 (12 Cultists, 1 Dark Apostle)
Thousand Sons War Coven- $68 (Ahriman, 1 Sorcer w/ Axe. 1 Sorcerer w/ Staff, 1 Sorcerer w/ Sword)
Tide of Spawn- $206.25 (5 sets of Spawn)

Dark Angels
Deathwing Redemption Force- $622.25 (1 Belial, 10 DW Command Squad)
Ravenwing Huntmasters- $665.00 (5 DA Battleforces (6x Bikes and 1xLS), 1 Ravenwing Command Squad, 1 Landspeeder Vengeance)

Dark Eldar
Carnival of Pain- $284.50 (3 Talos, 3 Grotesques, 1 Wracks, 1 Urien, 1 Haemonculus)
Dark Olympiad- $251.00 (1 Helions, 1 Reavers, 3 Wytches, 1 Khymerea, 1 Clawed Fiend, 1 Razorwing Flock, 1 Beast Master, 1 Lelith)
Kalibite Web Strike- $295.25 (2 Raiders, 1 Ravager, 2 Venoms, 2 Kalabite Warriors, 1 Incubi, 1 Archon)
Ravager Titan Hunters- $148.50 (3 Ravagers)
Sickle Squadron- $136.50 (3 Razorwings)

Cloudstrike Squadron- $148.50 (3 Falcons)
Farseer Council- $90.00 (Eldrad, 2 Faseers w/ Staff, 2 Farseers w/ Spears)
The Pheonix Court of Khaine- $157.75 (Avatar, all the Pheonix Lords)
Sunstorm Squadron- $148.50 (3 Fire Prisms)
Wraithknight Dreamwalker Squad- $345.00 (3 Wraithknights)
Winrider Host- $374.25 (Autarch on Jetbike, 4 Jetbike Squadrons, 6 Vypers)

Grey Knights
Brothers of the Flame- $349.25 (10 Grey Knights, 1 Castellan Crowe)
Dreadknight Brethren- $161.25 (3 Dreadknights)
Execution Force- $301.25 (3 Stormravens, 1 Dreadknight)

Imperial Guard
NEW Baneblade Kit (All non FW variants in the kit)- $140 (1 Tank)
Catachan Ambush Patrol- $151.50 (3 Catachans, 1 Catachan Command, 1 Catachan Heavy Weapon)
Emperor's Fist Tank Company- $495 (5 Leman Russ BT, 5 Leman Russ Demolishers)
Emperor's Talon Recon- $300 (10 Sentinels)
Emperor's Wrath Artillery Company- $482.75 (9 Basiliks, 1 Chimera)
Imperial Shield Infantry Company- $409.75 (4 Cadian Command Squads, 6 Cadians, 3 Cadian Heavy Weapons, 1 Regimental Advisor set)
Imperial Sword Heavy Weapons Company- $437.25 (1 Cadian Command Squad, 1 Regimental Advisor Set, 10 Cadian Heavy Weapon squads)
Lord Castellan's Supreme Command- $124.25 (1 Imperial Bastion, Creed and Kell,  1 Cadian Command Squad, 1 Regimental Advisor Set)
Sanctioned Psyker Battle Elite- $45.00 (1 Primaris Psyker, 2 Sanctioned Psyker sets for 6 psykers)
Steel Fury Baneblade Company- $420 (3 Baneblades)

Imperial Armageddon Warzone (Imperial Guard and Black Templars)
Heroes of Armageddon- $154.75 (1 Cadian Command Squad, 2 Space Marine Command Squad, Blood Angels Tycho, Black Templars Helbrecht, Commissar Yarrick)
Armageddon Stompa Hunters- $90.00 (3 Sentinels)
Fortress of Arrogance- $159.23 (1 Baneblade, 1 Commissar Yarrick)
Imperial Vengeance Mechanized Company- $663.75 (10 Chimeras, 4 Cadian Command Squads, 6 Cadian Squads, 1 Set Regimental Advisors)
Crusader Hailstorm Squadron- $222.75 (3 Land Raider Crusaders)
Sons of Grimaldus- $746.25 (1 Grimaldus and Retinue, 1 Terminator Squad, 1 Terminator Assault Squad, 5 Tac Squads, 5 Scout Squads, 5 Black Templar Upgrade Kits, 2 Sword Brethren Sets)
The Legion Ascendant- $188.25 (1 Damned Legionnaires(1), 2 Damned Legionnaires(2), 1 Legion of the Damned Squad, 1 Legionnaire w/ Multimelta, 1 Legionnaire w/ Heavy Flamer, 1 Legionnaire Sergeant)
Firestorm Nexus- $195 (3 WoM Firestorm Redoubts)
Imperial Stronghold- $529.25 (1 WoM Firestorm Redoubt, 1 WoM Aquilla Strongpoint, 3 WoM Defence Lines, 2 WoM Defence Emplacements, 2 WoM Imperial Bunkers, 2 WoM Vengeance Weapons Batteries)

