Friday, December 4, 2009

2000 Pt SW List

So me and 2 other guys sat down and made this list for one of our friends getting into Space Wolves. Check it out and tell us what you think of it.

Runepriest- 175
-Jaws of The World Wolf
-Terminator Armour with Power Weapon and Storm Bolter
-Master of the Runes
-Melta Bomb

Wolf Priest- 115
-Saga of the Wolfkin
*Joins the Blood Claws

5 x Wolfguard in Terminator Armour- 320
-3 w/ Storm Sheild and Wolf Claw
-1 w/ Storm Sheild and Chainfist
-1 w/ Storm Sheild and Thunderhammer
-Drop Pod

10 x Grey Hunters- 215
-2 x Meltagun

10 x Grey Hunters- 215
-2 x Meltagun

10 x Grey Hunters- 215
-2 x Meltagun

9 x Blood Claws- 195

10 x Fenrisian Wolves- 80 (or 2 x 5 man)
*These guys go with the rune priest to give him more wounds, or if in 2 squads, one gives wounds and the other can provide a cover save.

6 x Long Fangs- 170
-2 x Lascannons
-3 x Missile Launchers

6 x Long Fangs- 170
-3 x Plasma Cannons
-2 x Missile Launchers

Vindicator- 130
-Extra Armour

Thursday, December 3, 2009

More thoughts on Blood Angels 2010

So I have been racking my brain trying to think of what the new Blood Angels Codex will look like. I mean, 4-6 months away I CAN'T WAIT!

So, what concerns me most is how they are going to make the Blood Angels FEEL like Blood Angels. It comes down to a few options in my mind.

1. Furious Charge
2. WS 5
3. Bolt Pistol, Bolter, CCW
4. Rhino Rushing
5. Preferred Enemy

1- I am not to sure on the Furious Charge result. It just seems unlikely that I get that back on all my guys. It would be nice, but I doubt it happens. It'll stay on Death Company, and might be something a piece of wargear will induce with a certain radius, like a banner or grail, but not standard.

2- I actually find this one quite appealing. Puts me on par with the Skill of Beserkers. It also doesn't tread on the toes of the other SM armies in any way, and it definitively makes BA the SM CC army

3- This has been done by the Space Wolves. This would help my tactical squads, but it would then just make me like CSM and SW squads, so I am not to sure they are going to give this to the BA. Been done, they will want to do something new I am guessing.

4- Rhino Rushing existed back in 3rd Edition. It was a rather broken mechanic, and I HIGHLY doubt we see it used, but then again GW does weird things sometimes, so maybe they will.
If you don't know what Rhino Rushing is, it was a rhino would drive up, the squad disembark, and the squad would then assault. Out of a Rhino. You can still do this with a Land Raider, but that is it. But giving it back to the BA would define them as a little bit more geared/eager for CC than other SM armies.

5- Not sure how preferred enemy would be applied. It can't be a constant army wide thing, that would be absurd. But having certain pieces of wargear provide it is not out of the question I believe.

40k Trivia Quizzes: 2 More

There will be another post later today, but here is a quick one before I walk out the door for a bit.

Warhammer 40k Universal Special Rules

Warhammer 40k, Space Marine Chapters of the Badab War (both sides)

If you haven't seen the other quizzes, there is a link under the Sepulchre Series Manager over on the left sidebar. Trivia Quizzes. Check them out.

Enjoy, and I hope you come back later today for more content.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blood Angels Banner

So I am working on my Blood Angels right now, and in particular, the chapter standard bearer. I have named mine Ancient Medici. He is part of Squad Alighieri, Dante's Honour Guard. I have finished painting his torso and have just a little work to do on his jump pack.
Then I have the hard part.
Free handing his Banner.

So this is a huge undertaking for me. I think I am pretty good at painting, but still, this is going to be hard.

Well first I am putting down a layer of mecharite red foundation paint all over the banner. This I have already done.
Next, I am going to draw with a mechanical pencil (.05 mm) all the large general shapes. Any lighter color (wings, skin, clouds, scrolls) will then get painted dheneb stone. This should easily cover the mecharite red.
Then any yellow will be picked out in iyaden darksun.
Once I have these down, I am going to paint in the chaos black background.
With all the base colours laid down, I am going to go back in and draw once more with the pencil all the fine details except for writing.
The next step will definitely be the hardest. I am going to have to paint the detail and then the shading for the detail.
Once that is done, I am probably going to use a really fine point pen to write out the lettering instead of painting them. I have used one before for purity seals and it worked rather well. Hopefully it will prove the same for this.

Once this is all done, I am probably going to spray hair spray to try and seal it. Usually inking my minis does this fairly well, but here I am not going to ink but still need to protect this.

In addition, expect to start seeing some posts from a friend of mine, Hatmaker. I haven't been able to keep a regular posting schedule going, and so he should help provide some more content to Sepulchre.
He is a big Khorne player, but also dabbles in Tau, Tyranids, Blood Bowl (wood elves) and Necromunda (Delaque).
Imagine the following in a hawaiian shirt and you pretty much have the Hatmaker.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looks vs Stats

What is more important to you as a hobbyist.
Looks of the Model or Stats of the Unit?

I bring this up because of these babies:

The Death Korps of Krieg Heavy Mortars

I love the way they look. They are just so... well... AWESOME.
They, to me, are what field artillery pieces are supposed to look like. They are at the top of my Wishlist right now because I just can't resist the model. I can see in my head a battery of these pounding away through the day and night. The ceaseless Thump of round after round lobbed on high. It is just plain old fashion Cool.

But then I look at the rules...

45 (50 for DKK) points a pop. Armour 10 all round. And glancing or penetrating hit DESTROYS them. G12-48" range. S6 AP4. 5" Blast
Not really all that great. Indirect fire I guess helps. But all in all, not the most impressive. If it took more to destroy them, maybe, but still. And only 3 crew to buffer wounds. 3 guardsmen. 5+ saves. Eh. I can buy 2 more for 6 points each, but that is just making me buy more models as well.
In addition they are immobile unless I buy a centaur, but they can't fire if I move them, which really is inefficient.
It also costs even more points to upgrade their ammo. Infernus shells are pretty nice, but 20 pts. Siege Shells are okay, but not the most useful. At least they are only 10 pts.

So it comes down to this. Do I want them because they look cool even though my points could be better spent elsewhere?

This happens, I am sure, for many of you. You see a new model that is a must have, but then you see the rules and go: Oh, I guess I don't want that.

