Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back from break

So I am back from my break and returning to the grind.

Here are things I am going to put up this weekend:
-Finished Scabieathrax
-Finished hand done BA Banner. No aides used.

But for now I just have some random musings while I sit on the floor in the back of an overly full lecture hall at an entirely pointless meeting that I had to attend.

1st musing- Ultramarines the Movie
This is going to be sweet. SUPER SWEET. Here is my speculation- It will be against Orks. Why orks? Because they are easier for someone who absolutely knows nothing about the 40k universe than say Chaos, Nids, DE, or Necrons. That leaves tau and eldar. Why not them. They are too relatable to the audience in the wrong way. They will steal the limelight from the Marines and confuse the non-40k viewer as to who is good/bad. We all know orks are bad. Therefore, no matter how grim and dark a Space Marine of the Imperium may be HE IS GOOD.
I hope it is live action/CGI. Not expecting the levels found in something like Avatar, but maybe along the lines of Star Wars Prequels.

2nd Musing- Tyranids
I need to read the new dex, but those new models look SWEET. The one question I have is in regards to the floating venom guy. Why is he metal? Be ready with the super glue everyone. Those tentacles are going to fall and break off all the time as he falls left and right. I recommend never using him on carpet.

3rd Musing- Blood Angels
I really want to know more. Over the past several games, I have really been hurting in assault. Which is really WRONG. I am supposed to be the definitive Assault army. But the BA are not. I want to now what they are going to do to fix this. Furious Charge? Higher WS? What will you do GW?!?!