Friday, July 30, 2021

Allies of Inconvenience: Episode 31- Drukhari, Grey Knight, Thousand Sons and Ramblings

Super delayed in publishing, recorded 2 months ago at time of publishing. Sorry, but still join us as Evan, Chris, Ian and Jason go over their recent hobby progress and then discuss their thoughts on Drukhari, what they wish to see in Grey Knight and Thousand Sons, a bit of a rant on Kruel Boyz, and other mad ramblings. 

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00:00 Intro
04:00 Hobby Progress
35:57 Drukhari Discussion
57:55 GK and 1k Sons Discussion
Songs and Soundclips
Blue Mark- Atlan Urtag
Kaap mere- Bugotak
All Clips: Men In Black

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

BFG: Additional Ship's Compendium 2.0 Update- Orks done and over 109 vessels total

I am trying to get back on track in the wake of the pandemic. But since it started life in general has changed for me with work and everything, so getting back into the swing of things has been tough.

That being said, a new update to the Additional Ship's Compendium 2.0 (ASC 2.0) just dropped!

Ork vessels done, several heresy vessels added, and you can see place holders for the current WIPs to come (heresy vessels, indomitus vessels, and a few fleet lists) and a preview of what comes next. If my count was correct it is currently at 109 vessels + 9 fleet lists + Navis Mecantilis DIY rules.


If you bookmark that link, you will always be able to find the latest revision of the ASC

Pictured is a preview of one of the long awaited ship classes now added to the ASC 

Work is ongoing, there are place holders for 25 ships and 5 fleet lists, all still WIP, and I hope to get another update later this month, and again in late August and late September to finish all that out, then onto Aeldari.

For those wondering what this is, the ASC 2.0 is my effort to capture the totality of BFG and bring it into the game. It is made to be compatible with BFG:XR / BFG 2020 and is by no means an effort to balance (quite the opposite actually) the game. It is made to fully explore the scope of space ship battles in the Warhammer 40000 universe, providing ample opportunity for both narrative gaming and great conversions. I attempt to meticulously research and get as close as I can to the actual fluff, and sometimes when there is nothing for a ship class, at least meticulously research a warhammer event to place that ship within. So even if the rules are not for you, I hope the 59400 words (exact count in this draft) of lore are to your liking.

Lastly, this is all the work of one man, me! But I am always open to feedback, especially on points. I feel I have a good grasp on what a ships should cost after designing over 100 of them, but that doesn't mean I get it exactly right. 

And note, just because you feel a ship in here may break the game or spirit of the fleet it is assigned to, please see all the above. Nothing says you have to use this in its entirety or at all. It exists purely for fun and a love of BFG. 

Now go forth and conquer the stars.