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Missing Characters & The Ultimate Advent Calendar

For a couple years now, GW and Black Library have been doing their "Advent Calendar". While cool and always good on the Black Library side of things, I feel the GW half has been in general lacking, especially with all the painting guides this year (some thing I think should be free on the GW website anyways. Freaking build support for your hobby, don't just bill me for it).

I think with a little forethought given to it a truly AWESOME Advent Calendar could be made. The concept is simple. Take a character/unit from the fluff/old codicies that no longer exists. Commission a short story for this character/unit. Have the studio make a model and a dataslate. Make all of your December releases these models/units.  This would be a great way to get models into the hands of eager fans and over come the "No model, no rules" trend.

So here is a proposed list of what to do this for. NOTE there is no Warhammer Fantasy, only 40k BUT I think it proves the point that this is a valid idea since I could list 25 separate items they could do this for. I am sure there is plenty in the fantasy universe to do this with as well, so maybe they could do it 2 years in a row.

This list is in no particular order. All links are to their particular Lexicanum article.

1- Moriar the Chosen.
Former Captain of the Blood Angels, this Death Company Dreadnought has been a long favourite of veteran BA players, even though he has been gone since the 3rd edition supplemental codex. The coolest engine of destrruction to walk the field of 40k IMO, I know the next DC dread I build WILL be Moriar. 

2- Grand Master Mordrak. Missing from the current iteration of the Grey Knights Codex, this Grand Master and his Ghost Knights are a victim of the current "No Model, No Rules" trend. A greatly lamented loss to the codex and an opportunity for some awesome fluff on Huron Blackheart vs GK.

3- Duke Traevelliath Sliscus. Another victim of not having a model. This paragon of the Dark Eldar race (read MONSTER) and adversary of Lukas the Trickster would be easy to bring back into the fold. 

4- Veteran Sergeant Cluetin. Found in the old Angels of Death Codex, this Blood Angel is the keeper of the Shroud of Sanguinius, the remnants of a banner that covered the primarch's corpse on Horus' battle barge, the Vengeful Spirit. It is supposed to drive the BA into an even greater frenzy when it's stasis field is deactivated, so maybe a rage inducing bubble?

Another no rule dark eldar, the Lord Hellion would present an AWESOME opportunity for a particularly cool and cruel model, and would be a addition (or re-addition) rejoiced by DE players everywhere. 

Gaunt's Ghosts
The models are even still available from GW. A fan favourite, made famous by Dan Abnett's novel series, these 4th edition guardsmen would be welcomed by many as a formation/dataslate with a character and some sort of detachment, especially if redone in plastic.

File:Lord Solar.jpg
The greatest son of the Imperium, based on the exploits of Alexander the Great, and recently featured in Williams King's Macharian Crusade trilogy, it would be grand to see him on the table. A tactician that would make Creed blush, he has plenty of awesome opportunity for cool rules and stories surrounding his conquests. Plus, he already had a model once!

Colonel Schaeffers Last Chancers
Another group that still have models available from GW. Another 4th edition legacy that could have an awesome character (even more bad a$$ than Straken IMO) and some sort of cool squad/formation.

9- Deathwatch Kill Teams. Something I am surprised doesn't already exist (last time I saw them was either the 3rd edition chapter approved version or possibly a 4th ed update to that). GW even sell a conversion set for them. They are definitely a favourite of Black Library, their current short story submission window even revolves entirely around short stories involving these Xenos hunters. A great opportunity for a formation to pair with Codex Inquisition and other forces of the Imperium, especially with the recent Tyranid resurgence. And if rules for a DW Librarian are included (something that should be in reference to their old rules and current fluff), it is a great way to get in some psychic defense without taking an HQ slot.

10- Lady Aurelia Malys. Yet ANOTHER No model Dark Eldar character who disappeared with the newest edition of Dark Eldar. This rival of Vect would provide another strong female character to the game and some good psychic defense if her immunity is kept in-game.

.This Slanneshi Daemon Prince would be sooooo much fun to have around again (and please alot of 3rd Ed CSM fans). Sure Kor'sarro Khan may have captured his head, but his body escaped. A real cool story revolving around their reunion would be an excellent way to reintroduce this character into the modern 40k universe.

