Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hobby Progress - Prophets of Bark and the Spooky Bunch Additions

Discordian here, with some new in-progress additions to my weird Mandrake themed army.

You can see what has already been done HERE.

New Urien Rakarth:
Below are what I originally made for my Coven HQs, a generic Haemonculus and my Urien Rakarth with the Flag.
Converted from Sylvaneth Tree Revenants

I was happy with them for the most part, but as time went by I wished had given both flags to make them both stand out better. So when the new Sylvaneth character box set came out, I knew it was time for a upgrade.
My new Urien, complete with BEESS!!
Simply enough project, and as soon as I get tree lady all painted up I'll swap her in as my new Urien.

Super-Mandrake Kheradruakh
My second project is something a little more absurd. And it started with this.
For awhile I wanted to make a large show piece for my army, and I didn't want it to be a large tree. I wanted to focus more on the Mandrake side of things, and recently I had a cool idea when I saw that kit. 

There was a small part in Gathering Storm where the Mandrake Boss Man finally completed his centuries long task of making the creepiest room ever. And in doing so opened up a gate to the shadow realm. This in turn hyper-charged all the Mandrakes, and allowed Commorragh to fight off the Daemon invasion left behind by the worst house guest ever, the Ynnari. 

So I thought to myself what if Kheradruakh wasn't just an ordinary Mandrake anymore, he had risen beyond the limits of a normal Mandrake and into the realm of legend.
A little cleanup work to make the rat skull-face less face, and more maskish

Here's where the real fun part comes in, Kheradruakh doesn't use a weird double ended halberd. He uses a massive meat cleaver.

Never throw out anything
My next trick will be to meld his second set of arms into his back, but I haven't gotten there yet.
 After that I'll smooth things out and fill in the gaps, and then I get to start the boring painting part.

I'll circle back with another post after I've made some more progress.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Siege the Tower GT- Custodes Coverage

So at the end of may I attended the first GT pu on by an amazing local group
These guys really know how to get events going. Terrain was great (this is most important to note as there have been several GTs missing the mark on this lately). Missions were fun! Event was a blast. All good people and good times. No bad games or bad feelings that I experienced.

Unfortunately, this was back in MAY (really before Caladius were SUPER EXPLODING. But if you look back at my unit reviews, I had said this was the unit to use and the Telemon was fading) so I forget most of the details to write up a more extensive Batrep. I do know I discussed in in Hobby Progress on last month's episode of our Allies of Inconvenience Podcast, so check that out if you want to hear more.

First off my Army. I played Custodes for the event and took home Second for Painting (lost to a Wobbly Modeler using their board from Adepticon, which is an impressive thing if you've never seen it).
My list was as follows
Custodes Battalion- 1970 pts, 8 CP
HQ- Captain General Trajann Valoris- 185
HQ- Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike- 169: Lance, Misericordia, Salvo Launcher, Warlord; Relic- Auric Aquilis
Troops- Custodian Guard (3)- 169: 2 x Spear & Misericordia, Sword & Storm Shield
Troops- Custodian Guard (3)- 169: 2 x Spear & Misericordia, Sword & Storm Shield
Troops- Custodian Guard (3)- 170: Spear &  Misericordia, 2 x Sword & Storm Shield
Elites- Vexilia Praetor: Misericordia, Storm Shield, Vexilia Magnifica
Fast Attack- Vertus Praetors (3)- 282: Misericordia, Hurricane Bolters, Lances
Fast Attack- Vertus Praetors (3)- 282: Misericordia, Hurricane Bolters, Lances
Heavy Support- Caladius Grav-Tank- 210: Twin Illiastus Accelerator Cannon, Twin Lastrum Bolt Cannon
Heavy Support- Caladius Grav-Tank- 210: Twin Illiastus Accelerator Cannon, Twin Lastrum Bolt Cannon

This isn't the list I initially wanted to run. I was going to do Blood Angels, but I wasn't getting the things I needed to finished painting done in time.