I personally think it should be a blend. Take what you like. That is what you will be happy with. I know I would have never have taken the old Hellhound (except the FW model) just because I hated the way it looked. Never mind its effectiveness. I just didn't like it. At the same time, I think Lightning claw terminators look cooler, but I can't ignore what storm shields can do for me.

But when it comes down to picking a unit for the sake of having a unit, for me, it is looks all the way. If I am just getting a new unit because I feel the urge to expand, it probably won't be the most useful. It is just going to plain out be the sweetest designed mini I can get my hands on.

Like this:

On the other hand though you can always convert your more boring looking squads to be more exciting as well. So if you play solely the best thing you can, I suggest doing that so you at least aren't looking a cookie cutter units.

So what does it come down to? Are you going to play a list just because it has the highest utility point for point, or are you going to take those cool but inefficient guys (Vespids, Ogryns, Rough Riders, Thunderfire Cannon, Striking Scorpions, Incubi, Soul Grinders, Daemonhosts, Chaos Dreadnoughts, Pariahs, Vanguard, etc. etc.)?

Well there is a poll over there for you to answer. -->

What is more important when getting a new unit, looks or rules?

The rules all the way, no matter how bad it looks. 1 (4%)
The rules as long as it looks okay. 3 (12%)
I HONESTLY equally consider rules and looks. 6 (25%)
The looks as long as it has decent rules. 6 (25%)
Looks no matter how bad it plays. 8 (33%)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blood Pact Book Review

Well, I recently read the latest installment in the Gaunt's Ghost series: Dan Abnett's Blood Pact

All in all a good read. Well it is an Abnett book, so of course it is.
This is a little different from your standard Abnett. There is far less combat than a typical story and it focuses on a select few characters.
Once again, it ties back to Traitor General, and is kinda the same story, but from a different perspective. As well, Maggs gives it a tie in to the last book Only in Death.
I really think he is setting up for the final installment with this one. Thats really all the book seemed like. It just didn't have the huge punch the other books in the series did, but the final chapter leaves a setup for the end.
Well written, but not as exciting as the other Ghosts books. Still I couldn't put it down and I am left wanting more.
What I found particularly nice was that is is set on Balhaut, and you get a taste of what the most critical battle (now 15 years previous) of the Sabbat worlds crusade was like.
As well, this book, as the title would suggest, give the reader an interesting look into the archenemy mind, in particular, the mind of the Blood Pact. Until now, they seemed for the most part like highly effective animals (space wolves?). I liken them more to like a group of very hardcore criminals. They each have individual personalities, quirks, and abilities but are all very sick and violent men, devoted to the dark gods.
So if you are looking for all out warfare, you won't find it here, but the book does play out like a good spy/chase movie. So if you want for a moment for there to be NOT ONLY WAR, pick it up. As well, if you have read the previous 11 books, you need this one. I think it will be the stepping stone for the End.

All in all: 4 out of 5 Aquilas.

Poll Results:
Who is the best Black Library (40K) Author?
Dan Abnett 12 (100%)
Graham McNeill 6 (50%)
William King 1 (8%)
Lee Lightner 0 (0%)
Ben Counter 3 (25%)
James Swallow 0 (0%)
Mitchel Scanlon 0 (0%)
Sandy Mitchell 0 (0%)
Mike Lee 1 (8%)
Nick Kyme & Lindsey Priestly 1 (8%)
Gav Thorpe 3 (25%)

Reinvention of my Imperial Guard

Okay, so I am sitting with my room mate yesterday and he announced that he had decided to start his Light Infantry Guard army. Pretty good list I think. No vehicles. Just alot of snipers, melta and cover savers. Not the kind list for a tournament really, WAY heavy on kill points, but unique I think given the current trend.

This though got me thinking, how should I reinvent my Guard Army? And can I keep them unique without Doctrines?

"Doctrines had a quality too"- Gothmog

So here is what I currently have to work with

3 x Command Squads
-Melta Gun, 3 x Medics, Company Standard, 3 x Vox, 2 x Power Weapon, 1 x Power Fist, 2 x Bolt Pistol, 1 x Plasma Pistol
5 x Infantry Squads/Veteran Squads
-5 x Vox, 4 x Bolt Pistol, 1 x Bolter, 3 x Grenade Launcher, 2 x Flamer
Stormtrooper Squad
-Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Vox, Flamer, Grenade Launcher
Special Weapon Squads
-3 x Sniper Rifles
7 x Heavy Weapons
-2 x Lascannon, 2 x Autocannon, 2 x Missile Launchers, Heavy Bolter
Techpriest Enginseer w/ Heavy Bolter Servitor
2 x Commissar
Extra Company Standard (Kell model)

2 x Armoured Sentinels
-Lascannon, Autocannon
2 x Conqueror/Eradicator Russ
2 x Vanquisher
3 x Demolisher
4 x Leman Russ Battle Tank

So there you go. What would you do with this? What would you add? What would you take away. What would your theme be?

I know I need more melta guns. I would like to see Roughriders or Ogryns added (or both). I just like those units. Not the best choices I know, but fun choices.

I am not trying to make a super competitive list here. I want something fun. If I could do an all cavalry regiment I would. OR if I could afford DKK I would (the Heavy Mortars look SO COOL). Things like that.

So how do I reinvent my guard to be, well, fun?


Monday, November 16, 2009

Second Founding Quizzes

In case you think that the two quizzes uploaded yesterday were a little difficult (even I can't do them without cheating) here are a few more for you to try.

Blood Angels Second Foundings
Dark Angels Second Foundings
Ultramarines Second Foundings
Imperial Fists Second Foundings
Assorted Second Foundings

If you want more you have to wait unfortunately. Apparently there is a limit on the number of quizzes I can contribute each month. I already have another one ready and just need to be allowed to contribute. I'll make a few more so that I have a bunch ready and then I will try to put them up once a week.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Okay, so if you don't know what Sporcle is, you should check it out.

And as such, you should take the first 40k quiz I made for Sepulchre. I am making more.

Can you name the Warhammer 40k Space Marine Legions, their Primarchs & Homeworlds?

I am working on a second quiz which will be up as soon as I finish it.


Can you name the Warhammer 40k Special Characters?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Help Wanted

I know I have been really bad about posting as of late. Being at one of the Top Universities in the nation has kept me extraordinarily busy this semester.

First of all: GOD MACHINE IS COMING! I promise. I am just having trouble finding time to work on it. Pretty much the first version is done, I just need to convert my hand written scribble into a presentable .pdf download.