12- Erebus or Kor Phaeron. While they have never been in the game, they really should be. These are the architects of the fall of Lorgar and Horus, and are still at large in the 41st millenium. With Dark Apostles being included in the codex, at least one of these dark lords is a must have in the game.

13- Orkimedes. This Mek boy is the brains behind Thraka's weapons of war and is currently one of the greatest threats to the Imperium. In the Armageddon codex and 4th ed orks, he would be great to bring back now that Stompas exist in game. 

14- A Warp Spider Phoenix Lord. One of the coolest aspect warriors, and yet the only one without a named Phoenix Lord. Really something that could be explored in the fluff and would be fun to see on the table, and has such great potential for an awesome model.

15- Sergeant Lukas Bastonne. A Cadian Veteran Sergeant, this 5th edition upgrade character disappeared with the advent of the Astra Militarum (probably to stay a true Imperial Guardsmen) due to the fact he too lacked a model. A hero to all of Cadia, it would be nice to see a Cadian equivalent to the Catachan Gunnery Sergeant Harker back in the game.

16- Anval Thawn. A Grey Knight Justicar who went out since there was no model to represent him. This guy carved his was out of Ku'Gath and is the Imperium's answer to Lucius the Eternal with his immortality and ability to resurrect. An upgrade character that I for one think should return to life in game as well. 

17-  Asdrubael Vect and the Dias of Destruction. 
File:Asdrubael Vect.jpg
The greatest Dark Eldar character and the greatest victim of the No Model, No Rules policy. While he may still come out in some sort of supplement, he and his custom Raider are just begging to be redone is some over the top amazing fashion, and have tons of potential for a cool story.

18-  Harlequin Solitaire. One of the most fearsome combatants in the galaxy, Harlequin Solitaires would make great Lord Of War Characters for both DE and Eldar (I remember using the unofficial codex once and charging like 24" getting 11 power weapons attacks at something like I7). They represent the most feared individuals of that enigmatic race, and could add tons of fluff into the game.

19-  Chaplain Xavier
A legacy of 3rd ed SM, he is the greatest chaplain the Salamanders ever had, even though he is dead he would still be fun to play with (Tycho is dead, and Blood Angels still have him, even though he is terrible now). It would be nice to see Salamanders with something other than He'stan, and he could lead to such a cool resculpt, and I am sure plenty of conversions based on that sculpt.

20- Gabriel Angelos. The only other guy on this list that never actually had rules, still included him because of his importance to GW. Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens and star of the Dawn of War games, he is an obvious choice to incorporate into the game. Include a chapter tactics for Blood Ravens and you are onto something.

21- Drastanta. Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears, yet never represented in game. Currently "dead" but a resurrection story and reclamation of the celestial lance would be a cool story and add a cool character to the Eldar range.

Probably the worst name rip off GW ever did (Angkor Wat), this Kroot Shaper would be a critical xenos addition to this list and a way to possibly make Kroot more desirable on the table. 

23- Brother Bethor, Chapter Ancient of the Dark Angels. Another Angels of Death Codex Character, this keeper of the Dark Angels three sacred standards. And he is even a recent character fluff wise, having risen to his position only as recently as 996.M41

24- Sapphon, Dark Angels Grand Master of Chaplains. The last of the Angels of Death characters that are not in the game presently, Sapphon is not as great or old of an interrogator as Asmodai, but he has found himself at the head of their order due to his charisma and battle prowess. 

File:Captain Cortez.JPG
This 3rd Ed SM Crimson Fist Character is possibly one of the toughest Space Marines to ever exist. Currently missing in the lore, his good friend Kantor has hope he is still alive and will return. Such a story and an appearance in the game would bring closure to the matter and be ultimately fun I believe.

GW could even take this concept in other directions, putting out supplemental dataslates with new Space Marine chapter tactics and their associated special characters. But that is a post for another time.

So what do you think of the overall list? Anyone I missed (I am sure there definitely is, but this is all I could recall). Such an Advent Event would win over tons of fans I imagine and could fill an entire month with awesome releases.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Codex Blood Angels First Impressions (Praise and Rant)

So one would have expected for me to be A LOT more vocal this week on my blog. I have been some what on BoLS comments and such BUT not here. The reason is I have gone through the grieving process. All the steps.
1- Denial. No way they lost assault squads as troops. This just has to be rumors. It isn't possible.
3- Bargaining. Why not just retcon the fluff to make a BA battle co more assault squads, or just 2 reserve companies as assault squads
4- Depression. Everything is ruined... whats the point of even playing.
5- Acceptance. Okay now I am ready to write about this on Sepulchre

I wanted to make sure I was the most objective I could be. Some phases of the 5 steps may come out in my discussion, but overall I will say my mood has stabilized and my impression of the book has improved.

