Tuesday, May 12, 2015

BFG Revised ASC 2.0 Update (Imperial Navy Complete!), Moving and the Future

Just a few quick updates

1- The latest update to the Additional Ships Compendium (ASC) 2.0 for use with Battlefleet Gothic Revised is up.
To learn more about the project and BFG:R click here to read my last post on it.

2- Expect low traffic for the month of May and June. I am packed and moving across the US this week. It sucked putting away ALL my 40k, BFG, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Napoleonics and Samurai today (I may have too many projects). This is also why it has been slow since April. Just getting everything together and finished up was alo

3- THE GOOD NEWS IS I will have more free time than EVER BEFORE once I am out there. WHICH MEANS ALOT OF HOBBYING. I also think I have a new strategy to getting things done (I am always trying to find new ways to motivate myself).

4- In the mean time, between now and when I am settled, I hope to get a few books read and maybe get some reviews up on the site. As well, I will be working on the ASC as I cross the country. Hope to have Space Marines and the other Imperial Factions done by the time I reach the West Coast.

5- Lastly, do yourself a favour and watch MAD MAX FURY ROAD this week. For you old timers, the feel of 2nd ed, Gorkamorka and Necromunda will just ooze off the screen.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend WIP: Over 8000 points of Battlefleet Gothic (IN and Chaos)

SO I have been kinda quite lately. I am getting ready for a move across country and hobby wise have just been working on stripping, building and/or repairing and basing an UNGODLY amount of BFG.

All told once done, I should have 16000 points ish (pre escorts) between the two fleets. Sitting in these photos is somewhere between 8k to 10k.

Stripped them over a few weeks in simple green. Now I have mounted them to their bases using steel rod and a dremel tool, filling gaps with super glue and green stuff. I'll prime all this tomorrow, and then actually put it in its case so I can get the rest out and to the same point of progress. Plan is to airbrush them all.