Being at it is, I am reaching out to my readers for some things:
1- Leave comments here with what YOU want to read about/see
2- Send me emails with what you want
3- AIM/Skype me to discuss anything 40k
4- Email me guest articles! I know you all think about 40k about as much as I do. Write something up and send it to me!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Space Wolves: What it means for Blood Angels 2010 Part 2

Well last post I talked about the assault capacity of Space Wolves over Blood Angels

This week I talk about upgrade ability.

First off: Sagas

These are preety sweet, and with the ability to take 4 HQ choices with a saga a piece, you get to pick and choose the best of them while having a high variety. I personally like Warrior Born, Beast Slayer, Bear and Majesty in that order. I think it is the inner BA in me that places Warrior Born first.

So this though basically lets you custom tailor your HQ choices more then any other army and does not force you to take a named character to still feel like a SW. I have always been against being forced to take Named Characters to play your army like it should be played, SM being the worst with forcing you to take Vulkan or Kantor to feel like you are playing their chapters.

So what does this mean for BA? Well I doubt I get anything like sagas, but there should definately be a way to make the normal codex HQs other than the named characters. Either changes to statlines to makes them more assault based or some other abilities or wargear choices.

Speaking of Wargear choices...

Space Wolves have sooooo much. I am hoping the Blood Angels follow them in this. The characters you can make now have so much less wargear flexibility than what was afforded by the old armoury systems. SW seem to make up for that loss some what.

With the combination of Sagas and lots of Wargear, you have alot of potential for making unique characters in the new SW codex, and Sagas really do capture the feel of being a glory hound that SW should have.

With that being said, I hope to see the same in the new Blood Angels codex and have some great depth of character added to the masters of the 9th Legion.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Space Wolves: What it means for Blood Angels 2010

Well, SW has been out for a few weeks now and I have had a chance to look over the rules some what.

First things I noticed: Berserk Charge, Counter Attack

Well, yes, Space Wolves are supposed to be a brutal army. But Blood Angels live for Close Combat. So, we should see some enhancements for combat coming our way.

Wait, you say, Blood Angels have assault squad troops, elites, and HQ, that should be good enough. Well I say NO. Why? 5th edition is a game of Mechanized forces. I love Jump Troops, but in 5th it is much harder to assault infantry with them. Why? Well they are in a transport and if I assault the transport, they then get the assault on me after they pile out.

Now how this relates to Space Wolves is that all their units have counter attack, and all iterations of Blood Claws have Berserk Charge, giving them typically 4 attacks on the charge and 3 when charged, which is more than my assault troops, who get 3 offensively and 2 defensively. Yes, the Blood Claws are WS/BS 3 but lets number crunch. Our opponent will be one of the most common scoring units in the game right now: Nurgle Plague Marines. WS 4 T 5 I3 3+ Armour Saves.

Lets make the Squads.
So SW first
150 pts for 10 models, though they can get to 15, so lets do that, bringing us to 225 pts.
Now for special weapons. I can get my first flamer for free, melta for 5 or a plasma gun for 10. Since this is 5th ed, I'm taking the melta gun. Since I have 15 guys I get to take my second one for free. Brings us to 230 pts. I'll do one Blood Claw with a Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol, so we are now at 260.
Now if I stuck with 10 models, I would buy a transport. Rhino with Extra Armour. I'd loose the second melta gun, but still be effective. That route costs 245.

Blood Angels Assault Squad
250 pts for 10 models (allready 100 pts more, though 30 buy a Death Company Marine). So 10 Blood Claws in a Transport with Upgrades is already cheaper.
Now to upgrade my squad. Well, since I can't take melta-weapons or two special weapons, I'll take what I can. 3 Plasma Pistols and a Power Weapon. 310 pts now. A melta-bomb so I can handle vehicles like the Blood Claws. 315.

Now to do a break down (rounding up 2+ rolls to a 100% sucess rate for all cases)
15 Man Blood Claws Assault a 10 man Squad of Plague Marines.
2 meltas- 1 Hit, 1 Wound beats armour and allows no Feel No Pain
1 Plasma pistol- Hits 1/2 the time, 1 wound, beats armour, 1/2 casualties
12 Bolt Pistols- 6 Hit, 2 wounds, so they suffer a casualty 1/3 of the time
So lets call that 2 dead from shooting, rounding up.

On the Assault:
1 Power weapon, hits 1/2 the time, wounds 1/3rd the time. So 4 attacks, 2 hit, lets say 1 wound. 1 Casualty.
The other attacks have the same statistics to hit and wound. There are 54 attacks. 27 Hit, 9 wound, 6 save, 1.5 Feels No Pain. 1.5 Casualty.
2.5 dead from Assault. 4.5 Total Down.

10 Man
Shooting. Melta causes a casualty 1/2 the time. Plasma 1/2 of the time. 8 bolts pistols, 4 hit, lets say 1 wound (6 got 2). 1/6 of the time a casualty is taken. So lets call it 2 dead from Shooting.

Assault: Same probabilities. 1 Wound from Power Weapon. 35 Normal Attacks. 18 Hit. 6 wound. 4 save. 1 Feels no Pain. 1 Casualty.

3 Dead Total

Blood Angels:
3 Plasma Pistols. 2 Hit. 2 Wound. 2 Casualty.
7 Bolt Pistols. Lets say 5 hit to keep with my rounding up I have been doing. 2 wounds. 1/3 of the time a Casualty will be taken.
Lets call that 2 Casualty from shooting.

Power Weapon. 4 attacks. 2 Hit. Lets say 1 wound and 1 casualty.
27 Normal Attacks. 14 Hit. Lets say 5 wound. 4 Saves. 1/2 Casualty.
1.5 Casualties
3.5 Total.

Now I know that is rough math, but I did round up everytime giving the roller the Benefit of the doubt.

The thing is the 10 man assault squad lost hands down to the 15 man Blood Claws, and barely eeked out over the 10 man. Plus they were 70 points MORE, for only .5 more casualties. And against lesser troops, like Guard, I'd do far worse in comparisson since I'd just be way under on the number of attacks. The difference between WS 3 and 4 is insignificant when attacking. It does make it easier when getting hit back, but both units are T4 and power armoured, so it won't be that much worse for the Blood Claws. And the Rhino transported blood claws are better protected from shooting. They will almost always go into assault with 10 men. My BA assault squads almost never do.

Blood Angels deserve to get Furious Charge back. Or at least something like this Berserk Charge or maybe base 2 attacks. Something to make us Assaulty again.

More on what Space Wolves mean for Blood Angels tomorrow.

