Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Genswick Imperial Guard Mortar and Lascannon Conversions

So I did yet more work on my Genswick this week. With the completion of these fellows though I am going to temporarily stop work on them and switch to painting Blood Angels. I have my paints and my painting station all set up ready to go, I just need to sit down and DO IT. First up will either be finishing my NMN Sanguinary Guard or an Assault Squad. Can't start untill Friday anyways, so I have some time to make up my mind (though comments here can persuade me one way or another.

But that is enough about that, you came to see my Genswick Heavy Weapon Teams. You may notice traces of paint on the weapons. This is because they are all second hand off ebay. The guns new were pretty much only available from GW and were metal, coming in at $22.50 a pop. So I bargain hunted and really made out. To strip the paint, I soaked them in Simple Green for 2 or so days and then just scrubbed them off with an old tooth brush and scrapped a little with sculpting tools/exacto knife for the hard to reach parts. I am not too worried abotu residuals, as it is either flat and easily painted over OR it is leftover primer.

First up LASCANNONS. I built these using Ork Zzap Guns and Brettonian Men at Arms with Cadian Arms (mostly heavy weapon and tank crew arms, especially missile launcher hands)

Next up is Mortars. Really the same thing for the weapon crewmen as the Lascannons, but the guns this time are Ork Kannons. I just removed their blast shields as they were too haphazard and Orky (plus they had a glyph on them).

Really some pretty simple work but something I am entirely pleased with. I can't wait to paint this army and see it on the table. But as I said, first some more Blood Angel work. I need to stick to my Hobby Goals.