Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bretonnians and Khador for Sale

So I am back from my deployment and I have decided to focus on my Blood Angels for 40k. I will still be into Blood Bowl, Necromunda and BFG, but I am dumping my Bretonnians, Warmachine and eventually my Imperial Guard (airbrushing first. I think I can get more if I finish them)
So if you are interested here is are two good starter forces for the above mentioned forces and some accessories.

Bretonnian Army + Rules + Bits + Limited Edition Standard OOP

Khador Butcher Army (ALL METAL)

40k Apocalypse NEW IN PACKAGE

40K 3rd Ed + SM 4th Ed + Eye of Terror + 4 WD + 3 Novels

Warmachine Prime MkII + Wrath + Older Rules

Warmachine Forces of Khador
I'll have a real post deployment post on Monday.