And I will try and have God Machine up this weekend.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Evolution of a List: SM 2500 pts (Salamanders):

Here is the previous 2k list

Salamander 2500 pt list

HQ: Forgefather Vulkan He’stan: 190
Troops: Tactical Squad (10): 235- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Lascannon; Rhino, Extra Armour
Troops: Tactical Squad (10): 240- Sergeant, bp & chainsword, teleport homer; Melta Gun; Multi-Melta; Rhino, Extra Armour
Troops: Tactical Squad (10): 225- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Multi-Melta; Rhino, Extra Armour
Troops: Scout Squad (5): 100- 4 x BP & CCW; Teleport Homer; Heavy Bolter w/ Hellfire Rounds
Fast Attack: Land Speeder Storm: 60- Heavy Flamer
Elites Stern Guard Veteran Squad (5): 225- 2 x Melta Gun; Razorback, Twin Linked Assault Cannon, Extra Armour
Heavy Support: Whirlwind: 85
Fast Attack: Vanguard Assault Squad (10): 730- Jump Packs; 8 x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield; 2 x Lightning Claw and Storm Sheild
Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (3): 210- 3 x Heavy Flamers, 3 x Multi-Meltas
Elites: Terminator Assault Squad (5): 200- Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields

Pts: 2500 Scoring Units: 4-7 KPs: 11, 19 (3, 2, 1 system Old ‘ard Boyz)

Assault Troops become heavy infantry/armour hunters
Land Speeder storm provides fast transport for a scoring unit

Much the same as the 2000 pt list.
The Vanguard are super hard hitting assualt troops now, with 8 Thunderhammers and 2 LC. All have storm sheilds. Check out the Power Unit: Vanguard Assualt Squad Hammer and Anvil load out for details on them.

The land speeder storm can swoop scouts in at the last moment onto an objective, or get them to an assualt where they can tip the balance.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

God Machine Delay/Adeptus Titanicus

Hey. I was swamped with school work last week so have been delayed. I am working on typing it up, so it will be coming to you soon.

I did get a play test in and I will say that the Space Hulk tiles are the perfect size for terrain. I am modifying the game slightly off that play test.

So to satisfy my readers I did find this: Adeptus Titanicus Rules

Those are the original rules from GW. Check them out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jaws of the World Wolf

(That is a Rant Alert for those of you who didn't know)

Read the rule here.

I imagine it would look something like this. Probably would be just a big wolf head eating things. Close enough. Game footage courtesy of Too Human. Good Game IMHO. Worth trying out. And maybe it will give you non SW players the sense of devastation that the SW players now get from their Runepriests.

I thought they were phasing out "Remove from game" because it was "too confusing" and conflicted with "Instant Death". Same reasons why they won't FAQ any MEQ (Marine Equivalent) list.

Well, Nidzilla is a dead list. At least Nids are up for a new codex soon. Sorry Nurgle. And necrons. And Tau.

Tau, Hammerheads are your only heavy support choice now for a tourney. Broadsides are too vulnerable. If I land one runepriest behind your lines, broadsides are toast. At least there is a reason to take Oshova again, being as he is an MC. Or does he just attack as one, I forget. Any ways, Battlesuits are a worse choice now for competitive play.

C'Tan are even freaking vulnerable. I agree they are a little too powerful, but they are Star Gods and should have some sort of immunity to a Human's Psychic power. Same with Greater Daemons.

What were they thinking:
Hmm, you can take 4 HQ choices (2 per slot) and deep strike the whole army.
Hmm, lets give this power of remove from game to Runepriests. Shooting Psychic power.
So now you can deepstrike 4 behind and army and let loose.
This will eat armies up. Quite literally.

It wouldn't be as bad if Inv saves could protect you, but no. Niether does Eternal Warrior. And being an MC doesn't help that much.
And why don't cover saves help? They do against Mind War. Which is an Eldar power. Eldar are SUPPOSSED to be better at this sort of thing. This is exactly what happened last time an SM codex came out after Eldar. For some reason the in-game psychic army does not match the fluff psychic army. At least they have some runes to try
One good thing I see is that normal dreads are a little more competitive now, as they can't be eaten (But a Carnifex easily can. How does that make sense?).

On a 4x6 board, with indirect fire, you can preety much hit anything you want with it's 24" range if you fall someplace near the middle with your Deep Strike.

Characters, DPs, Greater Deamons, MCs and expensive bodyguards beware. The World Wolf is hungry.

I did a little test on this last night. Just everytime I saw a room mate, I rolled a dice. Needless to say I killed my entire room rather fast (assuming they are humans with I3). I then did it for the Patriots vs Bills. Athletes have I4. Sorry, but I ate Tom Brady.

And we all know how dice work. Either you roll tons of 6's or 1's at once. So you know you'll go to a game and say "This won't be that bad" and then you will roll 6 for EVERY I TEST. I know it can happen. I rolled somewhere around 35% 6's and 15% 5's last night for a necromunda game. That means 1/3rd of the possible outcomes covered 1/2 of what I did (more impressive is 1/6 covering 1/3rd). And the 6's were on too wounds and wound results. The worst possible outcomes. I destroyed a Redemtionist gang by the hand of fate.

This will happen alot with World Wolf. Don't lie to yourself. You know you have dice superstitions. And this is just asking to cement them.

I know this post is kinda scatterbrained. I just am not happy. And I slept 2 hours. Then worked out. So yeah.


My earlier SW rant here.

Next post will probably have something on Bjorn and his objective giving. Heads up, its a rant.

Do you think Jaws of the World Wolf is too powerful?

Yes. Please Rant harder about it. 20 (45%)
Yes. Nom Nom Nom 11 (25%)
Eh. Can go either way 10 (22%)
No. It is balanced 2 (4%)
No. Space Wolves are sissy girls 1 (2%)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Musings on Necromunda

Well, after playing many games of Necromunda, and over a week's Hiatus as I worked out the kinks in God Machine (coming later this week), I thought I'd do a post on it.


Lessons I have learned
1. Shooting is King. Shooting gangs beat close combat gangs. It is just that since ever hit pins a guy, Close Combat gangs move slowly. And while pinned, they can be shot again. And then if there is no one near them to help a ganger recover from pinning, they stand up at the end of the turn just to get shot at again.

2. Techno skills rule. Any time you roll a 2 or 12 for an advancement, take a Techno skill. Inventor, Armourer, and Medic are all great. Weaponsmith isn't bad. Specialist is nice as you can get more special weapons. Fixer is the only eh one, but if you have a gambling den, you want it.

