Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tactica: Two Detachments, Part One

Although generally not allowed in tournaments, in home games fielding two detachments can be a legitimate and effective strategy in larger games, especially in how special characters day by day are defining armies.

The kick is your opponent must agree to allowing you to use multiple detachments. A good sport should let you in games held just for fun.

The Requirements of Two Detachments:
1 HQ
2 Troops
1 HQ
2 Troops

Now yes, this may force you to take some more troops than you normally would want to field, but it allows you several other advantages.

1-If your army has a 0-1 choice on a piece of wargear or unit choice, then you are now allowed two of them, as there are now two armies, as described on page 87 of the rulebook under multiple detachments. Just put one in each detachment.
2-If a character’s rules get overturned by another characters rules, say like Chapter Tactics, then you may use both sets of rules on one half of the army each (like if you have Crimson Fists fighting along side White Scars, Kantor leads one, Khan the other).
3-Rules that affect “friendly units” have an effect on both detachments. Men in one army would be just as inspired by something of great import as men in the other army.


1-You have to take 4 troops and 2 HQ compulsory
2-You may not take 2 of the same character

So with these point in mind here is an example 3000 pt Space Marine list:

Det 1- Crimson Fists
HQ- Pedro Kantor- 175
Troops- Tactical Squad(10)- 230: Melta Gun, Plasma Cannon, Power Weapon, Rhino
Troops- Tactical Squad(10)- 235: Melta Gun, Lascannon, Power Weapon, Rhino
Elites- Sternguard(5)- 205: 5 x Combi Meltas, Razorback w/ Extra Armour
Elites- Sternguard(6)- 230: 5 x Combi Meltas, Razorback w/ Extra Armour
Heavy Support- Devastator Squad(5)- 210: 2 x Lascannon, 2 x Plasma Cannon
Heavy Support- Predator- 110: Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armour
Heavy Support- Whirlwind- 85

Pts: 1480 Scoring Units: 4-6 KPs: 12, 15 (Hard Boyz)

Det 2- White Scars
HQ- Khan- 205: Moondrakken
HQ- Chaplain- 130: Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter
Troops- Bikes(5)- 185: Powerfist, 2 x Meltaguns
Troops- Bikes(5)- 165: Power Weapon, 2 x Flamers
Elites- Terminator Assault Squad(7)- 545: TH & SS, Land Raider Crusader, Extra Armour
Fast Attack- Assault Squad(5)- 160: 3 x Plasma Pistols, Power Weapon
Fast Attack- Scout Bike Squad(5)- 130: 2 x Astartes Grenade Launchers

Pts: 1520 Scoring Units: 2 KPs: 8, 14 (Hard Boyz)

Pts: 3000 Scoring Units: 6-8 KPs: 20, 29 (Hard Boyz)

So the Crimson Fists provide a solid gun line while the White Scars Outflank your opponent entirely and hit hard from behind. Khan goes with some bikers to make them even beastlier. Terminator Chaplain with the Terminators to give them Liturgies of Battle and Honour of the chapter (re-roll failed to hits and make them fearless).

In the first list, Kantor sticks with the smaller Sternguard unit. Grab objectives and sit and shoot. If objectives are out of reach, transports or WS bikes can make it.

Part two will be two detachments with a twist.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Power Unit: Blood Angels Honour Guard

So I thought I would do a post on the army dearest and nearest to me, the Blood Angels.

As far back as I remember, I have loved the honour guard. In 3rd edition and part of 4th, they could be an uber powerfull 1000 pt squad with 10 power weapons and furious assault. Now they are much more on the level but still can be rather strong.

Dante: 200
Honour Guard:330/355(meltabombs)
-Jump Packs
-Melta Bombs (optional)
Company Champion: Power Weapon, Combat Sheild, Plasma Pistol
Standard Bearer: Blood Angels Banner, Power Fist
Tech-Adept: Power Weapon, Artificer Armour, Plasma Pistol
Sanguinary Priest: Exsanguinator, Power Weapon
Veteran: Melta-Gun

So there you go. 530/555 points for the squad.

