Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Vote for my Warjack in the BoLS competition!

Evan Valdyke

OR at least vote for my friend: Jason Haber.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Gothmog is going to Dragon Con!

I will be at DragonCon in Atlanta GA this coming weekend. If you want to meet up and talk 40k or anything war-gaming, just drop me a line at sepulchreofheroes@gmail.com.

I will not be playing in any tournaments or even plan on playing at the convention. I have a club meeting Sunday, so if you do want to play a game with Gothmog, you can come out to that.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why I think Specialist Games need more support PART TWO

So my last post was on specialist games and was calling out to players to join in on them.

Today I am saying why I think GW needs to pick their game back up and support these games.

You are selling a hobby not a product. REMEMBER THAT. You must still make some money off SG games, just not the great heaps you do off core games. Remember though that your business isn't about just throwing models out there. Leave that to Airfix and the like. What you are selling is a whole hobby. If I am a 40k player, I am not likely to go out and play Lord of the Rings. I am how ever likely to pick up BFG, EPIC, and the like because it is a part of the hobby I have participated in.
As a veteran gamer I am also less and less likely to start new armies. Once you have a few, and for some people just one, you don't need much more from that game system. Instead you want a new game system. As different as each army in 40k is, it is still 40k. But with lack of support for SG, veteran go to your competitors and play Warmachine, FoW, and the like. I admit, that is part of why I got Warmachine. No one plays the Specialist Games, so I found a new game they did play.
You already made great marketing moves getting me to want endless 40k with Apocalypse and Planetstrike. Now get you avid buyers to want even more related products. If I play SM, I probably would want an SM Epic or BFG force as a continuation of my collection in my hobby.

Games Workshop, what you do best is Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. Stick to those universes. Expand them. And hype up the Specialist Games. They died off before the blogosphere came about. I bet that fan community and the blogs could easily now get plenty of attention back to them.

The Lord of the Rings craze is over. Those movies are done. And you have limited content and scope you can produce. Tolkien made a great world. But that is the problem. It has been made, as in it is finished with production. You guys are still MAKING a world which is what is so great about your HOBBY, not product. So keep MAKING these universes. Keep supporting the HOBBY. Don't try and force products down my throat. I stopped getting White Dwarf when it became more adds for your models than actual hobby content.

Specialist Games are essentially the root ideals of the company. Make cool models for cool games people want to play. Unfortunately it seems that today that is a lost ideal and it is just about a bottom dollar.

But it shouldn't be. It should be about a hobby.

Please don't send a cease and desist letter...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why I think specialist games need more support

There is always that one guy in the store. You know. The one guy who plays specialist games. You seem him as you stand there playing 40k or Fantasy. Who knows, he may even be doing the same. But really, he wishes he was playing a specialist game. And honestly, you should too.

Specialist Games used to be MUCH MUCH bigger. Unfortunately GW decided to go a different direction (LoTR). But they are still there and they are begging to be played. They should have to beg no longer.

I am that specialist gamer. I have Battlefleet Gothic, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, and Aeronautica Imperialis (While not an official SG since it is FW, it is ecletic enough to be considered as such). While I do enjoy playing 40k, I just sometimes would rather be playing these other games. Unfortunately, no one else does. But I am here to tell you you should. And here are the reasons why:

1- THEY ARE FUN! These games are a blast. They really are. Each of them has distinct advantages and concepts not found in mainstream games. You want 40k as fast paced as Warmachine? Try Necromunda. You want a higher level manuevering game? Try Battlefleet Gothic and Aeronautica Imperialis? You want every decision you make to be a possbile game changer? Play Blood Bowl (really, something as simple as picking up the ball can determine ultimately if you win or lose. It is a brutal game). Really, I cannot stress how much fun these games are.

2- Fresh Air: You don't face the same thing over and over again (Guard Mech Spam). There really are no power lists. Players tend to play more so what they want then what is good. Balance can be an issue sometimes, but as long as you are playing for fun this is a moot point. But overall, you are thinking differently, playing differently, and it is different minis!

3- Sweet minis! Okay, some of them can be older and weird, while others are great. Particularly BFG IMOHO. Not only are there some great minis, you can convert to your hearts desire. Some games, like BFG, even have ways for you to create your own rules. And many players will even let you use these rules.

4- Nicer people: Everyone I have met or known that played SG games does it for teh love of the game and the hobby, not to win. It is nice to not have rules lawyers and math hammers and what not interfering with just a pleasant afternoon of gaming. As well, the player communities seem to be more willing to meet new people (probably because of low numbers) and try new things.

5- Cheaper: Alot of the SG games require ALOT less minis than 40k, Fantasy, or even warmachine. You can get a sizeable force often for far less than the main games. Blood Bowl, Necromunda and Mordhiem are prime examples of this. BFG can be rather low too, and you can often find cheap epic armies on ebay. The only one that is expensive is Aeronautica. Thanks FW. Oh yeah, all the rule books are free for download.

So if you have always wondered about those wacky games, stop. Buy some and get a friend to play. Download the rules and proxy a game even. Try it out. Who knows, there may be 2 guys in your store playing SG games.

So go here. Go now.

Are you an Atlanta Gamer looking for a club?


If you are in the Atlanta Georgia area and are looking for a gaming group, look no further that the Wargamers at Georgia Tech.
The clubs meets every other sunday in the Georgia Tech student center. No need to worry about having your army painted or wysiswg completely. Just a relaxed group that gets together to play:
-Blood Bowl
-Battlefleet Gothic
-Aeronautica Imperialis
-D&D minis
-Any other game you want that is a wargame

If you are interested, shoot an email to sepulchreofheroes@gmail.com with GEORGIA TECH in the subject line.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Daemonhunters need to be competitive again.

