Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Biggest Bang: Psykers (IG Inq 2k List)

NOTE Since I keep having issues with my 2nd HQ and the fact that people just want to see a higher number of psykers I will have another list up this evening.
The concept behind this list was to have a high and diverse number, with the different psykers performing different roles.

Biggest bang is a series here where I take a crazy element and try to max it out. Things like a Space Marine Battle Company in 2500 or as many blast templates as possible in a 3k list.

Today's theme: Psykers!

HQ Primaris Psyker- 70
HQ Grey Knight Brother Captain- 146: Psychic Hood, Psycannon, Word of the Emperor, Unguents of Warding, Master Crafted Weapon

Elites Psyker Battle Squad (10)- 110
Elites Allied WH Inquisitor- 120: Combi-Melta, Power Weapon, Psycannon Bolts, Power Armour, Hexagrammic Wards, Purity Seals, Divine Pronouncement, Scourging
Elites Allied DH Inquisitor- 114: Power Armour, Refractor Field, Consecrated Scrolls, Targeter, Purity Seals, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Psycannon, Word of the Emperor, Holocaust

Troops Veteran Squad- 130: 3 x Melta-gun, Grenadiers
Troops Veteran Squad- 130: 3 x Melta-gun, Grenadiers
Troops Veteran Squad- 130: Plasma Gun, 2 x Sniper Rifle or Grenade Launcher, Mortar, Grenadiers
Troops Penal Legion Squad- 80

Fast Attack Valkyrie Squadron (2)- 310: 2 x Lascannon, 2 x Missile Pods, 2 x Heavy Bolters
Fast Attack Valkyrie- 155: Lascannon, Missile Pods, Heavy Bolters
Fast Attack Vendetta Squadron (2)- 280: 2 x Heavy Bolters

Heavy Support Hydra Flak Tank- 75
Heavy Support Hydra Flak Tank- 75
Heavy Support Hydra Flak Tank- 75

Pts: 1999 Scoring Units: 4 KPs: 17, 28 (3,2,1 system)

Tactics: Break the army up into 3 groups such as the following.

Group 1:
Psyker Battle Squad in Valkyrie
WH Inquisitor w/ Veteran Squad in Valkyrie

Group 2:
DH Inquisitor w/ Non-melta Veteran Squad in Vendetta
Primaris Psyker w/ Penal Legion Squad in Vendetta

Group 3:
Grey Knight Brother Captain w/ Veteran Squad in Valkyrie

Alternatively, you can scout on some or all the groups and just start the Hydras in your deployment zone (or bring them in from reserve as well).

The Witch Hunter Inquisitor can use its Divine Pronouncement from inside the Valkyries as it does not require line of sight. This power causes units to fall back, so is great for forcing units off objectives, or if a unit is below half strength but hasn't broken, for forcing them out of the game.

The psychic hood helps keep the psychic edge well on your side, with the hexagrammic wards as a back up for that.

The Witch hunter provides extra melta power to the Veterans to crack a tank if the 3 before it fail. The Bolter has psycannon bolts to take out daemons and characters (if the squad is dead) and a power weapon to aide in combat. Scourging give you some high strength shooting as well, though I think Divine Pronouncement is better overall.

The Daemonhunter inquisitor and his squad should be put on the hardest objective, where their Vendetta can support them and where Word of the Emperor can keep units from assaulting you. The targeter should always be used before anything else in the army is shot. Really can be useful for checking ranges, especially since this squad is the shooty squad, especially with the Psycannon.

The Primaris is great with the Penal Legion. He is great in CC with his force weapon if the Desperadoes rule yeilds a Psycopath or Knife Fighter result. His shooting though fits right in with gunslingers as well.

Hydras are just cheap and pump out fire in healthy portions, thus why they are there. Just decent support.

The Valkyries and Vendettas are rather obvious. Try and shoot with them as much as possible to get units below half strength for Divine Pronouncement to be more effective. Also, this army isn't very high in numbers, so thinning down what you can will really help.

The grey knight brother captain is a bastion, and if you have to assault an objective, use his squad.

Really this list is purely for fun and the absurdity of it. What might be more fun though is to run a Culexus against it. He would be crazy awesome.

So what do you think? If you try it out, let me know.