Acquisition Phalanx- $184.25 (5 Lytchguard, 1 Trazyn the Infinite)
Balefull Necropolis- $688 (1 Tesseract Vault, 8 Monoliths)
Infinite Phalanx (my guess is it give without number to the warriors)- $362.50 (10 Necron Warriors)
Tessract Vault/Obelisk- $160 (1 Vault/Obelisk)
War Council of Mandragora- $190 (1 Stormlord, 1 Nemesor, 1 Obyron, 1 Diviner, 1 Immortals, 1 Lord, 1 Lord w/ Orb, 1 Overlord, 2 Crypteks)

Battlewagon Steamrolla Squadron- $242.25 (3 Battlewagons w/ upgrade kits)
Burna-Bommer Skwadron- $136.50 (3 Bommers)
Da Bully Boyz- $291.25 (Thraka, 2 Warbosses w/ squigs, 1 Warbosses w/ Choppas, 4 Ork Nobz, 2 MegaNobz w/ Skorchas, 1 Mega Nob w/ Rokkit Launcha)
Dread Mob-  $191.50 (2 Killa Kan Sets, 2 Deff Dreads)
Green Tide- $312.25 (1 Warboss w/ Attack Squig, 10 Ork Boyz)
Stompa- $115.50 (1 Stompa)

And More Orks (Armageddon Warzone)
Stompa Mob- $231 (2 Stompas)
Bikeboyz Kult of Speed- $390 (2 Warbuggies, 8 Warbiker Mobs)
Karnage Skwadron- $136.50 (3 Ork Bommers) (so just a different datasheet, pictures 3 Dakka Jets)
Stormer Elite- $150 (6 Stormboyz)
Overlord Von Strab- $60.75 (1 Imperial Guard Company Commander, 2 Nobz)
Red Skull Kommandos- $127.25 (1 Snikrot, 2 Kommando sets, 1 Kommando w. Burna)

Sisters of Battle

Space Wolves
Great Company- $1025.00 (1 Ragnar, 1 Ulrik, 1 Rune Priest, 1 Iron Priest, 2 Wolf Guard Terminators, 2 Thunderwolf Cavalry Sets, 10 SW Packs, 2 SM Devastators, 1 SM Scout Squad, 1 SM Bike Squad, 3 Fenrisian Wolf Packs, 2 Dreadnoughts, 1 Ven Dread, 1 Cyberwolf)
SW Librarius- $87.50 (1 Runepriest, 1 Lib w/ Axe, 1 Lib w/ Sword, 1 Lib w/ Staff, 1 Runepriest in Terminator Armour)
Brethren of the Great Wolf- $250.50 (1 Logan, 1 Njall, 1 Bjorn, 1 Ulrik, 1 Arjac, 1 Wolf Guard Terminators, 1 SW Pack, 1 Grey Hunter w/ Wolf Standard)
Wolfpack Flanking Force- $445.75 (5 Thunderwolf sets, 5 Fenrisian Wolf packs, 1 Canis Wolfborn)

Tau Empire
Air Superiority Wing- $195 (3 Sun Sharks)
Counterstrike Cadre- $219.25 (3 Devilfish, 1 Pathfinders, 2 Firewarriors)
Kroot Hunting Pack- $341.25 (3 Carnivore Squads, 3 Krootox, 1 Shaper, 3 Kroot Hound packs)
Optimised Steath Group- $79.50 (3 XV25 Stealth teams)
Rapid Insertion Force- $306.50 (1 Riptide, 3 Crisis Teams, 1 XV25 team)
Riptide Wing- $255.50 (3 Riptides)
Skysweep Missile Defense- $157.25 (1 Devilfish, 2 Hammerheads)

Carnifex Crusher Brood- $161.25 (3 Carnifex)
Endless Swarm- $174 (3 Termaguant, 3 Homaguant)
Living Fortress- $256 (2 Tyrants, 3 Hiveguard, 3 Tyrant Guard)
Subterranean Swarm- $314.25 (3 Ravenger Broods, 3 Trygons)
Vanguard Infestation- $189.00 (3 Genestealer Broogs, 2 Lictors, 1 Deathleaper, 1 Broodlord)

All in all, the bundles don't seem to have any savings, but it is cool to see what formations will exist in the game.