What makes it great- Dante gives preferred enemy to any squad within 12", meaning everyone, including himself, re-rolls to hit in close combat (though his axe is already MC). Further this by the fact any enemy within 6" of Dante has -1 to their BS and WS. Then he allows you to take the BA Banner, giving all friendlies within 12" +1 A and allows them to re-roll failed morale and pinning tests. Rites of Battle allows any unit in the army to use his LD for their checks. The more assault troops you can keep within 12" the better. Mass your DC with them and you have a crazy force with rending getting all these bonuses as well.

Dante himself has a sweet MC power axe and an inferno pistol (Axe Mortalis and Perdition Pistol). Basically it is a pistol with the stats of a melta gun, 12" S8 AP1 melta. He is fearless, but the squad isn't, so this doesn't matter, unless he detaches and joins the Death Company. WS6 BS5 S4 T4 3W I5 4A Base and a 2+/4+ save.

With Dante's Bonuses, you then have a squad that has 3 power weapons, a Power Fist, 2 Plasma Pistols, and a Melta-gun, that can do crazy amounts of damage. One of them has a 5+ Inv save in CC and another has a 2+ SV normal. 2 Attacks base each, 4 with 2 CCW, and almost a guaranteed charge, on top of everything Dante does and you are looking at 7 WS6, 20 WS4 Powerweapon attacks and 5 normal WS4 attacks.

Added bonuses: Exsanguinator keeps guys alive when you need it most, and the Blessing of the Omnisiah allows them to fix vehicles.

The whole unit has Jump Packs, so they are amazingly fast to boot.

In APOC I add the following to the unit
Masters of the Chapter- Jump Packs on All
Captain: 150- Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon
Captain: 150- Pair of Lighting Claws
Captain: 165- Thunderhammer, Plasma Pistol
Captain: 160- Lighting Claw, Plasma Pistol
Chaplain: 135- Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol
Mephiston: 225

Why not Lemartes- He is better left with actual Death Company.
Mephiston can keep up with the Wings of Sanguinius.
The Squad gains an old school psychic hood.
Mephiston can use all his powers, so he bumps himself with Might of heroes since he is S5 and has a Force Weapon, it is most useful on his self. Then Transfixing Gaze can leave an enemy completely defenceless, allowing this megasquad of hurt to hit automatically and not risk being hit in return (oppossing squad looses all attacks).
The Chaplain is there to make the squad fearless, and redundancy with litanies of hate. Plus more power weapon attacks is always welcome.
The 4 Captains bring some hurt in varrying shapes and sizes with a good mix of weapons and plenty of plasma bite.

Here is what everything would look like on the Charge:
7+D3 WS6 S5 I6 Force Weapon Attacks
7 WS6 S4 I5 Power Weapon Attacks
23 WS5 S4 I5 Power Weapon Attacks, 11 Reroll to wound
15 WS4 S4 I4 Power Weapon Attacks
4 WS4 S4 I4 Attacks
5 WS5 S8 I1 Thunderhammer Attacks (can stun)
5 WS4 S8 I1 Powerfist Attacks
ALL can re-roll to hit.

That is brutality.

Shooting right Before assault:
2 Meltagun shots, 1 at BS5 1 at BS4
7 Plasma Pistol shots, 5 at BS5 2 at BS4
2 Bolt Pitol shots at BS4

2+/4+ Dante
2+ Mephiston and Tech Adepts
3+/4+ Chaplain and Captains
3+/5+ Company Champion
3+ Veterans

All of this is a pure power house.
Take Lemartes with the Death Company and run them next to this power unit and you have a massacre on jet packs.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cool Chaos/Renegade Conversion Idea

Okay I am sharing this idea I had here because I realize I will never have the time or money to do this particualr conversion.

Renegade Collossus
Bascially you take a Basilisk and then you add this to it.
Warriors of Chaos Hellcannon from WHFB

The Hellcannon should be about the same size and if far more chaosy then anything else there is. Look at all those souls that make up the barrel. You could even keep the Chaos Dwarf crew if you wanted to. Just loose the wheels and kepp the barrel and TADA!