So playing my brother this summer has really opened my eyes to how BAD the Daemonhunters codex is right now. I mean I know it is bad, but I didn't know it was THAT BAD.
I mean the guys are supposed to be major bad-a$$es.
Like this!

So here are my observations:

1- TOO EXPENSIVE! I mean they are great, but they cost to much (wallet and points). So what needs to be done is reduce the points cost. I say 20 points a model, instead of 25, and only +10 for a Justicar instead of +25. The cost of their special weapons also needs to decrease. They are just way too much. The only fairly priced things are Land Raiders (if they get weapons updated) and Assassins.

2- TOO SLOW! They can not take any transports and any Deep Striking marines are not scoring. I kinda get the no transport thing, kinda, BUT the Grey Knights are supposed to be the masters of Teleportation. You read the newest Word Bearer novel. They teleported directly onto the bridge of a CSM warship and slew the entire bridge crew, including the Dark Apostle, without them having a chance to resist.
What they need is scoring deep strikers. And they need something like the Blood Angel's Descent of Angels but for teleportation.
And making it easier to take transports would be nice. If they have Land Raiders they must have rhinos at least fluff wise.

3- NO VARIETY! There is really not much to the codex right now. A new release will granted come with a plethora of characters, but it needs more than that.
I say first of all it adds the 2 new assassin clades revealed in the Horus Heresy Nemisis book. Next, Inquisition factions would be cool. Like certain inquisitors grant certain things based on their faction.
As far as Grey Knights go, they are cool, but seem lacking. Terminators, Marines and Dreadnoughts? That's it. Purgation squads I guess, but they only have 2 weapons to choose from (which I will comment on momentarily). I don't know if jump troops should be added, but if they do get the storm raven gunship I wouldn't be surprised. I don't think scouts should (scouting daemonic worlds doesn't seem feasible) but the GK need some more character. Chaplains and Librarians would be a good start. A Chaplain does show up in Ben Counter's books. Some sort of new type of unit would be great. I could see Jetbikes happening (which would help fix the speed issue as well.)

4- WEAPONS! The GK have 4. Nemesis Force Weapon, Storm Bolter, Psycannon, and Incinerator. Lame. They need some sort of Melta type weapon, especially in the Mech dominating field of 5th edition. Some other new toys for them would be nice as well.

Basically, I can't see the Daemonhunters being a game changer. They should be slightly similar to Blood Angels I suppose. You know, in the way Space Wolves are similar to Space Marines. Maybe a second army that plays like BA will help shift the game away from mech.

I for one avidly await to see what they will do.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Trivia Quiz: Horus Heresy Books

Another Sporcle Quiz for you Black Library buffs out there

Horus Heresy Books and Audio Books

Be careful, you have four minutes to do it in order AND it includes some things not yet released!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kharn the Betrayer True Scale Conversion

This is a conversion that a good friend of mine did a while back.

This is the only photo I have unfortunately as I think I took it before I was blogging.
Anyway, first thing to point out is that it is actually broken. There is supposed to be one more chain with a skull on it. That aside, I think you get the picture. The creator admits that he thinks he can do a better job today, but overall this is still a good true scale conversion.
It uses mostly just plastic chaos space marine bits. Both the shinguards are actually right legs. I will say the missing skull chain is kinda advantageous right now so you can see the leg that was used. The exposed arm is a catachan guardsmen arm. The axe is actually 2 chain axe's put together. We couldn't let Gorechild be lame now could we? The head is the actual Kharn head and is the only metal part on the marine.
The base is really what makes the model (and further raises it to be around as tall as a dreadnought). Just a whole heap-o-skulls.

There got a second picture (now the first one). Cool thing is those Beserkers behind him are my conversion work for a friend.

Unrelated news: I may be doing some work on the template today, so if weird stuff happens, I apologize.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Terrain, Marines, and Warjacks! OH MY! (TONS OF PICTURES!)

Okay, so here is a bunch of the stuff I have been working on while I have been stashed away someplace in this general area.

So anyway, lets get on with it. Starting with TERRAIN!

So the terrain is made with Minnesota lake rocks and pieces of shale. Based in of 1/8" (I Think) masonite board. That stuff works great. Some work still needs to be done. Basing and detail. I am going to used popsicle sticks for the roof. Put a wood stain and snow on in. Some moss on the walls and such. Should turn out nice.
So I used Locite metal and concrete epoxy and gorilla glue brand super glue to build them. Stuff worked great.

Next up MARINES!

So this Blood Angel has a jump pack from chapterhouse studios.

Another Blood Angel assault marine. This one with the Mk3 look going on.

This is the Grey Knight Grandmaster I built for my brother. He painted it. It is supposed to represent a Grey Knight Librarian. I wish chapterhouse had made it's exorcist bits at the time. That would have been a better shoulder pad to use. I used the Blood Raven Terminator shoulder pad from them. The legs are from a Assault on Black Reach Terminator I got for free in a WD. The Body is a GK body (I used the legs elsewhere). The head is cadian with a green stuff hood. The eagle shield is from Marneus Calgar.


This I am going to enter in the BoLS warmachine challenge. I know it won't win but what ever. Here is my fluff: Khador Juggernaut T-54, known as "Goliath", was one of the first warjacks delivered into Khador's service from a factory founded in dedication of the Butcher of Khardov's heroic actions in the name of the Motherland. Though not as chaotic as a Berserker, serving in the legions of the Butcher has had its effects on the warjack, lending to a more violent nature.

Well hope you enjoy. Now to rush to the airport to pick up a friend.