Friday, June 28, 2013

40k Humour: Whoever made the newest Apocalypse Trailer is a "Tactical Genius"

 So today has a new preview trailer for Apocalypse on the GW site/youtube:

 At about 40 seconds in, there is a close up of a Reaver Titan's "face". This is the only non-Imperial Guard unit in the whole video. Immediately after the Titan, the video has a close up of Creed.

Shows that someone in the studio may have a little bit of a funny bone, or at least an appreciation for memes.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shameless Plug: GW Hilltop East (Virginia Beach)

So this post is just a plug for what was possibly the best GW hobby center I have ever been to.

I was recently TAD (read Stuck) to Norfolk Naval Base for a school. I had to spend 7 weeks living out of my suitcases in a hotel room. Fortunately for me I had the foresight to bring some of my Blood Angels with me from Japan in my suitcase. Unfortunately I also had really good internet (okay, so that is awesome BUT...) which meant that I didn't paint nearly as much as I wanted to. Oh yeah, I also had that school thing... (Okay, so that was the important thing and I actually was an adult and studied and did really well in it).

Part way through my time in town, I ventured out and found a local hobby shop. It was nice and there was a lot of gaming space, but really not a good place for me to just go and hobby and mingle, discussing 40k, painting, army building and fluff. Then I discovered that there was a GW only 30 minutes away (without traffic, which for those of you in the Norfolk area, you know this means be careful when you travel). However, due to the hours of operation of GW, I usually wasn't struggling with traffic.

I actually watched these exact models throw down a few times during my trips to the store.
The first time I went, the store manager was actually on vacation and the On-call manager, Heather, was running the store. She couldn't be any nicer and was extremely helpful and attentive to my hobby needs and the needs of anyone in the store, enough so I came back the next day, hobbied and mingled some more and picked up some books.

The next weekend I came back and what had been a good store became an amazing store. Jason, the main hobby center manager, had returned. Here was someone enthusiastic about all things Warhammer (40k and Fantasy) and who had been in the hobby for a long time. We were able to go on about everything from 2nd and 3rd Ed 40k to Necromunda to Battlefleet Gothic and even old school GW and the glory days of Andy Chambers. Not only was he passionate, but he was cool, proficient with the rules, considerate to the beginner and veteran alike, a very personable and friendly business man in regards to customer service, and encouraged growth and development of a community around his hobby center, for 40k, Fantasy and LotR. Best of all he let me sit at his hobby table for hours on end and paint and blather on (as if I don't do it enough here) even though I wasn't dropping alot of money in store (though I did pick up some audio books. I just couldn't afford or travel with new models at that time. Plus my BFG panic order really hit my wallet).

It is really a tragedy that he has no real room to grow and that the foundation he lays only goes to feed other, larger communities and stores because Jason is the kind of guy you want at the heart of your gaming community, a literal champion of the hobby. The week of graduation from my school I spent Wed, Thur and Fri there, and would have gone back Sat (and got Promethean Sun :P) had I not had to travel. It was just a great place to be and I wish the hours were longer just so I could've spent more time there.

This is why it is tragic that Hobby Centers are limited on space.
I really wish I had found the store sooner and met Jason the first week I had arrived. I think my weekends would have been great and I would have gotten alot more hobbying done. So if you live in the area, or just find yourself passing through, look it up. You won't regret it. Good people, good times and a great manager. Plus, who doesn't like staring at shelves upon shelves of plastic crack. I know I was drooling.

Oh, and Armies on Parade is this Saturday, so probably a really great time to go.

Friday, June 21, 2013

40k Humour: Games Workshop Wraithguard Packaging Fail

Any of you who have picked up a unit of the new lovely Wraithguard models, grab your box. Now look at the Wraithguard model on the far right. What do you see? Are you looking at it's arms? Specifically where they attach to the hands? Notice anything? How about the fact they aren't connected.

For those of you without the box, check below. The image of the box is right off the GW website.