With the new IG codex and a set of FW renegades, I see more and more chaotic guard armies. Thought this would be appropriate.

If someone does this, please let me know.

Biggest Bang: 3000 Pts IG Pie Plates

So here is an Imperial Gaurd List dedicated to AOE weapons. Basically you want to have several sets of blast templates on hand.

HQ: Command Squad: 115- Mortar, 2 x Grenade Launcher, Master of Ordnance
Elite: Psyker Battle Squad: 120- 10 x Psykers
Troops: Infantry Platoon
-Command Squad: 40- Mortar, Grenade Launcher
-Infantry Squad: 70- Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher
-Infantry Squad: 70- Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher
-Heavy Weapons Squad: 60- 3 x Mortars
-Heavy Weapons Squad: 60- 3 x Mortars
-Heavy Weapons Squad: 60- 3 x Mortars
-Heavy Weapons Squad: 90- 3 x Missile Launchers
-Heavy Weapons Squad: 90- 3 x Missile Launchers
-Special Weapons Squad: 95- 3 x Demolition Charges
-Special Weapons Squad: 95- 3 x Demolition Charges
Troops: Veteran Squad: 130- 3 x Grenade Launchers, Missile Launcher, Demolitions
Fast Attack: Valkyrie: 390- 3 x Valkyries, 3 x Multi-rocket Pods
Heavy Support: Ordnance Battery: 390- Basilisk x 2, Colossus
Heavy Support: Leman Russ Squadron: 540
- 3 x Leman Russ Battle Tanks, 3 x Sponson Plasma Cannons, 2 x Hull Mounted Lascannon
Heavy Support: Leman Russ Squadron: 555- 3 x Demolisher Siege Tanks, 3 x Sponson Plasma Cannons

Pts: 3000 Scoring Units: 11 KPs: 17, 15 (‘ard Boyz)
Explosions. Mmmmmmm.........

Blast the hell out of your enemy. You have one hell of a gunline. Even heavily armoured infantry can be hurt by your high AP blasts such as the plasma cannons, demolisher cannons or earthshakers. Missile and Grenade Launchers all can choose between frag and krak as well, so armour beware.

I'd recommend putting the two Spec Weapon squads in the Valkyries and getting them close to the enemy to use those democharges. The 3rd Valkyrie is for the Veterans, get them moving fast and scoring fast.

Horde armies, such as nids, IG and orks have teh most to fear. And even if they aren't horde, you still have a ton of units they'd have to split their fire between.

Keep your Company Command Squad near as many heavy weapons as you can. Bring it Down and Fire on my Taget are very usefull from the Company Command. Platoon command can use FRFSRF on the infantry squads or Incoming for protection.

Another option is to exchange the LR sponsons for a squad of Armoured Sentinels with Plasma Cannons. It leaves you with an extra 15 points to spend. I'd give one LR a lascanonnon myself.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Champions of the Game: Space Marine Variant Characters

Poll Related Post

See the first results here: Ultramarine Characters.

Sorry it took me a while to update again. Busy Busy Busy. I am going to try and be more regular now. Now here are the Non-Ultra SM Codex Characters.

If you don't know, voting criteria is as follows- Whatever you think to be the most important criteria to be the best. Could be individual rule or what he does for the army or even how the model looks. Have at it.

Pedro Kantor- Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists: He has what is often regarded as one of the best Chapter Tactics. To use it, you loose the combat tactics that comes standard with most SM characters (allowing you to choose when to fall back). In its place any squad that had combat tactics gains stubborn and Sternguards become scoring units. Kantor gives all friendly units within 12” +1 A, but not to himself and does not stack with chapter banners, so can be redundant if you take an honour guard, as a chapter banner has added bonuses as well. He is equipped with a sweet Storm Bolter named Dorn’s Arrow. 24” S4 AP4 Assault 4 at BS 5. Nice. He fits in well attached to Sternguard units, lending some good shooting and giving them more ability to take and defend objectives by increasing their attacks. A powerfist at WS6 A3 W3 with a 3+/4+Sv makes him good in combat, boosted with both frag and krak grenades. He also gives an orbital bombardment, and is the only Non-Ultra Character with that. All this for 175 pts. NOTE I accidently spelled it with a C in the poll, rather than a K. My bad.