Game 1 vs Chaos Soup (WIN, 35-12)
Opponent's List
Thousand Sons Supreme Command Det
HQ- Ahriman on Disc
HQ- Exalted Sorcerer on Disc
HQ- Exalted Sorcerer on Disc
HQ- Exalted Sorcerer on Disc

CSM Flawless Hose Supreme Command Det
HQ- Chaos Lord W/ Jump Pack, Thunderhammer
HQ- Chaos Lord W/ Jump Pack, Thunderhammer
HQ- Lord Discordant on Helstaker w/ Baleflamer
HQ- Lord Discordant on Helstaker w/ Baleflamer
HQ- Master of Possession

CSD Nurgle Batallion
HQ- Poxbringer
HQ- Sloppity Bilepipper
Troops- Nurglings (6)
Troops- Plaugebearers (29): Plagueridden, Icon, Instrument
Troops- Plaugebearers (29): Plagueridden, Icon, Instrument

Overall, not much to say about Game one. I think my opponent could have better deployed his plague bearers (intertwining them instead of doing 2 blocks, which allowed me to focus on one and open a hole to move through) and better managed his Chaos Shrimp Lords, but I don't think he expected the bikes to handle them as well as they did.

Game 2 vs Genestealer Cult (LOSS, 34-8)
Opponent's List
GSC, Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor Battalion
Deliverance Bloodsurge Det
HQ: Acolyte Iconward, Field Commander
HQ: Primus
Troops: Acolyte Hybrids (10)- 4 Rending Claws, 4 Rocksaws, Flamer, Icon
Troops: Acolyte Hybrids (10)- 4 Rending Claws, 4 Rocksaws, Flamer, Icon
Troops: Acolyte Hybrids (20)- 12 Rending Claws, 6 Rocksaws, Icon

GSC, Mixed Cult Battalion
Anoited Throng
HQ: Magus, Familiar, Relic-Crouchling
HQ: Patriarch, Warlord, Familiar
Troops: Brood Brother Infantry (10)
Troops: Brood Brother Infantry (10)
Troops: Brood Brother Infantry (10)
Elites: Aberrants (10)- 8 Picks, 2 Improvised Weapons
Fast Attack: Atlan Jackals (5)- Shotguns and democharges
Heavy Support: Brood Brother Heavy Weapons Squad (3)- Mortars

Brood Brothers Air Wing Detachment
Flier: Vulture Gunship w/ Twin Punishers
Flier: Vulture Gunship w/ Twin Punishers
Flier: Vulture Gunship w/ Twin Punishers
Like 40 dudes appeared in front of them a minute later, with 5 bikes to their right
Abberants withstood bikes, nearly killed the squad, and then withstood a Captain's Charge.
There were 2 vultures here until I charged and killed one for spite
Well I killed his fliers and a lot of guys. But without a screen I was on the back foot from the beginning. Lost to a better player fair and square. However Abberants are a little OP for their cost IMO, but that was far from the determining factor. Even without them or had I killed them, I would have lost. Maybe a little better score, but no chance of winning.

Game 3 vs Chaos Soup (LOSS, 34-12)
Opponent's List
Thousand Sons Supreme Command
HQ: Ahriman on Disc
HQ: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Malefic Talon, Wings, Warp Bolter
HQ: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Malefic Talon, Wings, Warp Bolter
LoW: Magnus the Red

CSD Undivided Battalion
HQ: Herald of Slaneesh on Steed
HQ: Kairos Fateweaver
Troops: Nurglings (3)
Troops: Nurglings (3)
Troops: Nurglings (3)

Death Guard Super Heavy Aux Det
LoW: Mortarion

This game was WAY CLOSER than the Score Suggests. Like Bottom of three was the make or break. I got a charge onto Morty, Magnus AND Fateweaver after having shot them. THEY WERE ALL IN THEIR LAST HEALTH BRACKET. LIKE LESS THAN 4 WOUNDS EACH. AND I FAILED TO KILL ANY OF THEM. They then proceeded to kill all of my Bikes and take out both Caladius (along with a bunch of smites). After that it was done. Had I killed any one of them I think the game could have been a draw, or a 1-2 point difference for either of use. Had I killed 2 in that turn, I would have won. The dice gods did not favour me.