Click me to see me larger
How this slipped by I don't know. You would think someone would see an improperly assembled model at some point in time before full production. None of the other photos of Wraithguard on the GW site feature this issue.

Look through the codex and see if you can spot this model is any of the unit/battle pictures in there...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Recent Blood Angel Assault Marines and Death Company

Just a quick post with some photos of recent work. Photos aren't the best, and some highlighting and shading is just washed out in them. Don't have an ideal setup at my current location. As well, none of them are based yet, all that stuff is still in shipment/storage coming from Japan.

I'll try to say what parts I used under the photos.

First up Death Company.
Original Metal Death Company, with a forge world CSM axe and plastic DC jump pack and shoulder pads

In a way the Death Company Marine is a test model for Adepticon, where I plan to play Death Watch. Both are all black afterall.

And Assault Marines

Shared before. Redone Powersword. Old metal DC powersword, SM Commander Torso and Head, Plastic DC Infernus Pistol 
CHS head, Baal Predator torso, DC chainsword and Bolt Pistol

CHS Jump Pack, FW CSM chainaxe, SM Predator Head?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Road to Adepticon 2014

So I know it is some time away, but Discordian, Schlemazal, Mesdoram (contributors here) and myself are planning on attending Adepticon in 2014, with the specific goal of competiting in the Team Tournament.
The first of our minis. A Void Dragon Eldar Corsair Guardian painted by Schlemazal.
Right now, most of our discussion has been on theming and force composition. Team as of now:
Gothmog- Space Marines (Deathwatch)
Discordian- Tau
Schlemazal- Eldar (Void Dragon Corsairs)
Mesdoram- Eldar (Void Dragon Corsairs)

The theme idea is that the Tau and Deathwatch are attempting to steal/excavate some sort of Eldar Artifact or Webway portal and the Eldar are there to stop us.

While this is tentative as of now, it is more than likely this is the route we go.  The only codex we are waiting for now is the new Space Marine codex, which as you know, I look forward to with high hopes.

The cool thing about the Team Tournament is the allowance of Forge World characters, so I am potentially looking at Ahzra Redth from the Badab War book. This would make a force of all Infiltrating Space Marines, which I think is pretty representative of Death Watch, but we shall see what the new codex brings.

Adepticon. Bring it on!

Monday, June 10, 2013

What I'd Like To See: 6th Edition Codex Space Marines 2013

So Tau and Eldar have arrived and Apocalypse 2nd Edition is right around the corner, but looking past that I think is the most important codex of 6th Edition: Space Marines.

This codex right now is kinda defunct. It is decent and good for allies, but pure SM just isn't impressive. But from a sales, fluff and game balance perspective this is the most important army in 40k. They should be the benchmark to compare everything else to, be easy for beginners and still interesting to veterans.
Here is the short order list of what I'd like to see in the next iteration of Space Marines.

1- A Trait System- I honestly think the Chapter Tactics system right now is fine, the problem is that you HAVE to take the special characters. What I think would work better it for there to be a list of Chapter Tactics and a Space Marine Captain can pick from/purchase a Chapter Tactic off that list. Special Characters could still have the same and/or beefed up versions of what is on the list, btu you shouldn't be required to take the special character. I really think this would also help Captains ALOT. They are objectively one of the worst HQ in the game. Read more of my thoughts (albiet old thoughts) on Captains here.

2- Chapter Specific Warlord Traits- Maybe these are also unlocked by Chapter Tactics, but I think it would be more fun to have several tables that can be advantageous or fluffy for the different chapters. They like to introduce codex specific traits, but SM are so diverse. Maybe make each table less powerfull but only D3 choices to keep them from being too beneficial but make them semi reliable.

3- Sternguard Troops- I'd like to see a way to make Sternguard Troops rather than just scoring. Seeing as SW, GK and DA can have Terminator Troops, and BA can have Jump Infantry Troops, I think that this would be a decent choice for "Elite" feeling troops.

4- Cheaper Generic Terminators- Shave 5 to 10 points off generic Terminators. They just aren't a great choice in 6th, and without the ability to be Troops or be as flexible as a DA Deathwing squad, I think it is justifiable for them to be cheaper.

5- Land Speeder Storm as a Dedicated Transport- It is dumb that this is a fast attack and makes scouts take up two Force Org slots effectively. If it could transport a Space Marine combat squad, I could see it staying Fast Attack, but since it only does Scouts, it should be a Dedicated Transport.

