Friday, January 2, 2009

The end is nigh... or is it?

So with the New Year, I thought of the future. That is to say, M42...

So with 5th ed. came the revelation that this is the end times for the Imperium. Here is the DL on everything that is going wrong:
The astronomican is weakening, there is more war than ever, the 13th black crusade was successful in many aspects, Tau are expanding, psykers are becoming far more common, the Necrons have appeared near mars and are reawakening all over the place, the Nightbringer is awake, the Webway is weakening, several Forgeworlds have fallen, Space Marines are stretched thin, Tyranids have had 3 hivefleets (who knows when a 4th will hit), etc. etc. The list goes on.

Something though in particular hit me. GW a little bit ago released rules for Angron. This is the first Playable Primarch. I bet we will see more of the Daemon Prince ones soon enough. I am guessing that with all this darkness, GW will have something cataclysmic occur in the fluff and then do something to bring the Imperium back from the brink. What could do that? The return of the Primarchs.

The Horus Heresy novels are really setting this up for them. With these, they are able to show what these godly men are like, and then make us want to use them in our games. So who could come back? Well...

Lion El' Jonson (Wake up)
Jaghatai Khan (Exit the Webway)
Leman Russ (Return for his Spear)
Roboute Guilliman (In Stasis. Most Likely IMOHO.)
Vulkan (MIA)
Corax (MIA)
Sanguinius Reborn???
Emperor becomes the Star Child???

So that is 6 likely (although I like number 7). So, maybe there is a hope for the Imperium after all. GW just can't keep making things worse, something will have to happen with the fluff. I am betting it will when the Horus Heresy saga is complete OR 6th ed will just be short of Old Night for man and 7th will bring it back. Something of the sort.

Oh and for Cataclysmic events...
Deamon Prince Primarchs returning
Void Dragon awakening
4th Hive Fleet
Abaddon Reaches Terra
Thraka reaches Terra

Where do you think the future will go?