Thursday, March 1, 2012

Solar Pulse Rant – Discordian

Alright so usually I’m pretty slack on rules unless it’s a tournament. 40k is a pretty dense game and has been released in several editions. So I’ll correct someone if they are about to do something wrong and I’d like to think my opponents on average will do the same. 40k is an hour+ game guys chill out and have fun and make some friends.

Buuuuuttttt……… If one more Necron player puts on one of those shitty ass grins and interrupts me when I’m about to start my shooting phase saying “SOLAR PULSE” like some kind of tekkan fighting move, I’m going to pick up their book and shove it somewhere in inappropriate.

It happens every freaking time. If you’re going to rely on a piece of war gear to define how your army operates, READ THE RULE.
“The solar pulse can be used at the start of any turn…..”

Solar pulse is awesome don’t get me wrong, but it at least lets the victim move knowing it’s in effect. *("Gothmog" Editor- Note as per the rule book ANY TURN is the start of any player turn, where as the issue discordian is facing is opponents attempting to utilize it at the start of his shooting phase, in the middle of his turn, after his movement. By then the Necron player has missed their chance.)

Someone even tried to pull this on me in a tournament. It was my second turn in a dawn of war mission and I looked at the guy and said I was starting my turn. He said okay, and I said it again louder. Then I started my turn. Come shooting phase he tried to pop the pulse and I said read the rule dude. Two other Necron players, really popular where I live right now, chirped up and were like “yeah in any shooting phase bro”. Seriously in a tournament setting three people didn’t know better…. well maybe the bro part was added.

Since then it’s happened with two other players. One was 13, I let that one get away with it because I was TEACHING him the game.

I don’t have a problem with people making honest mistakes. But if you’re going to purposely buy something to accomplish a goal. READ A BOOK.