Monday, January 27, 2020

Allies of Inconvenience- Episode 24: Blood of Baal and Ritual of the Damned

Join us this month and Evan, Chris and Jason discuss their recent hobby progress and games played and then launch into reviews of the most recent Psychic Awakening Books- Blood of Baal and Ritual of the Damned- all containing 4 factions that we all collectively play!

00:00 Intro
01:52 Hobby Progress & Games Played
32:32 Blood of Baal Review
1:05:42 Ritual of the Damned Dark Angel Discussion
1:25:24 Ritual of the Damned Grey Knights Discussion

Songs and Soundclips
Blue Mark- Atlan Urtag
Kaap mere- Bugotak
Clip 1- Newline Cinema The Hobbit
Clip 2- Warhammer TV Pointy Aelves
Clip 3- Warhammer TV Ritual of the Damned
Clip 4- The Lord Inquisitor Grey Knight Teaser by Warpgazer/Erasmus Brosdau

Sunday, January 19, 2020

2019 Recap and Thoughts to 2020

I have really fallen off on posting to the blog as of late, and for that I am sorry. Just life in general gets in the way, BUT I have no intention of stopping Sepulchre any time soon (or ever really), and if you want more content from us, you can always follow us on Facebook and Instagram. There you will get doses of memes and the hobby projects I am currently working on.

So looking back on 2019, while it may have been a slow year for my blogging (technically our slowest ever with 32 posts. 2008 doesn't count because the blog was made in December...), it was a good year for my personal Hobby Progress. I got to go to Adepticon, NOVA and Warzone Atlanta. I played in the 1st ever Coastal Wargaming GT and go to several of their event days and play in a league.

At Adepticon, our game performance was better than ever for the Team Tournament and changing our theme last moment proved challenging but highly rewarding IMO.

 At NOVA I played in the Titanicus Narrative Event, the Princeps Formal. Not only was this my first ever Titanicus event, but it was my first ever Heresy event. I would love to do more of both in the future here. As I write this blog, I realize I have very few pictures of my Titanicus AND even fewer posts, so that is something to remedy in 2020.

I took my Custodes to the Coastal Wargaming Siege the Tower GT and I painted up alot of my Necromunda Guardsmen (Counts as Krieg) and made a Board for WZA.  This was particularly nice, because I got to start my 3rd Edition Metal Storm Troopers to be my Genadiers. While I did 30 some of them, I have another 40 to hopefully pump out this year.

Our Podcast Allies of Inconvenience continued strong(I am uploading EP 24 for editing while writing this) with 8 Episodes and 2 Roadshow Specials. Always remember, McCarthyism is a threat.

So here is the list of everything I managed to paint in 2019

Blood Angels
6 Bikes
1 Attack Bike
11 Intercessors
Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer
Land Raider Godhammer/Helios

2 x Caladius Grav Tanks
1 x Sagittarum

Imperial Guard
30 x Stormtroopers
10 x Engineers
3 x Mortar Teams
2 x Officers
1 x Death Rider Commissar
1 x Techpriest
1 x Shadowsword
1 x Trojan Support Tank
Detailed 5 Deathriders

Tamurkhan's Horde
6 Plague Ogors
Feculant Gnarlmaw


2 x Warlord Titan
2 x Warhound Titan
2 x Cerastus Knights
Leviathan (Epic)
Stormblade (Epic)

1 x Thunderbolt

ASoIF Starks
Catelyn Stark
Umber Beserker
Sworn Sword Captain
1 x Banner

ASoIF Lannisters
Cersei Lannister
1 x Mountain's Men
1 x Banner

Display Boards
2 Realm of Battle Board Segments
WZA Display Board

2 x Citadel Woods (4 Models Ea)

Team Things
148 Bases
Basecoat 19 Raptors
Basecoat 1 Contemptor
Basecoat 1 Defiler
Basecoat 35 Marines

Battlefleet Gothic
1:10000 Scale Cobra Destroyer
Grey Knight Strike Cruiser
CSM Strike Cruiser

So what does 2020 hold for Sepulchre? Well for one, more posts. Really. There will be. I 100% promise and guarantee it. I have a low bar to clear to achieve that, but I'd like to clear at least 50 posts. And I am really going to try and focus making them about hobby, and maybe try and fit in more videos. Let us know in the comments what you want to see.

Beyond that, I know I have several months this year where I will have ample hobby time,  so expect to see a bigger list than above at the end of 2020. But with that I have a lot of project 1/2 complete or near completion, so I will likely just knock out a lot of cool things this year. A Warhound Titan, a 1:10000 Scale Dauntless Light Cruiser, my Tamurkhan's Horde, my Titanicus, my Custodes, a few Blood Bowl teams. I've slowly been building lizardmen too and now just waiting on some kickstarter stuff, so you should see more of that for the 9th Age this year. And with the fact that neither BFG or Warhammer the Old World should be coming this year, I am at relative little risk of getting a new large project to start.

I will continue work on the ASC 2.0 at some point. Probably in between painting during those months I mentioned.

I have Adepticon again and we are going BIG this year. Really really trying for that theme win. So keep an eye out for that. I hope to also make it back to WZA at least... and this time with a much more toothy army than my DKK. I also just made friends with the current NAF president (the global BB league) and he lives nearby! So hopefully, I'll get to play some more this year.

What I'd like to see from GW this year is some more Titanicus and another faction for Aeronautica. Plus a close combat primaris unit would be awesome. But otherwise, I think I am in a relatively happy spot. So here is to 2020

Be Bloody, Bold and Resolute.
Drink Deep of Victory and Remember the Fallen.