Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Campaign First Battle Report; 1k C&C BA vs DH

I am back and civilisation and finally can post the awaited battle report.

Battle Report 1:
Blood Angels versus Daemonhunters
1000 points
Capture and Control

BA List
HQ Reclusiarch- 170: Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol
Elite Sanguinary Priest- 90: Jump Pack, Lightning Claw
Troop Assault Squad- 250: 10 marines, 2 x Meltaguns, Infernus Pistol, Powerfist
Troop Assault Squad- 215: 10 marines, 2 x Flamers, Lightning Claw
Troop Tactical Squad- 275: 10 marines, Plasmagun, Heavy Bolter, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol; Rhino, extra armour

DH List
HQ Brother Captain Stern- 141
HQ Terminator Retinue- 184: 4 Terminators
Troop Grey Knight Squad- 285: 10 Grey Knights, Incinerator
Troop Grey Knight Squad- 260: 9 Grey Knights, Incinerator
Heavy Support Dreadnought- 130: Twin-Linked Lascannon


Blood Angels 1st Turn:
Assault Squad moves up behind a wall. Tactical squad shoots at Grey Knights on the building and fails to do anything.

Daemonhunters 1st Turn:
The Dreadnought moves towards the Blood Angel's position and the Grey Knights on the ground move up behind a wall. The Grey Knights on the building then fire at the Tactical Squad and kill a marine while the Dreadnought immobilizes the Rhino.
1 Objective to 1 Objective

Blood Angels 2nd Turn:
My combat team assault squad and 10 man assault squad with a sanguinary priest and reclusiarch deep strike in from reserve around the dreadnought. The large squad scatters 1" and the small one directly lands. The assault squad that was on the table to begin with moves up to join them.
The newly landed combat squad fires its meltagun and infernus pistol at the dreadnought and causes it to explode, hitting 15 of my marines but all save. My remaining assault marines shoot the Grey Knights kill 6 of them. Meanwhile my Tactical Squads fire continues to be ineffective and the rhino fails its repair roll.

Daemonhunters 2nd Turn:
The Terminators fail to come in even using Brother Captain Stern's re-roll ability. The Grey Knights on the ground move back towards the building and a few get on the building (picture may be inaccurate). The Grey Knights on the building shift to bring their weapons to better positions and engage the assault marines. They kill 3 men in the 10 man squad, but because of Stern's re-roll earlier, I get one now and manage to save a marine.
1 Objective to 1 Objective

Blood Angels 3rd Turn:
The combat squads and large squad move up onto the Daemonhunter building. In shooting they manage to kill 3 in the squad holding the objective and 4 in the other squad. The tactical squad then fires and the Plasma gunner dies as his weapon explodes in his hands while the rest of their fire does nothing.
The newly arrived combat squad assaults the Grey Knights holding the objective, killing one and taking 2 casualties in return. Blood Angels consolidate and now hold the Daemonhunter's objective.
The other 2 squads assault the other GK squad and Kill 5 of them, the chaplain claiming 4 lives himself. The Justicar takes revenge and kills one of the marines in the combat squad.

Daemonhunters 3rd Turn:
The Terminators arrive and come in behind my tactical squad. They then shoot and kill one of them.
The one Justicar in assault still kills the remaining 2 marines in the combat squad he is engaged with, leaving the Powerfist sarge as the sole survivor of that squad. The Justicar though is then cut down by the surrounding marines.

2 Objectives to 0 Objectives

Blood Angels 4th Turn:
The Tactical Squad embarks in their Rhino. The large assault squad and lone powerfist sarge move towards the terminators. The other squad takes the objective the lone sarge was holding. The tactical squad shoots out of the Rhino but does nothing (again) and the rhino fails to repair (again).

Daemonhunters 4th Turn:
The Terminators move and assault the Rhino. Stern destroys the Stormbolter with Hammerhand. The remaining Grey Knights achieve an immobilized and weapon destroyed result, thus destroying the Rhino and forcing an emergency disembark. I disembark on the opposite side of the Rhino.
1 Objective to 0 Objectives

Blood Angels Turn 5:
The Tactical Squad moves around in front of the Rhino. I forget to move my assault squads in an eagerness to shoot the Terminators. The Tactical Squad opens up and finally manages to kill something, leaving one Terminator dead.

Daemonhunters Turn 5:
The Terminators move back on top of the building and kill one of the Tactical Marines with their shooting.
1 Objective to 0 Objectives

Game Continues to Turn 6.

Blood Angels Turn 6:
The Assault Squads move forward and shoot doing nothing. The Tactical squad fires and wounds Stern.

Daemonhunters Turn 6:
The Terminators move down off the building and shoot the larger assault squad, killing 2 marines. They then manage to assault both the large squad and the lone sarge. Stern kills 1 marine. The Terminators kill the lone sarge and 1 marine. 1 Terminator dies from lightning claws. Stern uses holocaust but fails to inflict any casualties.
1 Objective to 0 Objectives

Game continues to turn 7

Blood Angels Turn 7:
The Tactical squad moves up and joins the assault. The reclusiarch and Stern fight each other. The Reclusiarch manages 2 wound on Stern and kills him but falls to the Brother Captain's force sword attack. One more terminator dies as a result of the Tactical Squad sergeant.

Daemonhunters Turn 7:
I attack first with Power Weapons and wound the last Terminator 4 times. He fails all 4 invulnerable saves but kills 1 marine as he dies.


After Action Report:

Veteran Abilities: GK Termies gain Furious Charge; BA Flamer Squad gains Feel No Pain

What would you do differently?
-Lose the Dread
-Lose the Incinerators
-Take Inq. Stormtroopers
-Deploy the Terminators instead of Deep Striking

Favourite Moment:
Terminators in Assault

Brother Captain Stern

Blood Angels
What would I do differently?
Remember to keep assaulting units within 6" of a priest and make sure I move everything before shooting. Both are novice mistakes I shouldn't have made but fortunately had no overall effect on the battle.

Favourite Moment:
The Rhino did nothing the whole game except it managed to perfectly preserve my tactical squad. The embark then emergency disembark with a wreck between them and the Terminators made the points spent on the Rhino worth it.

A Synergy of the Reclusiarch and Sanguinary Priest. The Priest enhanced the Reclusiarch, allowing him to whoop up spectacularly on Grey Knights.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Player Summer Campaign

Well a quick update while I can.

My brother and I are running a small 5 game tree campaign while we are out of touch with the world for the most part.

His Daemonhunters versus my Blood Angels.
My handicap is that after each victory I only get 1 veteran ability while he still gets 2 when he wins.
We are almost done with the first game but had to run errands. But entering 5th turn, there is no possibility for a defender victory and it looks like there won't be a tie.

Ties advance on the tree with a die roll. Who ever wins that is the direction we go.

Click to a enlarge.

Well that is all for now. If I get a chance to update again I will.