3. The more gangers, the better. Why? Remember shooting is king. Well yeah. The more guys you have, the more concentrated your fire is and the less concentrated your opponent's is. Simple really. You have better chances of taking guys down and out when you have more fire pooring onto them.

4. Don't play as enforcers. Yeah. Thats right. My own gang. You see, I thought the rule where if I am doubled in EXP I get 10 guys would help. The problem is since I always only have the 5 man patrol team, I always am the underdog, meaning I get crazy EXP bonuses for loosing even. I don't know if I will ever get to feild all 10 (unless guys start dying). Now also look at 1 and 3. Same things apply here. I took four guys with suppression sheilds and power mauls, so usually I have 2 in each patrol team. I thought S5 weapons with a 2+ save would be nice. The problem is that since I only have 5 guys on the table and only 3 with shooting typically (though inventor has earned me some extra guns finally), I get super blasted. And that 2+ save can't portect me against 10 hits with a -1 modifier to my armour. Eventually I always fail. Usually pretty fast. I have this happy talent for rolling one under what I need on armour saves.
One for one, all my guys are better. They have great equipment. All of them have over 70 EXP, 4 of them over 100. I have been lucky on skill and stat rolls. Invented 3 things, two of which were usefull (Power Sword and Needle Pistol). The thing is being outnumbered sucks. I need to roll +1 W more often.
At least I have no serious injuries due to medical (other than emnities and impressive scars). That is a godsend.

5. Hit and run is the best for the Attacker. Easiest mission and highest rewards. 3 of my 4 victories have been in hit and run. It is just easy for the Attacker to win, ESPECIALLY Enforcers. This is the one scenario that I thrive in. On a 3+ I have the whole patrol team, and in the first 2-4 Turns I am typically not out numbered. Scrag and Blitz are the best of these. Either you destroy the Water Still fast with high impact or sustained fire shots (or both), or you charge your target in scrag 2nd turn (if he is on the feild).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wishlist: What I would like to see GW make/do

Okay so this is a wide ranging topic, covering the top 10 things I would like to see GW do, though no in any particular order.

1- Release all codices within a year or 2 of the main rulebook release. ALL. Design it all at the same time. You can spread model releases out more, but rules should all be up to date at the same time.

2- Lower Prices. We all agree here. Their profit margin has to be crazy high, but they are always raising their prices, even as their productions costs go down from better technology

3- A plastic Warhound Titan for 40k. Mars Pattern. OH YEAH.

4- Knights for Apoc. Easy to make models for too. Basically be as ubiquitous as the IG superheavies.

5- More Support for Specialist Games / Less Support for LotR. Seriously, everyone I know who played LotR left it for 40k or fantasy, and then most those people end up playing Specialist Games. Lord of the Rings was popular for a while with the Movies, but now they are stretching it. Veterans want SG games. GIVE THEM TO US!!!

6- Games Day Atlanta. You took away the Gaming event for the South. Chicago has 2 huge events. Baltimore has 2. Las Vegas has an event AND SHOWGIRLS. The south has crap. Thanks. Thanks so very much for taking that away.

7- More Missions. 3 missions with 3 setups is not enough. Lets get some more out there.

8- Bitz. Give me back the option to bitz metal box sets and sprues at least. This preselected bitz pack thing sucks. You are loosing money to 3rd market parties GW. You could easily cut in on this market.

9- A Stormblade. Plasma Destructors are awesome. Every other IG super heavy exists, why not that one?

10- Sell a Hobby not a Product. They are so concerned with pushing plastic crack on 13 year olds that they forget about selling the aspects that keep the veterans in.

Necromunda Campaign and Titan Game News

So I should have V 1.0 of the titan game up here this month, probably around the 15th.


Planned Updating Schedule for the Game.
V 1.0 - Basic System Rules, Human Titans only
V 2.0 - Eldar and Orks introduced, differentiate Chaos
V 3.0 - Campaign Mechanics / Historical Missions / Titan Personalities
V 4.0 ~ Not sure yet, Nids most likely, more Missions

Updates will be released to each version as I get feed back.
Note, points costs will not be in 1.0. I need some feedback on that before I can decide.
V 1.0 will have alot of designers notes on it, as well as a page with questions I would like answered so I can work out any kinks.

Some things you will need:
25, 40, and 60 mm bases
3, 5, 10 inch templates
Hellstorm Template
Measuring tape
Some Paper and Scissors to make appropriate sized area terrain
d6 will be the only dice in the game

So my gang got here yesterday. Built them. Wanted to Prime today but it rained. :(
Anyway, we are introducing an interesting mechanic to the campaign. As the Police, everyone will report to me what their guys do in terms of violence each game. I will building up files and putting out a most wanted list each week.
Other gangs then can attempt to gain the rewards by capturing these wanted men. But I won't offer the best deals, so they have to make the choice to trade with the Enforcers or with Gangs.
We may have rescues on the Enforcers be like a prison raid, not sure yet.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Planet Strike: Does it really matter?

No, it doesn't.

Two days, two rants.

So today I talk about Planet Strike and how it failed to live up to its hype.

First off, the good.
1- Cool terrain. All if it is pretty nice and easily combinable with the Cities of Death stuff.
2- Interesting new way to play. Definately puts a new spin on the game of 40k.

The bad:
1- Terrain. Wait? Didn't I just say it was cool. Why yse I did. Here is a cookie for you. Just because it is cool though doesn't make it good. Remember Cities of Death? Maybe. Have you ever played Cities of Death? No. Why? Because it required you to spend money on terrain rather than more 40k. Who wants to do that honestly? So many different things. You needs a bunch of bastions, all sorts of defense lines, turrets, landing pads. You could probably get a decent 1500pt army for what you need to play planet strike, unless you make your own terrain. Though making your own probably costs as much as a 1500pt eBay army. Thats why Apocalypse is great. Past the rule book, it is free.

2- Not Even. Certain armies rape in Planetstrike while others blow hard. Don't even think of playing as the Tau. And there is very little in the book to try and even the playing feild. And don't say assets. Planet Strike has a poor asset system. Anyways, Deep Strikers win. Period. End of story. You land and assault. Done. If you can deep strike and have meltas, just save time by declaring victory when you arrive to the battle. Then have a popsicle to celebrate.

3- Gimmic. It really is the same gimmic battle each time. People often choose the same assets game to game. You deep strike. You punch buildings. What I really want is new Missions for normal 40k. Release an expansion on that GW. 5th ed is just so static. Yeah, there are the 'ard boyz missions, but those are designed for very competitive 2500 pt play. I have seriously dug up old codices and rule books to play those missions. ALL THE WAY BACK TO 3rd ED! (Which I recently re-aquired to much delight, more on that later).

