Monday, January 12, 2009

Evolution of a list: Episode two- 1750 and 1850 pts Eldar

Check out the 1500 pt list first and then check out the "Evolution" of the list here.

1750 List
Changes: - is removed. + is added

-Banshee Mask

Wraithguard Wave Serpent
+Vectored Engines

Guardian Jetbikes (first entry)
+ 1 more jetbike so the entry is (5+1) rather than (4+1)

Fast Attack
Warp Spiders (both units)
+ add Spiders untill both units consit of 9 and an Exarch for a total of 10.

Vyper Squadron
+Add another Vyper equipped with a Star Cannon
+Add Shuriken Cannons to all Vypers

Pts: 1748 Scoring Units: 2 KPs: 8, 16 (3,2,1 system)

1850 List
Changes: - is removed. + is added from the 1750 list above NOT THE 1500.

Wraithguard Wave Serpent
-Vectored Engines

Guardian Jetbike Warlock
-Singing Spear

Fast Attack
Vyper Squadron
- 1 Shuriken Cannon (for a total of 2 in the squadron now)

Heavy Support
+++Shuriken Cannon

Points: 1850 Scoring Units: 2 KPs: 9, 18 (Using 3,2,1 system)

Hobby Changes for both lists: The Cannons/Catapults on the Vypers need to be magnetized to swap them out from list to list, as well as the Vyper's main weapons. Vectored engines need to be represented on the Wave Serpent (If that is even required to be modeled). The Autarch either need a magnetized head or a head with a Banshee Mask and Mandiblasters. Make sure that the Fireprism is convertible to a Falcon via magnets, because this is the only time it gets used. Still a good investment though for Apocalypse. As well, a warlock needs to be able to switch between spear and witchblade (although I would most often let a spear be used as a witchblade, just not the other way around).

Tactics for 1750 list
Preyty much the same tactics as the 1500 list, just now you have the extra firpower in the Vypers. That Star Cannon can take out heavy infantry with ease, as well as dent many a vehicles side armour. As well there are a few more warp spiders (which will help keep numbers up if you loose some in the jumps) and another jetbike, which provides that one last buffer in your scoring units. The vectored engines help protect the wraithguard. You lose a banshee mask, but that wasn't critical to the strategy anyways.

EVOLUTION: Growing force, larger units, morefirepower. 1st logical step is to make little things bigger.

Tactics for 1850 list
Okay, here is a little bit more change. You no longer have the vectored engines on the serpent, so it is back to what your 1500 capability was. You also lose a Shuriken on a Vyper and a Singing Spear in your Jetbikes. BUT you gain a heaping portion of firepower with the fireprism. Use it to deal with the hardened targets popping up at this point level, as well as eradicating swathes of troops, especially anything vulnerable to blasts. With 2 methods of fire on the prism, tanks and infantry are easily dealt with, and even heavy infantry from the focused shot. It is like a blast las cannon. And with 60" range, the entire board is at its mercy.
A Shuriken Cannon has been moved from a Vyper to the Fire Prism so that if you get weapon destroyed and loose that prism cannon, you at least have something destructive.

EVOLUTION: Addition of Heavy Support to add a little UMPH

SO there you go. Next time I will post a full list for the 2000 so you don't have to link back.