Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Emperor

So, as I said previously, I wanted to discuss for fun about the Emperor.


So in Mechanicum, it shows him around the year 1200 as a Knight in someone's army (I would say exactly, but I lent the book to someone already).

For fun lets make conjecture on where else in History/Mythology the Emperor could tie in.

The first things that jumped into my mind were Hercules/Heracles and Achilles. Both are said to be descended from the Gods (The Old Ones???). Possibly he has a role in Jason and his Argonauts, or Odyseus and his Odyssey.

Could he have served along side Juilius Ceasar? Some general in the Roman army? Maybe he was with Alexander at Guagamela.

I think another awesome tale would be for him to be King Arthur or at least one of the Knights of the Round table, such as Lancelot, or rather Galahad who found the Holy Grail.

Was he the Yellow Emperor? Or did he have more humble roots and later serve Qin Shi Huang Di?

Jump forward. Could he have fought with George Washington or Napoleon? What about along side Lee or Grant? Was he in the Trenches in France in WWI, or at the Battle of the Bulge in WWII?

So any cool tales you think he would fit into. Where is History would the Emperor have let his mark?