4- Who plays it? I hear of a game every so often, but all in all, it doesn't get played that much. Why not? Because I can just play normal 40k or I can whip out some super awesome super heavies for Apoc, which is cooler anyways.

5- Force orgs. Why bother with these weird big force orgs. If I was using Force Orgs that big, I'd just play Apoc. Seriously. You could have made it like a fantasy system where you need x number of core for y number of points. Every 1000 pts, the numbers increase. Then you'd have your precious ratios correct without these silly huge force org charts that really only restrict apocalypse sized armies.

Monday, August 31, 2009


+++++RANT WARNING+++++


So I want to know what they were thinking with the new SW. Were they not thinking? In all fairness, I haven't seen the Codex yet. I am basing all this off the Rumour mill. Maybe it won't be as bad as it looks to me right now. But I have a soapbox, and I am going to stand on it.

First off: The Good/Okay
It is okay that Bjorn is AV 14. I get that. Fine. Whatever.
Ragnar should be a combat beast.
Njal. Okay, Tigurius is suppossed to be wicked powerful, looking into the Shadow of the Nids. But it seems like Njal is more of a combat Librarian. Sure he knows crap tons-o-powers, but he will most likely only use 2-3 a turn. As long as he is super expensive, cool. Oh, and Mephiston better get an I save when the new BA come out.
A little weird that Logan Grimnar is now the best SM leader, but okay I guess. At least all these dudes are wicked expensive. But they are characters. I'd rather have some sweet expensive ones from a fluff and balance point than the new Guard tactic of TAKE ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK.
SW should have acute senses. Agreed.
Non-Gay He-man Character with a wolf pack. Pretty cool. Anything that can pull off He-Man minus the Homo-eroticness is fine by me.

Where it really starts to go down hill:
1. Wulfen.
Unless it is something like DC they jacked it up. What the hell needs to be more "mysterious". They are werewolfs. Done. If you read the SW novels, you understand fully what they are already. They should have done with Wulfen what they did with The Legion of the Damned in the SM codex. My friend owns 15 Wulfen models. What is he going to do with them now?

2. Sagas
So let me get this straight. You remove the trait system from the SM. You remove Doctrines from the IG. You make SM use chapter tactics, which you can use only one of.
Then you add Sagas to Space Wolves. Why? It is chapter traits with a different name and instead of just generally selected, a Character takes them. Big Whoop. They still affect the whole army.

3. Counter attack.
They already got acute senses. Why should they be better than ever SM out there? Huh? And the rule is called Battle Brothers (at least right now). WHAT! All SM are battle brothers. SW are more drinking brothers than battle brothers. Actually, just drinking buddies. I am pretty sure they are into the whole "Personal Glory" thing. Thats why you gave them the SAGAS. So what is it? A tight knit band of brothers, or a bunch of glory hounds (pun intended)? MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Yeah, so you say they are all wicked expensive and you will always be outnumbered. BUT when facing SM they should have roughly the same number of guys and same ability. SW shouldn't be these gods amongst SM.

4. Multi use blood claws.
This can swing two ways. I am fine with them being used as Infantry, Jump Infantry or Bikes IF AND ONLY IF Jump Infantry and Bikes make them fast attack. If they stay troops, then why play any other SM list?

5. Long Fangs.
They were better than normal devs already. Now they are doubly better. Since SW are better than normal Marines and then Long Fangs are better than normal Devs, you get twice the bonus. So what if I pay more, THEY SHOULDN'T BE LEAPS AND BOUNDS AHEAD OF NORMAL SM.

6. Two Special Weapons
SO now they are better than Chaos Marines. Damn. Damn Damn. Damn.
"Ten men and 2 special weapons for 150". WHAT THE HELL. It costs Blood Angels 190 for a ten mand squad (which does give 1 DC), but UNUPGRADED. AND I don't have counter attack and acute senses. ANGRY!!!! Wait, I remember seeing things saying "The SW will be super expensive and you will always be outnumbered". 150 pt, twin special weapon, 10 man scoring units. Really?

Now go back to bullet 6. 150 pts. 10 men. 2 Special weapons.
Now read bullet 7 again. There is no intelligence left in codex writing. They do whatever they want each time and don't even read the other books. They don't care about balance. I seriously think that in play testing, if a new army doesn't win 2/3rds of the time or more, they delay it and make it better. Thats why it is taking forever for Dark Eldar.

8. Terminator Troops.
Well, there is no point to play Dark Angels anymore. They killed a codex. Flat out killed it. SM can have bike troops, SW terminator troops. Game Set Match. You had a good run Dark Angels. Sorry your list was the last one written with some semblance of balance and thought. Obviously there was a board meeting the day after your release where it was decided from now on everything would be, and I (hypothetically) quote the GW game designers, "More Super Awesomer" than the previous release.

So with my luck either they will realize the monster they created and make BA worse, or they won't stop and make BA even better. Either way, I am scared and I lose.

This post is dedicated to the Dark Angels. Rest in Peace.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Necromunda: Spyrer Gang Commission, My Arbites List

So my club, the Wargamers at Georgia Tech, is starting up Necromunda this semester.

I am playing Arbites. My gang consists of the following:
All have Knives and Choke Gas Grenades
Leader: Power Maul and Suppression Shield
Handler: Power Maul and Suppression Shield
Heavy: Heavy Stubber, Bolt Pistol
Enforcer: Plasma Gun, Bolt Pistol
Enforcer: Power Maul and Suppression Shield
Enforcer: Power Maul and Suppression Shield
Enforcer: Shotgun, Bolt Pistol
Enforcer: Shotgun, Bolt Pistol
Enforcer: Shotgun, Bolt Pistol
Enforcer: Bolt Pistol, Melta Bomb, Photon Flash Flares
Cyber Mastiff

Next is the gang I was commissioned to do for another player.
I made the Spyrer gang for around $50 in parts, which is far less than if you just bought the GW models, which would come in at $85.

I used Eldar bodies (4 guardians and 1 dire avenger exarch) for their torsos. The two Orrus have modified SM legs (cut off the square butts). The others all have guardian legs.

The Orrus, Yeld and Malcadon all have SM Scout heads. The Jakara has an Eldar head made to look a little more feminine to match the female guardian body.

Orrus weapons are SM Powerfists with bolt pistol barrels underneath to represent the bolt launchers.

The Malcadon has SM Combat knives as the claws and guitar string as the power cables.

