Thursday, November 17, 2016

Finished Cult Mechanicus Force

Finally finished these guys! YAY! Three fully magnetized Kataphron, three converted "walking" Kataphron, 5 Electropriests and a Techpriest Dominus! (Also, all of this is FOR SALE!)

These guys were fun to paint, and got my November commitment for 1HourANight out of the way and another item off my 40k Addict Goal sheet. I have them because they were originally what I was going to take to Adepticon, but then DW dropped and my team completely changed out theme. Such is life. Still wanted to tackle them as a project, even though I really don't want to play them in the long run.

If you like what you see, please consider picking them up on ebay. I really REALLY could use the funds for my planned Rough Rider Army (already in progress)!

 And here is them with my Knight. He is not for sale, but man do they look cool together!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cult Mechanicus Electropriests

Last month I did up some Fulgurite Electropriests. These were originally going to be for Adepticon, but it the time since I bought them, my team changed themes and I was stuck with 12 Cult Mech Models. Instead of selling them NIB at a low price, I decided I would try and increase their value and painted them up nicely.

So these guys will be for sale eventually. I just need to finish the Tech Priest and Kataphron. Ideally sometime this month or December.

So I even had the infamous Dave Taylor ask me how I got the effect I did with their skin!!!
So I think over all I must have done a good job!

(And for those who can't read it, the skin was done by painting it ulthuan grey, washing drakenhoff nightshade, and then applying thin layers of skull white)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Steel Fist Miniatures Samurai Daimyo

So I painted this guy a little bit ago, but I have not got around to getting good photos until now. This is a Samurai Daimyo from Steel Fist Miniatures. It was exclusive to his first Kick Starter. He is supposed to be no one in particular and was more of just a paint test for me.

Expect to see more Samurai in the coming months! I have a group of 5 I am going to do up for Crystal Brush at Adepticon!