Darnath Lysander- Imperial Fists 1st Co. Captain- A *BA in terminator armour. The model even looks like Bruce Willis.
He is an eternal warrior (USR) making him immune to all forms of instant death (like Calgar) and has bolster defences (check out techmarine rules for that, basically improves one piece of terrain’s cover save by +1). Bolter Drill allows any bolter type weapon (all of them) in the squad he is attached to to re-roll to hit. His Chapter Tactics make all units stubborn at the loss of Combat Tactics once again. He carries the Fist of Dorn, which is a Master Crafter Thunder Hammer at S10 and adds +1 to rolls on vehicle damage tables. A combat beast at WS6 S4 (10) I5(1) A3 2+/3+ Sv. 4 wounds to top it off makes him hard to bring down. This comes in at 200 pts.
*Not to be confused with Blood Angels

Kayvaan Shrike- Raven Guard 3rd Co. Shadow Captain- He is the Jump Pack character of the codex. Shrike and his Squad gain infiltrators. Infiltrating jump packs are nice. I guess that’s what a Shadow Captain is. His Chapter Tactics makes your army fast, giving units with combat tactics the Fleet USR. Armed with the Raven’s Talons, he gets Master Crafted Lightning Claw attacks (re-roll to-hit and to-wound) with Rending on his Base 3 (4 since he has 2 CCW) attacks at WS6 I5 S4. 3+/4+ Sv. In addition he has a bolt pistol, frag, and krak grenades. 195 pts for him.

Vulkan He’stan- Chapter Master/Forgefather of the Salamanders- Vulkan’s Chapter Tactics gives all Thunder Hammers in the Army master crafting and twin-links all flamers, heavy flamers, meltaguns and multimeltas. He carries himself a sweet set of weapons in the form of a heavy flamer in his gauntlet and a Master Crafted Relic Blade named the Spear of Vulkan. This gives him rerolls in both shooting and combat, and at WS6 and BS5, that is nice, and in combat even better at S6 because of his Relic blade with I5 A3 and 2+/3+ saves. His digi-weapons then further allow him to re-roll one failed to-wound in combat. The only drawback is he isn’t in terminator armour so he can’t move and shoot his heavy flamer. 190 pts for what may be the most heavily armed of the characters in the Codex.

Kor’sarro Khan- White Scars 3rd Co. Captain, Master of the Hunt- First off he rides a bike called Moondrakkan. This means he is modified with +1T for a 4(5) characteristic. This bike also allows him to run in the shooting phase and gives him the fleet special rule, so you don’t always have to turbo boost to get that extra movement. Furthermore, if on a bike, he makes Bike Squads of at least 5 models troops. Note that that is not a Chapter Tactic ability, so you can use that and use another character’s chapter tactics. His Chapter Tactics gives all units with combat tactics and their dedicated transports the ability to outflank. Keep in mind it is dedicated though, so Land Raiders must be bought by a squad to get this. He personally carries a pseudo-force sword, Moonfang, which causes Instant Death on a to-wound roll of a 6, regardless of Toughness. A bolt pistol and frag/krak grenades compliment that. Top it off with the standard Character stat-line with WS6 BS5 I5 A3(+1 for 2 CCW) 3+/4+Sv. Comes in at 160pts, making him the cheapest, but to be good you have to pay an extra 45 for the bike, bringing It up to a healthy 205 pts.

Now hit the poll over there -->

There we go. That is the Gotee look.