The Yeld utilizes a dire avenger exarch arm for its pistol (ammo clip removed). His wings are made from Dark Angels Ravenwing bike cowls. I used 2 sets, thinned them down and glued them back to back so both sides look like wings without being too thick.

The Jakara has a Dire Avenger Exarch sword and a terminator shoulder pauldron sheild for her mirror sheild.
See the GW ones here.
Group Photo: Spyrers
Yeld Back
Yeld Front
Malcadon Back
Malcadon Side
Malcadon Front
Jakara Back
Jakara Side
Jakara Front
Orrus Back
Orrus Front

Friday, August 28, 2009

Apocalypse Knight Rules


So I don't like the rules that exist for Knights. I don't think they reflect what was put forth in the Mechanicum book.

So what do you think of these rules? Poll over there --> but comments are better.

Knight Rules

~500 pts
Super Heavy Walker
2 Structure Points
AV F:13/14 (not sure yet) S:12 R:11
BS 3 WS 3/4 (not sure yet) A 2
3 Power Feilds
Titan Close Combat Weapon, Primary Weapon
Double Blaster- 72" S8 AP3 Ordnance 2 5" Blast, Primary Weapon
Vulcan Mega Bolter

Chin Twin-linked Heavy Stubber
Chin Heavy Bolter
Targeter +50 pts (+1 BS)

May move an extra d6" in the shooting phase and fire blaster as Ordnance Barrage or Vulcan at -1 to its BS
May move an extra 2d6" and not shoot

Meltdown- 1/2 of the warhound (see Apoc main book)

Do you like my Knight Rules?
Should be the only ones 0 (0%)
Will use 1 (12%)
Yes 4 (50%)
Eh 2 (25%)
No 0 (0%)
Will use... OTHER ONES 0 (0%)
Remove the post. Now. 1 (12%)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nurgle Great Unclean One Scratch Built Commission

Well this is something funny. Something Awful's WTF 40k?

First off, sorry the photos aren't the best. Hope to resolve that in the near future.

The Great Unclean One cost only around $30 and has plenty of bitz left over. I may even make a custom Zoanthrope with what I have left. It is made from an inverted Carnifex Torso as the main body. On the Chest/Stomach (after cutting off the spike) I put the spore cysts carapace. I then added heap tons of green stuff and sculpted. The arms are WHFB Ogre arms. The sword is from the soulgrinder (leftover from here). The horns are from carnifex tusks and one of the actual carnifex horns.

He will mostly be used as Kugath for a Nurgle Chaos Daemons army.

I know his feet aren't on the ground fully, but this element will be incorporated into his basing.

My sculpting skills have definately improved. I plan to keep honing them, so if you want something made you can contact me at

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Games Day UK here I come...


Thats right, me and my friends were thinking of doing Games Day UK. Well that and touristy things. But mainly Games Day. Too late to make arrangements this year, but we are starting to think about next years.

We have a funny idea for a group Golden Daemon: A poker game. The players: An inquisitor, a kroot, a pile of nurglings, the avatar, one of da boyz, the Deceiver (holding 5 aces), and a Carnifex. We know it isn't a legal entry if we all work on it, but we want to do it anyways to just show off.

For some personal GD entries, I have some thinking to do.

We obviously will bring armies. So I am crossing my fingers for early 2010 BA so I have time to play test out a list to bring for a tourney.

I know it is a long way off, but this is how these journeys happen.

So a new tag is born today: Odyssey

Monday, August 24, 2009

Anyone want a Titan Game?

First off sorry for the absence once more. Starting school back up plus a little vacation in there really caused havoc. And not having a functional camera. I have some sweet things to show you guys (A custom converted Spyrer gang for Necromunda and a scratch built Great Unclean One)

So I was sitting around today in class and got bored so I started formulating rules for a game of Titan combat.

As of now I am still working on it, but I will need beta testers soon enough.

I am going to try and keep it somewhat simple. A middle ground between Aeronautica Imperialis and 40k.

It is a d6 system utilising hex bases (but not a grid).

What I have so far are the movement and manueverability rules. These are based on a "Manueverability Score" generated each turn by your actions that turn. If your score gets too high, your titan can become off balanced and suffer for it (even fall if you take too many risks).
The Score is a composite of a d6 roll plus modifiers for size, speed, and terrain features. Damage will be incorporated as well once I develop the combat in greater depth.

So keep a look out for V1.0 of the game.

Poll Results
Do you want to play a Titan Game?
Absolutely 9 (69%)
Yes 3 (23%)
No 0 (0%)
I'd rather die 1 (7%)

Apocalypse mind sets

So I have been playing in a Lucky 13's campaign at a local gaming store this summer and it is really giving me a contrasted view to how I have traditionally played apoc games.

Even though I believe the games have been a little smaller in total size than the Georgia Tech Megabattles I have ran in the past, they play out very differently and I think it boils down to a few simple factors.

1- Emphasis on vehicles/infantry. I think the GT games have been geared much more to vast infantry combat rather than armour v armour. This is a very interesting way to play out Apoc in my opinion. Rather than being concerned with a superheavy duel or matching tanks co v tank co, you are playing more like a normal game on a grander scale. I recommend you try it sometime.

2- Balance. My club always strives to balance superheavies and points. We have done a very good job of this so far, with nothing dominating the game (other than a Super Monolith last time, bleh). But at Lucky 13's, people have shown up with Super Heavy flyers, which if you don't plan to fight specifically, they are nigh unstoppable. Titans are another thing that throw off the balance in a very similar matter. I suggest that unless you have a balance on each side of these things, then you restrict them. Baneblades and their variants aren't overpowered as long as oneside does not faild excess amounts against a side with none. But then again last game I destroyed a Shadowsword with 1 lascannon shot, so it can be done.

3. Scenarios. I think when players put their minds to it, they can come up with better scenarios than GW ever puts out. Asymmetcial, attacker/defender, crosslinked tables, amphibious assault, etc. etc. Give it a try.

Here is an example of a wacky scenario we have though of (but not tried) at my club.

You set up 3 sets of tables. Put what ever terrain you want on them. Then place "elevators". These elevators can carry infantry and walkers down to the next level, which should be set up like an indoor hangar/warehouse. Once again on that level there are elevators that go down to a bunker level. This table is accessible only by infantry and is laid out with corridors and rooms. Each table has 2 objectives (or more if you want, but make each table have as many as the next). You could even make certain things in certain levels effect the others, like a defence laser control room in the bottom floor grant control of a laser on the surface, or a building on the surface have secret tunnels to the hangar, or the hangar have a valkyrie to go up to the surface and a way to collapse a tunnel in the bunker.

