Friday, January 22, 2021

Discordian's 2021 Hobby Plans


Discordian here, with a random list of things to work on to start the year off. And boy is it random.

Battlefleet Gothic

2 Cruisers

6 Escorts

2 Cruisers

6 Escorts

This one is and will be an easy one to finish, half of it I finished the first week of this year.

But last year I had a super awesome friend 3D print a Dark Eldar fleet from STL files.

I even made a couple of Dark Eldar Impalers from Dark Eldar Impalers


2 Tigershark Bombers

2 TIgershark AX

6 Barracudas

Ground Assets?

This might take a little time because my tau scheme is mostly white...

and white sucks to paint.

Dark Eldar

7 Wyches



1 Kheradruakh Conversion

3 more Grotesques?

I really liked the new Shadowstalkers and figured they'd make good Wych stand-ins.
Wanted to make better Archon to match my Mandrakes using this guy

I made these from those FW Daemons, I keep going back and forth on weather I want more


4 Gun Drones

2 Marker Drones


5 Rail Rifle Pathfinder Squad

3 Tanks (Devilfish/Hammerhead)

2 Piranhas

2 Remoras

1 Tigershark Bomber

2 Baracudas

So a lot more of this unfortunately....
For my piranhas, because I hate the ski-doo look


1 Dire Avenger

2 Jetbikes

1 Warlock

1 Wraithknight

Dire avenger was easy. Now mostly I just need to repaint a whole Wraithknight.....

Grey Knights

2 Twin Heavy Bolters

I already had two of these for razorbacks, but I have no idea what happened to them. So I have the hulls and the mounts all set, just need to paint some guns because I'm an idiot.


10 Troupe conversion models

3 Special Starweavers…..

I picked up a box of Nighthaunt Revenants last year, and built them up last year. Now I just need to paint them.