Game 4 vs Imperial Soup (Knights) (LOSS, 17-16)
Opponent's List
House Taranis Knight Lance Super Heavy Det
LoW: Armiger Helverin
LoW: Armiger Helverin
LoW: Knight Crusader- Character, Heirloom: Endless Fury, Warlord Trait Cunning Commander, Meltagun, Twin Icarus, , Avenger Gatling, Heavy Flamer, Rapid Fire Battle Cannon, Heavy Stubber
LoW: Knight Crusader- Character, Heirloom: Fury of Mars, Warlord Trait Knight of Mars, Melta Gun, Thermal Cannon, Twin Icarus, Avenger Gatling Cannon, Heavy Flamer
LoW: Knight Preceptor- Character, Heirloom: The Helm Dominatus, Warlord Trait Ion Bulwark, Multi-Laser, Thunderstrike Guantlet

Cadian Battalion
HQ: Company Commander
HQ: Commissar
Troops: Infantry Squad (10)
Troops: Infantry Squad (10)
Troops: Infantry Squad (10)
Elites: Platoon Commander
Elites: Tech Priest Enginseer

This was the most tactical and precise game I played of the weekend. Had it been any other deployment map than lengthwise I think I would have won outright because he would not have been able to avoid the caladius as much as he did. Even still I won the game at the top of Turn 6 and lost it in the bottom. My calladius really controlled his knight movement and I had to use a DS squad of guardians attacking his Cadians to bring his Knights out of position for my bikes to act (so they didn't get into combat until T4). Top of six I got Slay the Warlord with my warlord. Bottom of 6 he got his 4+ Zombie-Knight roll with his last command point, brought back his Warlord, as used it to kill mine... all with 1 wound left. 2 point swing in the score... and he won by 1.

Game 5 vs Imperial Soup (Admech) (WIN, 13-7)
Opponent's List
Mars Battalion
HQ: Cawl
HQ: Tech Priest Dominus, Macrostubber, Volkite Blaster, Relic- Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land
Troops: Kataphron Destroyers (5)- Plasma Culverins & Phosphor Blasters
Troops: Skitari Ranger (7)- Omnispex, Galvanic Rifle, 2 x Transauranic Arquebus
Troops: Skitari Ranger (7)- Omnispex, Galvanic Rifle, 2 x Transauranic Arquebus
Heavy Support: Kastellan Robots (2)- 2 x Heavy Phosphor Blasters
Heavy Support: Onager Dunecrawler- Broad Spectrum Tether, Cognis Heavy Stubber, Nuetron Laser & Cognis Heavy Stubber
Heavy Support: Onager Dunecrawler- Broad Spectrum Tether, Cognis Heavy Stubber, Icarus Array

House Raven Exalted Court Super Heavy Det
LoW: Armiger Warglaive
LoW: Armiger Warglaive
LoW: Knight Errant- Character, Warlord Trait Ion Bulwark, Iron Storm Missile Pod, Meltagun, Reaper Chainsword, Thermal Cannon

Imperial Assassins Aux Support Det
Elites: Vindicare Assassin

This game went much like my first. I think this time the map did my opponent no favours, as with the NOVA "L" he was unable to set up good fire lanes with his shooty army, and I just got in there and did what Custodes did best and killed. I wasn't too worried about objectives at this point, as I had already lost 3 games, and instead focused on just having a solid game.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Allies of Inconvenience- Episode 20: Aeronautica Imperialis and Ynnari

This month the gang has a lengthier than normal hobby progress session, with both Chris and Evan having a lot underway in the past month. After than Jason and Even launch into an overview of the last edition of Aeronautica Imperialis to lay the ground work of what is to be expected in the forthcoming edition. Along with that Ian inquires about and we discuss the new edition of Apocalypse! Afterwards Chris, Ian and Evan discuss the recent Ynnari update and briefly go over some of the highlights of the Ynnari fluff.

00:00 Intro
02:55 Hobby Progress
39:24 Aeronautica Imperialis (plus some Apoc)
1:10:34 Ynnari Discussion

Songs and Soundclips
Blue Mark- Atlan Urtag
Kaap mere- Bugotak
Clip 1- Meet the Soldier TF2
Clip 2- Meet the Heavy TF2
Clip 3- Meet the Demoman TF2

Monday, July 1, 2019

700th Post! Gothmog's Guide to Wahammer Meme Making!

Well, 700 posts. For a small time, no revenue hobby blog with predominately one contributor and the occasional post from his friends, that is quite an accomplishment IMO. I know at times it picks up and goes down. I've had years with over 100 posts. I've had others with less than 50. I have written some posts that seemed to set the 40k world on fire (the Petition) and many more that haven't. I've hobbied, been opinionated, started a podcast, and just generally been passionate about wargames.

I want to thank you all for checking out my little corner of the internet for all those years (since Dec 2008) and posts.

As a thank you, here is my guide to making 40k memes.