Well there is just my general rant for now.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blood Angels 2010: My hopes, wants and fears.

Well Bell of Lost Souls put up in their rumours saying that Blood Angels are potentially up for a early to mid 2010 codex. So I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on that happening.

What I'd like to see
-New fluff. Ample amounts.
-New minis. I know years ago they put up a new Sanguinary High Priest model in the previews that they had on the old site.
-Corrections making me the same as current SM. I am talking about LR capacity and updated wargear (3+ Thunder Shields).
-Librarians able to buy Jump Packs and not have to waste a psychic power to move like one. Wings can stay for termie librarians, but power armour ones get screwed by it.
-Some way to make my army definatively CC again. Right now I'd say BT are more so then my guys. Maybe BA tactical marines would all have a Bolter, Pistol and CCW. Furious Charge maybe a little much, but giving it to Vet Assault Marines would be nice, especially since normal marine lists have 2 types of Vets with far more flexibility (AP 3 Bolters anyone). So putting the ability on them wouldn't be awfull and would make them worth taking over normal assault marines (who are scoring).
Maybe a cool RED THIRST rule. Roll a D6. That turn they have fleet on a roll of something. Kinda like the old 3rd ed. but is simpler and clearer in game sequence.

What I wouldn't mind seeing
-Tycho being cut/changed. He isn't very usefull and is one of the last characters of his type that is only beneficial against one army (Orcs in his case).
-Assault Squads as Troops or Fast Attack. Usually doesn't make a difference, but it can in certain cases. Doubt this one happens, and could care less if it did.

Things I don't want/shouldn't happen
-Death Company becoming a Force Org slot bought like a normal unit. Keep them how they are.
-Losing Vet Assault Squads for Vanguard/Sternguard. I am Blood Angels, not Ultrasmurfs.

So what do you all have to say about it?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Conversions and Commissions: Soulgrinder and Marines

Blood Angels 2nd Co 3rd Squad Tactical Marine

My 2nd Company Captain. He uses the Emperor's Champion Model. Thunderhammer is a Terminator Thunderhammer cut off behing the gauntlet attached to a normal SM arm. I used a piece of guitar string for the power cable. TIP: If you use guitar string, make sure to have wire cutters. Scissors/Hobby Knives won't cut it easily. A pair of plyers (needle nose) is best to bend it to how you need it.

This is the Be'Lakor Model you can see painted here. Primed.

All these next ones are a Nugle Soulgrinder I was commissioned to do. I added the gut, and used the extra defiler claw to make the right arm. The little rider on the back is from the Epidemius model. I added some skulls. 3 on the chest for a Nurgle symbol. 2 on the front of the lower hull. I moved the Harvester gun to the bottom of the model since the claw couldn't really have it on it. I also green stuffed over the left eye so it would only have one eye. Snapped the right horn, and with green stuff, made the left horn curved and melded it into the green stuff covering its eye.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where did my Inks go?

Okay, so I know everyone likes these new washes, and I'll admit they have their uses and are nice BUT that does not make them the greatest things.I for one miss Inks. While washes are somewhat easier to use, they don't perform all the rolls that inks did.

1- They don't run as well into the low spots (at least I find they don't).
2- They aren't as glossy as inks. When I ink washed a marine, it had a mild shine to it. Wash with wash and there is no shine, just shade.

Varnishing over the wash does not do the same job either. That is just too glossy.

So anyone know of any good inks like the old gw ones?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nurgle Daemon Prince Commissions

Here is some recent commission work I did. I converted both, but only had to paint one.

The Painted one is based off Be'Lakor from the Fantasy range introduced back during the Storm of Chaos Campaign. I added the gut using green stuff and also added two skulls on the skirt as to form a nurlge symbol with them.

The Unpainted one is based off a Tyranid Brood Lord. The wings are Fantasy Dark Pegasus wings avaliable from GW in the Fantasy Bitz section. If the face looks weird to you, it is because he is looking up laughing as seen here. What you see is the neck. He is suppossed to look like a zombie, partially fleshed and partially skeletal.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fluff question: Why don't Tau have Titans/Super Heavies?


Okay, I know what everyone is going to say "They have Manta's, why would they need Titans?"

Well let me frame it like this. Has Air support ever held ground. Has it ever pinned a battle line together. Has it ever taken up a defensible posistion and fought to the last.
The annoying thing about something that is flying is it inevitably has to move on, and if it can hover, well it inevitably gets shot down unless it moves on.

So with that in mind, while Manta's can fight Titans, they don't fill the role of titans. And are not as accessable to the game as the other races titans.

Humans (Imp and Chaos): Titans
Eldar (and I am sure DE have some, revenants are FAST): Titans
Orks: Stompas and Gargants
Necrons: Well, pylons and monoliths are fluff wise suppossed to be super huge. You all saw the Dark Crusade intro vid. And I wouldn't categorize them as one of the Battle Races as the others are.
Tau: Nuts

So, why don't they have a large battlesuit. With all their glorified technology, wouldn't they make one.

I think they would. Sure they make Tiger Sharks and Mantas to deal with Titans, but a Thunderbolt squadron can easily deal with them. On the otherhand, a Baracuda squadron can't easily deal with a Imperial Titan.

Tau could easily make big Battlesuit. Mount those cannons that are on a Manta on it and such.

Okay, now for Super Heavies. This is a bigger problem than the lack of a titan class. They have nothing to equivalate to the Baneblades and the like.

While fluff wise this kinda makes sense, games wise it is unfair I believe. They need some sort of big tank. Yeah, once again people can site mantas and tiger sharks, but once again $$$ is an issue in gaming aspects. And many of the same arguments that I applied to a titan apply hear in terms of holding ground and such.

Okay, while I wouldn't advocate Star Wars Tanks as super heavies, lets head in this direction at least.

I guess you could use IG super heavies as Gue'vesa tanks, but that is a little cheap to force a Tau player to do that.

So I may be alone on this, but I think they should have these things, almost for game purposes rather than fluff purposes.

Should Tau have Superheavies/Titans?
Yes, they need both. Its fluffy to me. 7 (36%)
Yes, they should have both for game purposes 4 (21%)
Yes, they should have superheavies. 7 (36%)
Yes, they should have titans 1 (5%)
No, they should not have titans. 4 (21%)
No, they should not have super heavies. 1 (5%)
No, they should have niether. Ruins game balance. 0 (0%)
No, they should have niether. Not fluffy in the least. 2 (10%)