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Sepulchre of Heroes Articles

This month Evan, Ian, Chris and Jason are on to talk about their recent hobby progress, including continued griefing of Jason to paint his Thunderhawk, and then go in depth into a review of the new Imperial Armor Compendium. Which really turns more into a critique (we do not have a good opinion of it). To lighten the mood though, we follow it up with Ian talking to us about Deathwatch and our usual shenanigans unfold from there. 

This month Evan, Jason and Chris are on to talk about their recent hobby progress, including a review of Death Ray Design bases, and then launch into a discussion on the immediate future of 9th edition, the current state of the game and the potential for a period of imbalance in the game with the forthcoming Space Marine codex release. after concluding our rant on 40k, we turn to a much more positive discussion around Specialist games, discussing the Additional Ship's Compendium 2.0 for Battle Fleet Gothic that Evan has been working on and his recent progress on that, tas well as how and why you should get into BFG, Adeptus Titanicus, and Aeronautica Imperialis and the potential future of BFG.

Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition has launched! Tonight we talk you through our initial reactions, thoughts towards the previewed Space Marine Codex, and discuss the newly released GW Warhammer 40k app for Android and IOS.

We are back after a canceled Adepticon and months of Quarantine and we have the excitement of 9th Edition to talk about! We kick off the episode with an extensive Hobby Progress and we have had quite a lot of down time to work on hobby. After that we launch into discussion about the 9th edition previews we have seen so far, from the new suggested "minimum" for table size to the exciting new terrain rules and everything in between! We close out with discussion about "what's in the box" for the upcoming Indomitus release and those amazing Necrons and less than amazing Space Marine Marneus Kart.

Well, we should have had an Adepticon Preshow in March then a Roadshow Special and Adepticon Recap in April... but as you all likely know that couldn't happen due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of the event. However, we still have content to bring you as you sit in self-quarantine in this Frankenstined episode of several recording sessions from both before the event was cancelled and afterwards. We go over hobby progress, the Games Workshop online previews and finish up with a segment discussing one of the most infamous OG CSM, Fabius Bile... or Fabulous Bill as he sometimes is referred to.

Join us this month and Evan, Chris and Jason discuss their recent hobby progress and games played and then launch into reviews of the most recent Psychic Awakening Books- Blood of Baal and Ritual of the Damned- all containing 4 factions that we all collectively play!

Join us this month and Evan, Chris and Jason actually manage to stay largely on topic and discuss their recent hobby progress and games played, cover the major changes that came with Iron Hands and their FAQ, and discuss the new psychic awakening campaign and the first release wave for it: Phoenix Rising.

There has been some delay in the release of this episode due to real work circumstances, but back at the start of August 2019, Chris, Jason and Evan sat down to talk about the new Codex Space Marines (before the dark times... before the Iron Hands) and the first two supplements; Ultramarines and White Scars. What follows is their typical buffoonery.

This month Chris, Jason and myself sit down to discuss the recent Forge World Knight update for 40k and the rumoured forthcoming Primaris Marine Codex. And in between all of them we ramble on and off topic regarding things such as the announced Eisenhorn television show and various other hobby/nerdom related topics. So if you have ADD like us, this is the episode for you!

This month the gang has a lengthier than normal hobby progress session, with both Chris and Evan having a lot underway in the past month. After than Jason and Even launch into an overview of the last edition of Aeronautica Imperialis to lay the ground work of what is to be expected in the forthcoming edition. Along with that Ian inquires about and we discuss the new edition of Apocalypse! Afterwards Chris, Ian and Evan discuss the recent Ynnari update and briefly go over some of the highlights of the Ynnari fluff.

Join us for our review of the Big FAQ 3 (or rather April FAQ 2019). We start out with some brief hobby progress but then launch into our thoughts on the errata and FAQs and when they all mean for the game,. This is followed by some talk on faction specific FAQs covering interesting items of note in them.

Join Chris and I as we journey to Adepticon in part two of our Road Show special, where we cover some Blood Angels lore and talk about what we hope to see or believe needs to be released moving forward with 8th Edition 40k.

BONUS: 2019 Roadshow Special Part 1
Join Chris and I as we journey to Adepticon in part one of our Road Show special, where we talk about the hoops we jumped through to changed our Team's theme for the 40k team tournament in two weeks, the new Space Marines from Shadowspear and Chaos in Shadowspear and Vigilus Ablaze! Also we try not to die in a car accident.

Episode 18- Adepticon 2019 Coverage
Join us for our post Adepticon 2019 discussion, where we cover our last minute changes and preps, the Warhammer 40k Team Tournament, and various other event games like the Knight Fight and Space Hulk!

Episode 17- Assassins and Soup
First episode of 2019! We start off as usual with hobby progress (to include some talk about the Lucius Pattern Drop Pod and Coastal Wargaming Group!) For our first segment, we heavily talk about the upcoming White Dwarf Assassin release and how we see them being employed by the savvy Imperial General. Our second segment we discuss what the difference between "Allies" and "Soup" is before closing off with some discussion of... a less than spectacular Forge World model.