So I will do this in a Good, Bad, Ugly format

1- DANTE STRIKES AT INITIATIVE. This was one of my biggest problems with the old book. TBH I am still angry at GW's laziness of waiting for a new codex vice just adding an FAQ line saying that the Axe Mortalis isn't unwieldly. Eternal Warrior is another God-Emperor send for the most Bad A Mother in 40k. At over 1100 years old and still rocking out, he needed this as he is becoming the definition of Eternal Warrior. (Which means they better not kill him Sanguinius style once 40k End Times rolls around).

2- The book is beautiful. I am really glad I skipped out on the Sanguinary Guard edition, as apparently that just had a different cover, slip case and lame prints. There is no reason for it when looking at the quality of this book IMO. My only complaint is the unit pictures could have been a little smaller and the options put in the unit selection vice an armory. This is something I will get used to though, and surely I'll memorize the points anyways.
3- A true 7th Edition Assault Army. Army wide Furious Charge and Baal Strike Force make this possible. I wanted BA to be the Assault Army that 7th needed. With these, they are. +1 S and +1 I is BACK! 

4- So many buffs. Loosing +1 I on Furious Charge in the transition from 5th to 6th ed was a major disappointment for me. The fact that it has come back is GREAT and really bolsters the concept that BA are the 7th edition Assault Army. Not only that, but there are WS buffs, rerolls, etc. etc. It is just nice.

5- Sanguinary Discipline. Great Table. I like all the powers. The only one kinda meh to me is Fear of Darkness, but the primaris power more than makes up for that. 

6- Relics. Once again, really impressed with the table. The only one kinda meh is the Crown Angelic. There are alot of ld based things in the codex though, so can be okay. I just see no reason to take it over the other items. Particularly the Veritas Vitae.
7- Cheaper and Scoring Death Company. FINALLY you will see these guys on the table again. And with Astorath they will have Jump Packs too. The last edition was depressing in how it made such a fundamental BA unit just not worth taking.

8- Mortis Dread. It may just be TL Autocannons, but the standard dread can finally be a Mortis type variant. Now FW just needs to get on the same page in their books/faqs.

9- Access to grav weapons. DS Vanguard w/ Grav Pistols means BA now have a great way to deal with Centurions, Obliterators, DPs and the like. Additionally, bikes can take them, so we can be level with other SM in that regard. Only wish the regular assault squad (RAS) could access them as well in the form of the grav gun, but I get why they can't.

1- Another Retcon to Honour Guards- This isn't big, but why did they have to change their name to command squad. Further more, now they can no longer take chapter banners, just company banners. I guess they are pressing the Sanguinary Guard as Dante's personal retinue. Additionally, they retconned the Exsanguinator into just being a Narthecium. 
2- OVER CROWDING- Everything but Troops just seems so over crowded now. It is annoying. The ones that are most annoying in this sense to me are
-Standard Dread moved to Elites. It was a nice cheap way to fill in Heavy Support. Now with so many elites, they will be overshadowed, even with a new Mortis style option
-Command Squad to Elites. The idea of a non-force org retinue is disappearing from the game, but with the nerfing this squad received (no Chapter Banner option) and having to compete with all t she other Elites, it will be seldom used (which is unfortunate I have 2...)
-Librarian Dread to HQ. As an upgrade to Furioso dreads, it was good. Great way to generate more warp charge and you still got a Dread out of it. Now, when compared to the rest of the HQ's it isn't a really good choice. And just hope you don't roll up soul warden for a warlord trait.
-Techmarine to HQ. I could have stomached this if he could get a conversion beamer or thunderfire cannon, but it is essentially the same techmarine as before, just competing in the most important slot in the book. You'll likely only see techmarines in fluff based lists or unbound.
-Vanguard to Elites. It makes sense, especially with assault squads moving back to Fast Attack, but there isn't too much reason to take them over Sanguinary Guard or Death Company. I still like them for all the options they have and I am sure there will be alot of clever use of them. I just feel they should have stayed in Fast Attack and would have made for a very good choice in that slot. Keeping them in FA would have helped the Elites slot a lot IMO.
I understand moving Death Company and the DC dread, but with so much other stuff in that slot it would have been nice to see DC as troops. I know they are getting rid of force org alts, but this would have been great for Seth, and would have better justified his status as a Warlord.

