Saturday, November 16, 2013

What I'd Like to See- 6th Edition Codex Tyranids 2013/2014

There are a lot of rumbles and noise about the great devourer on the Internet, and lets just say I haven't read any of them. I am on a ship, Internet is slow and I am busy. But I am on liberty now, and can blog away. So I am going to post what I'd like to see in the upcoming release. Whether or not this goes hand in hand with any of the rumours is purely coincidental.
First off I have never played nids, but I have always been a fan and familiar with them, as they were one of my Brother's armies. I would love to play them, and they would be a fantastic hobby project (I would get old and new Carnifexes and Tyrants, as this is the army where some of the classic models still fit in beautifully, so much so I wish FW made new resins is the same style).

Anyway, on to the wish list

1- A mutation table. I loved this back in the 3rd ed codex. Squad mutations such as weapon beast and hive node. It was a great element to the genetic monsters, and could really add characterful models into squads of never ending chitin, breaking up what could otherwise be a monotonous paint job and hobby project, as well as being visually striking. Separate from the visual appeal, it added some tactical depth and options to squads. Think of it as the Nid version of special and heavy weapons.
2- Effective genestealers. Right now they are passe. These should be one of the most ferocious CC units in the game.

3- Speaking of Close Combat, this, of any army released in 6th thus far, should be the army that makes CC viable. While still effective, the game has definately shifted towards shooting. Nids should be the book that makes Tau players quake in thier boots. Furthermore, it shouldn't be just numbers alone that does this, as there is a limit as to the number of models a person can reasonably fit on the board. Come on, be clever now GW.
4- Speaking of Genestealers, Stealer Cult Allies would be GREAT. My guess is just allow nonvehicle/noncharacter allies from codex IG but require a Broodlord be taken as their detachments HQ and a minimum of 1 genestealer unit in the main detachment. And maybe give the IG some boost, like +1I or something to represent their foul xenos corruption.
5- A monster that can go Toe to Toe with the the Riptide and Wraithknight. If GW has to do a plastic Hierodule, then so be it. If any army was ready for a big plastic kit, it is this one. What would be cool is to see a Carnifex that is to scale with a Land Raider, but that is just me and I know that won't happen.
6- Versataile choices in every FOC slot. Even if nids get allies, they won't be for everyone. This is where having a really usefull unit in each spot on the force org chart would really be called for. The nids cna't supplement their forces to fill in their weak spots. They have to be self sufficient. What would take this concept to the next level is if the units all round are all well balanced and okay and then made GREAT though synergistic effects that focus the list around a core group of units, like a warrior-guant centric horde or a ravenor-trygon vanguard etc. etc. Themes within the army that allow it to build power off itself.

Friday, November 15, 2013

First Thoughts on SM + 2k WS/IH list

So I am still on deployment (in the Navy for those of you who don't follow me) and as such I have been out of touch largely with the 40k community and meta. BUT I did order and have delivered to my ship the new Space Marine Codex. First of all, I like the quality of the book and LOVE the fact that there is once more an Amoury section.

So I going to say "Called It". I have been a major proponent of bringing back some sort of doctrines and the having Characters buff these doctrines, rather than the doctrines be entirely character driven (like they were in the last codex). While my suggestion was to do this with Captains, I think the form they are being implemented now is OUTSTANDING. Just pick away.
I love that the Black Templars and other chapters are being rolled into it, it is great and will simplify the game. I do wish they focused on strengthening the supplements, but I am happy to see that supplements now exist. It is weird that I can have White Scars from one codex and WHITE SCARS from a supplement, but it is really up to a player to determine if they want what is extra in the supplement, and there isn't so much to make it game changing or breaking.

I have to say that while I like the Centurions, I really don't understand why they made them from a conceptual point. They aren't "vehicles" despite what the fluff says. They are just bulkier terminators and in terms of real world practicality and purpose, they make no sense. Thank goodness this is 40k though, where sense is not a prerequisite for existence.
Anyways, onto my list. This can be used as either a White Scars or Iron Hands list, though I think it is most effective as a White Scars list

HQ- Chapter Master- Bike, power weapon, auspex- 170
HQ- Master of the Forge- Bike, conversion beamer- 130
HQ- Techmarine- Bike, servo harness, grav pistol, auspex- 115
HQ- Techmarine- Bike, servo harness, plasma pistol, auspex- 115
Troops- Bike Squad (5)- 2xGrav Gun, Vet Sarge w/ Power Weapon- 155
Troops- Bike Squad (5)- 2xGrav Gun, Vet Sarge w/ Power Weapon- 155
Troops- Tactical Squad (10)- Multi-melta, Plasma Gun- 165
Elites- Terminator Assault Squad (6)- 6xTH/SS- 270
Dedicated Transport- Land Raider Redeemer- Multi-melta, Extra Armour- 260
Heavy Support- Land Raider- Multi-melta- 260
Heavy Support- Vindicator- Extra Armour- 135
Heavy Support- Hunter- 70

Pts: 2000 Scoring Units: 3 Kill Points: 12

Fist off, this is just a conceptual list that should be playable as Scars or Hands. If I dedicated it to White Scars, I'd drop the chapter master for Khan. Same effect PLUS scouts. PLUS is would buy back 20 points to spend elsewhere. I tried to keep this flexible though to give the most amount of readers some ideas or direction while list building.

The concept is to have a very fast moving heavy hitting force. It can't devastate across the board, but where is focuses it should destroy. The tactical squad is for objective delivery, and they ride in the Land Raider. With the onset of the age of the plasma, duel Raiders will be hard for anyone to deal with and should be a major pain the whole game. They also provide a good variety of shooting and should be able to engage any targets. All the characters are on bike and are to zoom around dropping auspex shots for the grav guns and TL bolters to tear apart units OR to fix vehicles. They also add some BIG hitting power in the bike squads with 2 x Power Fist attacks from the servo harnesses, +1A with them on the charge. Use bolster defenses throughout your deployment zone to weather fire fore the first turn and then zoom away, jink saving or FNP like crazy. Insert here obvious bike gravgun salvo shennanigans. Finally, there is the ever awesome TH/SS Terminators. I don't have to tell you how to use these guys. even in the shooting environ of 6th, these guys are a unit to be feared. Having a LR for delivery even more so.