Friday, May 31, 2019

Showcase+Tactics: Blood Angels Deredeo Dreadnought

Just wanted to share one of my current FAVORITE UNITS. My Blood Angels Deredeo Dreadnought.

Now you may be thinking "You play Blood Angels, why is this your favourite unit?" Well...

1- Even an assault army needs some ranged weapons. And this guy is super reliable at that.
2- I love dreadnoughts as much as I love assault
Some quick tactics talk with this guy
SO I run mine equipped with the Atomantic Pavaise (I used a Magna Grapple I converted for my Contemptor back when they could still take one. This is because FW still has not released that upgrade). This gives a bubble of a 5+ invuln to units within 6".  So what do I do? I surround him with  TWIN AUTOCANNON MORTIS DREADNOUGHTS! This creates a rock solid fire base of High T and a good save (2+/5+ on the Deredeo, 3+/5+ on the Mortis) and a lot of wound (4 dreads castles up is 44 wounds).  And at a very reasonable points cost IMO.
Now I could keep Characters near them to boost them, but if this is not possible, I just use my Wisdom of the Ancients stratagem on my Deredeo, turning him into a captain for the turn. This force multiplies the Mortis in turn.

Don't want to use Mortis? Consider Devastators, Rapier Carriers, and Hellblasters as candidates for this Aegis and Reroll buff.

In one turn, I have killed a Mortarion with 1 Deredeo and 2 Mortis this way. It is great.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Allies of Inconvenience: Episode 19- The Big FAQ 3 Discussion and Review

Apologies for the delay on this one, but after having to completely re-edit the episode it is ready!

Join us for our review of the Big FAQ 3 (or rather April FAQ 2019). We start out with some brief hobby progress but then launch into our thoughts on the errata and FAQs and when they all mean for the game,. This is followed by some talk on faction specific FAQs covering interesting items of note in them.

00:00 Intro
02:14 Hobby Progress
15:12 The Big FAQ
48:54 Codex Specific FAQs

Songs and Soundclips
Blue Mark- Atlan Urtag
Kaap mere- Bugotak
Clip 1- Ghostbusters
Clip 2- Robot Chicken
Clip 3- Robot Chicken

Friday, May 10, 2019

Showcase: Blood Angels Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer

Just another quick share.  I was going to have our Podcast on the Big FAQ out today... but as you can see I have this instead. As I finished editing the episode of Allies of Inconvenience, Audacity crashed. I opened it back up and the entire project had become silence, so I have to completely re-edit the entire episode (from an uncorrupted mp3 fortunately). I will try my hardest to have it up Saturday. Rather "Inconvenient".

So in the mean time, I wanted to rapidly get this up and to you for some quality content.

The weapons on this are all magnetized to be swapped out (as you can see in the pictures). The detailed doors are from Forgeworld and the other designs are all free hand.

The tank is named "Hammer of Angels" which is a canon Land Raider for the Blood Angels from the Shield of Baal supplements.

Enjoy! Feedback is welcome!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Showcase: Eldar Autarch

Just a really quick share of a model I painted for a good friend recently. This was an Adepticon Toledo games save that I repainted to take to the next level, adding alot of shading and highlights, and changing the colour of a few pieces (back of the cape and sword in particular). Hope you like him. He is the first Eldar model I have ever painted.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

BONUS Allies of Inconvenience- 2019 Roadshow Special Part 1- Team Theme, Shadowspear and Chaos

Join Chris and I as we journey to Adepticon in part one of our Road Show special, where we talk about the hoops we jumped through to changed our Team's theme for the 40k team tournament in two weeks, the new Space Marines from Shadowspear and Chaos in Shadowspear and Vigilus Ablaze! Also we try not to die in a car accident.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Post Adepticon Breakdown Finale: 40k Team Tournament

Coming back to you with more Adepticon Coverage, this time the 40k Team Tourna,ment.

As always this is overall a great event. You meet some awesome teams, and if you do it a few times, you start to meet the same teams ever (two of the 5 teams we played against this year were teams we had faced at a previous Adepticon).

Now with our last minute change to EVERYTHING for the 40k team tournament, and one of our players as a result essentially being a 40k novice, we had a challenge ahead of us at the outset. However in the end we came in 47th out of 127 teams and had our best performance yet (overall and battlepoints). Placing above 63% of the competition IMO is excellent for bringing Blood Angels, Dark Angels and Grey Knights. Here are our lists.
Some other impressive rankings for us:
We were tied with 5 teams for 10th in appearance (which is nice since most of the models we had were just from our collection). Overall score considered, we would have been 18th in appearance.
We got 8 Line breakers, in a tie for 3rd for that with 9 other teams (8 teams had 9 LB and 1 had 10 LB). Overall score considered, we would have been 11th for Linebreaker.

Our performance listed below with some pictures
BA 1 will be Evan
BA2 will be Zach

For a detailed description of the rounds, skip to 23:07 of our Podcast coverage here or below

Round 1- W(GK &; DA), maxed /L (2 x BA), overall round win
Played against a mix of Guard and Admech vs a team we had played in the past

I completely forgot to take pictures of this round because it was just such a fun game against great guys. I will say though, whiffing with Captain Smash against a Castellan stinks.

Round 2- L (GK & BA2), Tabled /L (DA & BA1), did not 0 out
Played against Guard, Custodes and Blood Angels vs a team we had played in the past
I totally whiffed against the Custodes and only killed 1 bike with 1 wound left...

Round 3- W (GK & BA1)/W (DA & BA2), maxed
Played against Ultramarines, Orks, and Guard
The middle building made a great dice tray. Captain Slam finally performed and whacked a LR off the table like he was golfing this game.

Round 4- L/L (GK & BA2), Tabled/L (DA & BA1), did not 0 out]
Played against Daemons and CSM /DG/TSons representing the full Pantheon
This was the worst designed mission EVER. For some reason the team that got the split deployment zone AUTOMATICALLY went first. And then table quarters were controlled by models, not units, so our vehicle heavy lists did very poorly. Overall the mission made no sense.
This game Captain Slam managed to kill a GUO, but instead my siege dread whiffed against a Blood Thirster.
We actually killed more points of the enemy this game than they did of us, however, because of the mission design, we lost, but the differential was rather close.

Round 5- W/L (GK & BA1), maxed/L (DA & BA2), Tabled
Played against Ultramarines, Eldar and Necrons
This game was our most fun for all of us involved (even the DA and BA on the other table who got tabled). Since I've been reporting on Slam in all of these, this game he failed a charge, but survived getting charged by a Wraithseer and killed him for it.

And with that, here are some cool display boards from the event