3- No Deathmasks on Chaplains. I know that the last Codex did either, but I think it would have been a nice addition and it make sense for guys wearing skulls for faces. There seems to be a lot of fear mechanics in this army, and while most people consider it defunct, as a cheap upgrade it wouldn't be bad to have around.

4- Loosing Liturgies of Blood on Chaplains. Sure Chaplains still have Zealot, but it stinks to loose the ability to make DC truly BRUTAL, The fact that they are scoring makes up for it, keeping this from being ugly. If you really want this, just take Astorath, but you are stuck with Jump DC if you didn't want that.

5- Tycho. IMO the worst of the HQ choices. And tons of Nerfing. Unless your gaming group has tons of Ork players or you are playing 3rd Co specifically, pass on him. It would be nice to see a Formation or detachment with some cool rules centered around him to make him usefull, but it is unlikely that will happen.

1- Loosing Assault Marines as Troops. This was a BIG thing to me and is what made me truly angry to begin with. I have accepted it and understand why BUT it still belongs in the UGLY. This has forced a lot of players to change their collections, and it set BA apart from all other marines in a way that no one else had. Other codicies get bike and terminator Troops. Sure SW lost that, but they get Bolter, BP & CCW Grey Hunters and Blood Claw mobs. Sure I can take multiple detachments to get more than 3 if that is the issue, but they are no longer ObSec which is truly a bummer. Fortunately Baal Strike Force gives the +1 I benefit and makes an good alternative to CAD, which makes the ObSec point moot. However, Blood Angel Allied Detachments won't be utilized as much IMO, or at least not as much as they would have been given RAS Troops.
I discredit the argument people use that "Well they are a codex chapter, so Tactical Squads outnumber Assault Squads by far, so why would they be Troops?' Well, Assault Squads in ALL CODEX CHAPTERS outnumber Scouts, so why are they troops. And in terms of Doctrine, all Chapter, and Blood Angels more so than any, use Assault Squads as frontline battle soldiers, while scouts are supposed to be operating independently, away from the main battle force. But scouts are troops. If fluff is the argument for this change, I think it is disproven. Furthermore, with all the Retcons that have happened to BA over the years, it would have been easy to change a small bit of fluff to say a BA Battle Company had 5 Tac and 3 Assault squads instead, to represent their affinity for CC. Or make one of the Tactical reserve companies an Assault reserve and just say more BA spend time here before ascending to the ranks of a BA Battle Co Tactical Squad. This would have been characterful Retcons, rather than the mighty swings of the Bland Hammer that have occurred.

2- Lemartes being a separate Elites slot. With how crowded the Elites section is and how little he offers, he should have just been an upgrade character to DC, especially since he can only join DC. One of my favourite characters fluff wise, yet really just not worth taking. 
3- Nothing New. While I can live without Centurions (I'll likely get some one day just because I actually do think they look kinda cool), not getting the Storm Talon really pisses me off. Every other chapter got our Flyer, FW still restricts BA from several of their flyers because we originally were the only ones with Ravens, AND every other SM codex that has come out has gotten their own flyers with the release. All we asked for was an existing model. I have talked before on how the Storm Talon fits perfectly in with BA. But it was not to be. I often find it hard to fit in all 200+ points of a Raven unless I am building the list around it. But the 110 of a Talon would have been easy. We also didn't get conversion beamers or thunderfires (as mentioned earlier) for Techmarines. Even more importantly...

4- NO LAND SPEEDER STORM. This became bigger than the lack of Storm Talon when I realized I would have to pay a "Scout Tax" in each list to get minimum troops. I would happily take Scouts (I am begrudgingly taking them now) if we got the storm. Why would I fully have embraced them. Well, loading up a CC oriented Scout Squad into the only open topped Space Marine Vehicle. Now imagine +1 I, Furious Charging Scouts out of a Storm. It would have been glorious, which is probably why it didn't get included. But this one option would have made BA scouts one of the best Troop Choices IN THE ENTIRE GAME. This one thing would have made me happy and at terms with the codex from the onset.