6- Death Watch Kill Teams- I think people would enjoy these more and use them more than Legion of the Damned, especially as allies. Though this can kinda be done with Sternguard. It would just be cool and awesome to see IMO. Maybe a Watch Captain HQ choice, allows you to take Kill Team Troops. And maybe Librarians have a DW upgrade they could buy.

7- White Scars and Black Templars Supplement- Since we know they are doing Supplements, I feel that these two factions are the most divergent and best option for supplements. I, with alot of people, feel that BT aren't going to get another codex, but keeping them seperate with a supplement is a great option and might even make them a more popular choice. I also feel that the White Scars are worthy of a supplement from all perspectives: fluff and rules.

We've seen a Flying Land Raider, heaven forbid we see a walking one.
8- A SM specific fortification "big kit"- Maybe some sort of deep striking fortification. I don't really want to see an Uberwalker. SM have and use Dreadnoughts, and the only thing sized for non-apoc 40k that is an Imperial walker is a Knight, and SM dont' use those (an Ad Mech army would though). The only other thing I could see for their big kit is a Felblade, but FW is doing those for Horus Heresy, so we'll see. I also want some more fortifications in the game, and definately ones more fitting in with SM.

9- While this isn't a must (and I doubt anything like this would ever happen), some sort of Exarch-ish powers for Tactical Squad vet sergeants. Just something to make Tactical squads more fun and not so, well, bland.

I think this is doable, and if 2-3 of these hopes make it into the codex, I would be more than happy.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Rant: Scorpion's Claw and other (Eldar) AP2 weapons

So everyone is super excited about Striking Scorpions with their new toy: The Scorpions Claw. Why is this so awesome? Well if you haven't heard this is a Powerfist that ISN'T Unwieldy OR a Specialist Weapon, so that means it doubles S (so he can be S7 if you take crushing blow), strikes at initiative, gives +1 A when taken with a pistol or another CCW, and is AP2. It is the PERFECT WEAPON. If you take Striking Scorpions, you had better take this. Why then, am I ranting? Well, it is too good. They built no disadvantage into the weapon, except maybe cost BUT it would be worth 50 points, IMO.

BUT I am really ranting because on a higher level, not just that the claw is a little too close to being too good, I feel that GW has realised making all axes, including those in 5th ed codicies, initiative 1 really hurts close combat, and now they are releasing weapons to make up for that. And that is fine, the real issue is that they have specifically FAQ'd older codicies to NOT have these options- in particular Blood Angels. Specifically Dante and Astorath.

Sorry Dante, but your Axe Mortalis (yes, the Axe of DEATH) makes you too slow to have believably blocked that. Thus why the artist gave you a power sword and chain sword instead. Isn't that better?

I've spoken to this before-
My single most hated thing in Dark Angels and all of 40k
Rant: GW Hates Close Combat (Characters)

So now with Eldar, I bring it up again. Since those last posts, here is the list of all the @ Initiative AP2 weapons (meaning not unwieldy) NOT including Walkers and Monstrous Creatures.
Scorpion's Claw- x2S (Eldar)
Dire Sword- Soulrazer (Eldar)
Star Lance- S8, Impact, Lance (Eldar)
Executioner- +2S (Eldar)
Etherblades and Greater Etherblades (Daemons)
Gorechild (Kharn the Betrayer's Axe) (CSM)
Halberd of Caliban- +2S (Dark Angels)

Fuegan's Fire Axe- AP1, Armourbane (Eldar)

Being a Rastafarian apparently makes you fast... I thought the exact opposite would happen.
My guess is, given this trend, you will see an option popping up in each CC oriented codex from here on out. The only reason I think DE don't is they have such a prevalence of Poison (and did they come out at the end of 5th?). That is a pretty big list IMO, and it will only grow as they ensure the units that should be "Awesome" (and therefore cost $$$) stay "Awesome".

I really think GW has realised you can't realistically expect super awesome characters or units to perform so slowly and you need a reliable AP2 weapon in CC, considering how beat down CC is now in 6th already. It shouldn't be super common yes, but an option to apply sparingly. IMO they went a little overboard with Eldar, but I get it, they are trying to keep them FAST like Eldar should be, while delivering the first CC army of 6th edition. Overall that is what they are doing, but they are not retroactively applying the concept to old Codicies via FAQs and actually actively denied it in the last FAQ and I don't expect a new BA codex for at least 4-5 years.