IF you don't follow us on Facebook, you should, because that is where all my meme magic happens. 
Magic like this
That is probably the most successful meme I've made to date. If I had to say why, it is because it is something we all can relate to laid over a reference we all understand. 

First lets take a look at my earliest memes on FB
Tanksgiving was done to celebrate... well Thanksgiving (USA holiday). I have actually posted this one each Thanksgiving since. Thunderer is one of my favourite tanks in all 40k. And this is just a great picture of one. A key element to some great memes is to just take a great picture and do something to it. BUT this really isn't the type of meme I'm best known for. Next is the first of those as far as I can tell. 
This was done to go with the announcement of the release of Deathwatch Space marines. Genestealer Cults weren't an army yet. Necromunda re-release was still a ways off. Those are my own models. But it was the timing that was key, and a good reference to known 40k lore. Deathwatch were all the rage, people going crazy about them. So I bottled the moment and made fun of it, exploiting lore that a lot of people should understand.

I also want to point out here, none of my memes are watermarked. IMO it goes against what a meme is. Once I make it, they belong to you. Sharing is nice, but I'd rather see them freely used in the wild then be worried about getting "credit" for a meme.

So how do I make memes? And how do I tend to make them so flipping fast?

1- First of all, have a warhammer obsession and waste your life online. Not ready to commit to that, well you can just give up now.

2- Have the right apps on your phone. Yup. I do 99% of all my meme work on my phone. I use instagram layout and an app called "Eraser" and then just do the words and positioning of things on When I do use a PC, I tend to use MS paint and powerpoint to assemble things. So that really all there is to the technical side of things. And generally, that is only for really complex memes like this one.
3- Don't stop scanning the web for new hobby content. In a meeting. Browse. Eating. Browse. On the Toilet. Browse. The moment you see news break, think "what joke can I make?" And I mean THE MOMENT. I am in TONS of facebook groups and regularly check Warhammer Community, see things from Spikey Bits, Faeit 212 and the like and kinda have to stay plugged in (IE WASTE YOUR LIFE). Be hawkeyed and vigilant for new stuff. That way you can do stuff like this within 10 minutes of the reveal.
4- Have a uselessly large knowledge of obscure/geeky pop culture references. The more late 90s/early 2000's TV, movies and internet you consumed, the better. Popular Animes like Gundam and Miyazaki stuff helps too. When I say uselessly large I MEAN USELESSLY LARGE. Like enough to always win 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon against Kevin Bacon large.  And then don't be afraid to Cross the Streams. ALWAYS CROSS THE STREAMS! Forget you Egon and your "It would be BAD!" opinion. 
Here are some examples. When is the last time you thought of Sealab 2021? Or Seinfeld? Or Jimmy Nuetron? Or Technoviking? DBZ? Wild Wild West? YEARS. But you remember them. And I exploit that. That Star Trek reference in the last one. Real stretch. But it pays off for those who get it.
Here are some more. Being able to spot similarities is key. That Space Wolf really does look like Fat Bastard. That Fyreslayer terrain is strikingly similar to the floating head in Zardoz. Zeon references are on point. 
Just more examples, all made to tap into the ethos of our hobby... being super salty.
But sometimes you just need to simply connect a reference and the picture and it does all the work for you.

5- Don't be afraid to rehash old jokes. Stand up comedians do it. You can too.
First one I did when PETA demanded GW get rid of Fur. Second I did later when the BB Rat Ogre was released.

These tie in with the previous rule. Good solid Dune reference. Dune references are always good.

6- Make a joke at the expense of someone's hard work. Don't worry if you offend/are controversial. It is a joke. Most people get that. With that, ignore the haters. Every real comedian has detractors and humor is a subjective human experience. If you think its funny, it will be to at least SOMEONE else.

7- SPOILERS. The GoT AoS post I showed up top. I posted that the day after the episode. Same with this one. If you wait too long, someone else will make the joke. Enough people saw the episode of whatever popular thing it is you are referencing, that the meme will be relevant.
With that, don't shy aware from current pop culture references in general. All these were made at the height of the popularity of their subject matter.
8- Just be salty. Everyone else is. Kinda touched on it above but here are some more examples.
9- Low effort OC is always better than a repost. ALWAYS.

10- Know your popular real world memes. Then violate them
11- Lastly, if you see a cool picture, don't be afraid to steal it and sully it.

And that is the art of meme making.

Just to be clear, everything I said...