Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cool conversion ideas

Just some cool conversion brainstorms that I thought I would share. No reason to hog awesome ideas, especially if I can't afford to do them or have the time to do them as of now.

So had this cool idea which I think would be great to make any of the following
-Blood Angel Terminators
-Word Bearer Terminators
-Custodes Terminators

What you do is take this body and death masks of Sanguinary Guard
And put them on Terminators/Chaos Terminators/GK Terminators (I think they would be the best frame). Some FW shoulder pads or MKI terminator armour conversions for shoulder pads would even further enrich the models. Scrolls and tabards as well. Suggest you make the CC termies. Some fancy Storm Shields from Chapterhouse studios would probably be good too.

Next idea: Brass Beasts of Khorne Army
Take a mix of Khornate chaos daemons and Necron arms, chests, and legs. Instead of wings on Blood Thirsters and DPs, use Sonic Blasters and engine exhausts and some green stuff to make large jump packs. Dreadnights, Killa Kans, Dreadnoughts and Sentinels also provide good bases to work from for these larger models. Like I would like the do a Blood thirster with said jump pack, the body of a soul grinder, two sets of defiler claws for arms and GK dreadknight legs. Basically mash as much metal with daemon flesh as possible. Don't think it is fluffy, go read Daemonworld. That book set the standards on chaos. Blood Crushers and Soul Grinders are very appropriate additions.

Fantasy Ogre Orc Maneater- Surprised I have never seen this. Ork glyphs on the belly plate and big choppa for his weapon. A grot minion. Big iron jaw like Gazskull Thraka. Horned helmet. Paint it like it obviously is from a major clan (Bad Moonz, Speed Freaks etc. etc.)

Howling Griffons- Those new FW Mk II, III and IV kits are just begging to be combined with Brettonian bitz, scrolls, medieval iconography and a red/yellow quartered colour scheme to create this classic chapter.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Planned Holiday Project

Well the holidays are coming up and I plan on using them wisely here in Japan by building and painting terrain and my army. I made more progress on the terrain from my previous post before going underway, but have been on hiatus since leaving my home.

So the plan is to place a large FW order here shortly. Mostly heresy variant marines, but I am also going to get some heavy mortars for my Genswick, as well as some more green stuff so I can continue assembling them. So look forward for more to come on that.

To splash up some of my influx I am going to use some items from Chapter House Studios, such as the spartan helmets and combi-weapons (Mk III Iron Armour Sternguard Vets with Combi-Meltas anyone?)

I should have ample time to get a large chunk done as I will be working very light days and have less things to occupy myself with in Japan (other than X-Box).

I will probably post again tomorrow, but I have to head out for now.