The crappy thing is that the direct opposite approach to Eldar was taken with Dante and Astorath, and by extension sanguinary guard, whose model kit comes specifically with only 3 swords for 5 guys. It wouldn't be so bad if the kit came with 5 swords and then axes and powerfists as options, but as is you HAVE to build the kit with two I1 characters. And as for Dante and Astorath, the FAQ specifically gives them unwieldy axes, so they can't even be modeled with swords instead.

Good thing you are battling with your minds, his sword would tear your terminator armour up before you even could say "Die Xenos Scum" whereas with new Random Psychic Powers only for Eldar, you stand a high chance of beating him at a game of wits...
In an age of challenges this is even worse, because now you want to keep Dante and Astorath, two of the most impressive Close Combatants from a fluff perspective of ALL SPACE MARINES, the hell away from any of these squads. A Striking Scorpion Exarch can outright kill them before they even get to swing. And don't say it is because Eldar are so fast and Space Marines are inherently slower. Dante's unmodified I is 6. Astorath is 5. THEY ARE FAST. And you pay for that stat too. They are 225 and 220 points respectively. Sure they have other benefits, but their intended use when the codex was written was to wipe the board with anyone they fought. And at least when all AP2 weapons were I1 at the start of 6th ed, this was still true, but as the game is developing, ever codex invalidates these characters MORE AND MORE as units are made that can not only beat their armour, but can do it before they can be touched.

Please GW, REVISE YOUR FAQ! In fact, expect an email from me asking when you are going to do so, because it honestly MAKES NO SENSE that you made the decision you did and gimped these powerhouses into oblivion.

Infiltrate Rules and Eldar – Discordian

So a lot of people are talking about the new Eldar codex. Two of the standouts are Karandras and this pathfinder sniper. Both of them have their only own little purposes and rules, but they both have infiltrate.

That last part is the problem; a lot of people are already talking about infiltrating any unit with them, not just other infiltrators. The problem is you can’t attach an independent character with infiltrate to a unit without it and infiltrate them.

The infiltrate rules says the following:

Page 38, first paragraph of infiltrate
“Units that contain at least one model with this special rule are deployed last,…..”
Page 38, fifth paragraph of infiltrate
“An Independent character without the Infiltrate special rule cannont join….”

This is usually the point that people stop reading and go like hey “well it doesn't say anything about attaching a character with infiltrate to a unit so that means it should okay, covered by the first paragraph right?” Fortunately it’s not.

In order to clean this up we have to jump to independent character rules:

Page 39, first paragraph under “Joining and leaving a Unit”
“An Independent character can being the game already with a unit, either by being deployed in  unit coherency with it or in reserve, by informing your opponent which it has joined.”

What we have here is a classic “cart before the horse” situation. In order for you to infiltrate a UNIT must have one or more the models with his special rule. An Independent character can’t be a part of the UNIT until it deploys, since you can't attach beforehand his infiltrate rule can’t carry over to the UNIT until it’s too late to declare infiltrators. The only place you can attach independent characters to unit not on the table is in reserve and infiltrating is not a form of reserve.

The first part of infiltrate is not trying to suggest, as much as many people want it too, you can attach an independent character to a unit and infiltrate it. This was put in to allow units like Shadowsun with just her drones to work, nothing more.

So short story, only infiltrators or units with character like upgrades can infiltrate. You can’t attach infiltrating Independent Characters to non-infiltrating units and go boo.

….Unless GW plans to Errata/FAQ anything.

Apocalypse Second Edition: Khorne Lord of Battle and Necron Super Monoliths (PIC/SNEAK PEEK)

Hot on the heels of Eldar, a friend (Mesdoram) found this little jewel floating around the Internet. Apparently the next edition of Apocalypse is coming soon! And apparently that means LARGE KITS! Rooted in fluff at that- this appears to be a Khorne Lord of Battle:

Don't believe me. Here is the original from Epic 40k
I think I like the bull head more TBH
I wish though they'd remake these models for Specialist Games as well, but a new edition of Apocalypse is equally awesome! I just hope that other kits are a little more appealing. And maybe a plastic warhound? If they are building things as big as this and the Wraithknight, why not produce a plastic Warhound Titan? And I hope they keep with remaking battle engines already in the fluff, instead of making up new random stuff. That often is disastrous from a design perspective. Stormraven anyone?

Monoliths mentioned in Comments
I wonder if they are the same and the one on the right opens to be the one on the left