THE WEIRD (So this a reference to The Good, The Bad, The Weird. It is a Korean made Spaghetti Western and is AMAZING. GO WATCH IT NOW)

These are things that are neither Good, Bad or Ugly. More of missed opportunities.
No my model, wish he was though.
1- Moriar the Chosen. I am depressed that Moriar the Chosen didn't make a comeback. Maybe a dataslate will have him one day (would have been a great Advent Calendar release on the BA day instead of a Sanguinary Priest painting guide, especially since that painting guide is straight out of the Sons of Sanguinius guide book).

2- BA Captains. Not bad, not good. Just kinda there. It would have been nice if they had done something to make them interesting. I don't know what they could have done, but as is Fluff is the only reason to take them.

3- Gabriel Seth as a LOW. While I get it, he is a chapter master, he is in the same slot as 300+ point super heavy tanks. Just not a really convincing LOW IMO. Sanguinor or Mephiston could have been better choices, though I do like the new Mephiston rules. I guess he is a cheap way to work in a LOW and keep a HQ slot open, but he just doesn't seem on the same level as other LOW, even Dante. He may even be the cheapest one in the game.

4- Deathstorm Box Set- What? Why is this here? Well the bigger question is why did they NOT put the Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad into the Death Storm box. I am sure several people who preordered Death Storm were angry with this one. Fortunately I just went ahead and bought the DS book on Ebay for $10. Dodged that bullet of sorrow...

So that is all I can really think to say right now on the codex. I am sure as I get games in I will coalesce my opinions and thoughts more on the codex. Overall, I guess I am happy with it. Not jumping with joy, but just a general sense of being pleased with the release (besides $30 for a Sanguinary Priest or BA Lib Termie, but those are separate issues).

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

7th Ed Blood Angels 2k List: Baal Strike Force + CAD w/ new Deathstar?

This is the first full list I have made using the new Blood Angels codex. Just tinkering around with the rules and options and I think I have found an EXTREMELY hard hitting squad, which could be a new Deathstar type unit (Bloodstar? Angelstar?)
LoW- Gabriel Set: Warlord- 155
HQ- Chaplain: Terminator Armour, The Crown Angelic, Storm Bolter & Crozius- 130
HQ- Brother Corbulo- 120
Elites- Terminator Assault Squad (5): Lightning Claws x 5- 220
Elites- Death Company(5): Powerfist & BP, Power Sword & BP, 3 x CCW & BP, Jump Packs- 165
Troops- Scout Squad (5): Sarge w/ Power Sword & BP, 4 x BP & CCW- 70
Troops- Tactical Squad (10); Vet Sarge w/ Power Sword & Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Rhino- 235
Heavy Support- Land Raider Crusader- 250
Heavy Support- Devastator Squad: Sarge w/ BP & CCW, 2 x Lascannon, 2 x ML w/ Flakk missile- 160

HQ- Mephiston- 175
Troops- Scout Squad (5): 4 x Sniper Rifles, 1 x ML- 74
Troops- Tactical Squad (10): Sarge w/ Inferno Pistol & Power Fist, Melta gun, Multi-Melta, Rhino- 245

Total Points: 1999

SO The concept is to put Seth, Corbulo, Mephiston, and the Chaplain all in the Terminator Assault Squad. Put that into the Land Raider Crusader. Watch that blossom from there.

FIRST of all everyone gets +1 Initiative and WS from Corbulo. Everyone, except Mephiston, gain an additional +1 when they charge from Baal Strike Force. Plus FNP on everyone.
Next you have the Chaplain giving everyone Zealot buffs, meaning rerolls to hit and essentially fearless. PLUS he has fear at -2 LD. Most people discount fear, but assuming the squad has an LD of 10, that gets modified to an 8. That is a 42% chance that they will not pass and will be WS1.
 Now with Mephiston, you WANT to pray for Unleash Rage. I would say Quickening or Wings of Sanguinus would be good seconds, but HOPE for Unleash rage. For this post, lets say you get it. Now you are buffing rage onto everyone (+2 attacks for charging) and giving Seth an extra +1 attack since he already has Rage.

Let us tally this up: Movement, disembark. Shooting, pop 1 plasma pistol, 2 bolt pistol and 1 stormbolter shots off.  Psychic Phase, Mephiston pops Unleash Rage, Quickening and Sanguine Sword.  Assault phase, assault out of Crusader since it is an Assault Vehicle.