Episode 16- Chapter Approved, Terrain and Tomfoolery
Come Join the Allies of Inconvenience Crew as we close out 2018! We start off as usual with hobby progress (I think our shortest yet) before launching into Chapter Approved discussion! We then move onto Terrain releases, Fortifications and the place of useable faction terrain in 40k and as compared to Age of Sigmar... and then slowly get derailed into just general hobby blabber, rants and "Tomfoolery"

Episode 15- Codex Orks and Blackstone Fortress
This Episode the Allies of Inconvenience Crew kicks off as usual with hobby progress, delving into some discussion of a few cool forge world kits with it. We then launch into the meat of the Episode with our initial thoughts and impressions of the Kunnin Brutality (or Brutal Kunnin) of Codex:Orks. We follow that up with some discussions of the cool new Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, the models within and their place in 40k, and fluff surrounding UR-025 and the Men of Iron!

Episode 14- The Big FAQ 2 Discussion & Review
This Episode the Allies of Inconvenience Crew goes over what they like and what they feel missed the mark on the Big FAQ and the implications of these changes, as well as some alternative fixes that we would have liked to see instead.

Episode 13- NOVA Narrative Recap and Changing the 2018 Meta
This Episode the Evan "Gothmog" and Chris "Discordian" recap their excellent experience attending NOVA and playing in the Narrative event for 40k, Evan with his BA Dreadnoughts and Chris with his Dark Eldar spooky bunch. After that we launch into talking about the meta, what it is and where we would like to see it go!

Episode 12- Tidal Wave of Releases and What's to Come
This Episode the Allies of Inconvenience Crew discusses the Breakneck pace of GW releases over the past several months and the potential impact that will have on releases still to come... which we then talk about with eager anticipation and a bit of wishlisting.

Episode 11- 8th Edition 40k Anniversary Retrospect
This Episode the Allies of Inconvenience Crew discusses 8th Edition 40k a year on, what we like and lament about it, as well as where we desire to go from here (and the usual side tracks along the way). We also dive into our personal hobby progress, and discuss Chris' "Prophets of Bark and the Spooky Bunch" Drukhari Army. And I think we have our best audio settings yet as I finally figure this podcast stuff out.

Episode 10- Deathwatch, Drukhari, Harlequins and Titanicus
This month we cover our hobby progress as Chris and Evan build up for NOVA (with a slight detour into AoS factions). Ian then discusses the Deathwatch codex with us, followed by Chris covering Drukhari and Harlequins. We close the episode by discussing the previews of Adeptus Titanicus coming this summer.

Episode 9: The Big FAQ Discussion and Review
The BIG FAQ for Warhammer 40,000 has dropped, and there are A LOT of changes. Join us as we ramble and rant about anything and everything released, from the "rule of 3" to reserve and deep strike limitations, and every little change in between (including all the comical ones!).

BONUS: Adepticon Roadshow Special

Join Chris and myself in our mad ramblings on our Journey to Adepticon 2018!
Listen to us babble on about such things as-Adepticon Lists-Codex: Kroot-Necron Previews-Big Guys that need to come back to the game-Tau and their Magic School Bus

Episode 8: Tau Fluff & Rules + Adepticon Preshow
This month we cover our hobby progress per the norm, though with special emphasis on Adepticon prep, now only days away! Chris then dives into the fluff of the Tau Empire and their Spheres of Expansion, after which we discuss their upcoming release and the hotly debated Commander Limitation. Jason leads the end of our discussion with talk of our Adeption 2018 friendly tournament lists!

Episode 7: Codex Reviews and Dead Primarchs
Happy holidays! Since it tis the season AND we have missed a few months, we bring you a longer episode with 4 segments rather than the normal 3! This month we cover our hobby progress per the norm as we work towards Adepticon 2018. Chris then dives into Codex Tyranids and Codex Craftworld Eldar, after which Jason and I discuss the Blood Angels and Dark Angels releases. Finally, we finish discussion with the status of all the Primarchs and the possibilities for their return to the game and universe. 

This month we do quick discussion on our hobby progress and do some NOVA recap, followed by some great discussion on the fluff Space Marines and their enhanced physiology and then we go over Chris' theorgy regarding the Chaos god "Malal" and the recent fluff developments surrounding 8th edition 40k. Make sure to read the accompanying article for this one, available here!

Episode 5: Primaris Marines and 8th Edition 40k Leak Discussion

This month we do a really quick (less than 5 minute) discussion on our hobby progress followed by some great discussion on the fluff of the new Primaris Marin Faction and then dive deep into the full 8th Edition 40k rules leak (and all the shenanigans they entail). Our longest but most fun episode to date, so join us!

This month Chris, Ian, Jason and myself do a really quick (less than 10 minute) discussion on our hobby progress, reminics about both our favourite best models and favourite worst models. Those models that you have no right liking but you absolutely love them anyway. After that we dive into the first week of GW 8th Edition 40k confirmations and their implications for the next edition of the game.
This month we discuss our experience at Adepticon, including getting into the Armies on Parade. We played a variety of games including Sailpower, Zone Mortalis, Kill Team and the Team Tournament. Stick around after that for our discussion on the current (limited) amount of 8th Edition rumours.
Special Episode of Allies of Inconvenience! Our Pre-Adepticon show! Join myself and Chris in our discussion building up to Adepticon. What is our theme for the tournament? What are we looking forward to? What are we going to buy?!
This month we discuss in depth the story line of Gathering Storm: the Fracture of Beil-Tan, and the coming of Roboute Guilliman and what that means for the game.
The month we discuss our upcoming trip to Adepticon and the current releases GW has been making around the Time of Ending.