Which Non-Ultramarine SM Codex Character is the Best?
Cantor: Crimson Fists Chapter Master 10 (27%)
Lysander: Imperial Fists Terminator Captain 11 (29%)
Shrike: Raven Guard Shadow Captain 5 (13%)
Vulkan: Salamanders Forgefather 10 (27%)
Khan: White Scars Master of the Hunt 1 (2%)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Airbrushing Underway

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I had a short break then was busy again very fast. I did get some work done during my break though and got some airbrushing done. I also painted some tactical marines, but I have some camera issues right now so couldn't get photos of them to you yet.
What, a Balrog can't paint?
Up close

Basically, I got some large batches of acryllic paints and some ditilled water. Took the paint and cut it to a milky consistency using distilled water. Used an empty spaghetti jar (cleaned it thoroughly first) to mix in. Around 30-35 psi for the air brush worked very well. Two coats worked well, but I may add a 3rd for the base colour. My second colour I have yet to put on is a deeper blue. The base looks grey in the photos but it closer to space wolves grey.

I am painting 11 Leman Russ, a Basilisk, a Chimera, a Baneblade and a Marcharius Vanquisher this way.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Evolution of a List: 1750/1850 Space Marines (Salamanders)

See the previous list here.

Forgefather Vulkan He’stan: 190
Tactical Squad (10): 235- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Lascannon; Rhino, Extra Armour
Tactical Squad (10): 225- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Multi-Melta; Rhino, Extra Armour
Tactical Squad (10): 225- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Multi-Melta; Rhino, Extra Armour
Stern Guard Veteran Squad (5): 225- 2 x Melta Gun; Razorback, Twin-Linked Assault Cannon, Extra Armour
Whirlwind: 95- Storm Bolter
Assault Squad (5): 125- Lightning Claw; Flamer
Vanguard Assault Squad (5): 220- Jump Packs; Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
Land Speeder Squadron (3): 210- 3 x Heavy Flamers, 3 x Multi-Meltas

Pts: 1750 Scoring Units: 3-6 KPs: 9, 16

Forgefather Vulkan He’stan: 190
Tactical Squad (10): 235- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Lascannon; Rhino, Extra Armour
Tactical Squad (10): 225- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Multi-Melta; Rhino, Extra Armour
Tactical Squad (10): 225- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Multi-Melta; Rhino, Extra Armour
Scout Squad (5): 75- 5 x Sniper Rifles
Stern Guard Veteran Squad (5): 225- 2 x Melta Gun; Razorback, Twin-Linked Assault Cannon, Extra Armour
Whirlwind: 95- Storm Bolter
Vanguard Assault Squad (10): 370- Jump Packs; Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
Land Speeder Squadron (3): 210- 3 x Heavy Flamers, 3 x Multi-Meltas

Pts: 1850 Scoring Units: 4-7 KPs: 9, 15

Hobby Notes:
Be ready to switch the Flamers in the Sternguard to melta-guns and the chainswords to power weapons. The Sternguard Rhino should be able to be converted to a razorback with both HB and an Assault Cannon. My recommendation to do this is buy 2 razorback kits. Use one as a Rhino for the Tac squads and then use the parts to make two seperate turrets for the Razorback.
The Assualt squad transforms into Vanguards.
As well, be ready to change out weapons on the Vanguards. Either 2 sets or magnetize the arms so they can be exchanged.

1750- Inclusion of a Rending Weapon, Deep Striking Specialists (Vanguards)
1850- Scouts, Snipers

Okay, everything is exactly the same as in the 1500 list. The Sternguard are a little stronger with the Twin-Linked Assault Cannon on their Razorback.

The Vanguard are the new toy in this list. Heroic intervention can be useful when you want to use it. If not using that, just utilize the squad the same as the assault squad, just know that they are more reliable and better in combat. The thunder hammer can kill characters (or stun them) and break vehicles just as well. A 3+ invulnerable save keeps the sarge around. Note, you lost the Assualt Squad in the 1850 list, but have the same number of jump troops. Combat Squads can be put to good use here.

The snipers are extra fire support. Scouts have plenty of good rules to get them into objectives from where they cover your army. Plus, the snipers take out high T targets, so prioritize their shots.