Terminators- 25 x WS5, I6, S5, AP3 Attacks that reroll to hit and to wound
Chaplain- 4 x WS6, I6, S5, AP4 Concussive attacks that reroll to hit.
Corbulo- 6 x WS6, I7, S5, AP- Rending attacks that reroll to hit
Mephiston- 7+D3 x WS7, I6+D3, S10, AP3 Attacks that reroll to hit. If 
Seth- 7 (+D3 if Rampage is in effect) x WS7, I7, S9, AP4 Rending attacks that reroll to hit AND generate and extra hit with each roll of a 6 (so avg of 1-2 extra hits)

That is enough to take down just about anything IMO. Sure there is no AP2, but sheer weight of attacks that will get through handles that IMO. Plus there is alot of rending to deal with.

All of this with 2+/5++ on the terminators, 3+/4++ on Seth and 3+ rerollable on Corbulo + FNP.
Beyond the Bloodstar the rest of the list is built to handle just about anything IMO.
The reason I went with an Allied for the additional units (other than to get Mephiston) was to get some ObSec units in. Scout Snipers to sit in my deployment zone and hold objectives, Tactical Squad is a Tank hunting unit that is intended to take objectives from camping squads and transports (and whatever other armour is a nuisance).

The other scout squad (Baal SF one) is meant to just be such a low priority they should be able to get onto an objective, and assault another weak unit off it if need be, without being blown to bits. And if they are, it is no great loss. Second tactical squad is to take objectives from other scoring or obsec units, especially hordes. Flamespray and then assault.

Death company is just a generalist assault unit. Well that may be underselling them, but they are designed to hit hard where they are needed when they are needed. Jump Packs to give them greater mobility. Think of them as a Rapid Reinforcement

Dev Squad is the last part of the equation. Another squad sitting in my deployment zone. Lascannons and Missile Launchers for picking off vehicles, Flakk missiles for that bit of flyer defence I am otherwise entirely lacking.

Blood Angels 3rd Company RETCON

So I am working on my review of the Blood Angels codex. Expect that tomorrow. But for now I want to share a RETCON  in the new codex.

They changed the Blood Angels 3rd Company Captain. Well really they changed it BACK. To me Tycho is no longer the Captain, as he DEAD. If you are using him in the game it is historically as either Captain or Death Company. But he died at Hive Tempestora during the 3rd War for Armageddon (998.M41). It even says it IN THE NEW CODEX.

He was succeeded by Captain Machiavi. It is in the 5th Ed Codex.

BUT in the new codex you have this:

So really less of a RETCON and more of a mistake. But before I read the Tycho the Lost entry I was worried that Armageddon was going to be Retconned much the same way as the 13th black crusade.

EDIT- SO I just noticed the little blurb at the top of page 12 of the new codex, stating "Chapter Strength as of 998.M41", where as the 5th Ed Codex states the chapter strength Circa 999.M41.  So it isn't really a mistake. Just an unneeded tweak,,,

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Blood Angels Captain Zedrenael (8th Co): Scimitar Jetbike Captain

IT IS BLOOD ANGELS WEEK!!!! I preordered my Codex and Data cards yesterday. I am waiting for all the models to be out to order what I want model wise. I will likely mix and match (and all base 25mm, but that is a separate post, but note the 32mm bases are called "scenic" bases on the GW website, so they are completely optional IMO)

To celebrate here is my completed 8th Company Captain, Zedrenael, Lord of Skyfall. Since my 2nd Co Capt will have a Jump Pack AND I wanted Jetbikes in my army, it seemed most appropriate that the Assault Reserve Co would have any remaining BA Jetbikes, and if they did, that the Capt and Honour Guard would ride them into battle. I have a Blood Champion and Banner Bearer to paint next, and need to get a few more Jetbikes to complete his Honour Guard, but this is a great start.

Now enjoy the eye candy.

Just going to breakdown the parts used really quick. FW Jetbike (obviously) and Jetbike rider legs. The Torso is Sanguinary Guard, the head is Death Company (or SG, I forget) to give him a Iron Halo. The right arm is Death Company, the left is a conversion using a FW power fist and a generic SM arm that fit the pose. This was the only way to get the power fist twisted into position. The shoulder pads are Sanguinary Guard, and the wings are as well.