Thursday, January 21, 2010



If you don't know who Yakkface is, he is the guy GW has write some of their FAQs and is also heavily involved in Adepticon rulings.

The recent turnover of his "Counter Attack + Furious Charge" ruling by GW was wonderful to me. Finally someone stopped the stupidity. Even if it is after all the other mistakes over time.

A list of FAQ official yet blatantly dumb rulings:
1- Counter Attack + Furious Charge. Glad this one is gone. It made Space Wolves always better in combat and prevented units with defensive grenades from negating attacks when they charged. Most importantly, it made Straken even WAY MORE broken than he already is.
2- Lucas the trickster can kill a warlord. What?! A Vortex grenade only does d3 structure point/wounds to super heavies/gargantuan creatures. How can a bomb the size of a Astartes heart destroy a warlord. And if that could be afforded to be put into the heart of an SM, why is it not the principle munition of the universe.
3- Piranhas and Drones. When a piranha wrecks, the drones become a Kill Point. I believe this is the same for an ejected pilot from a battlesuit. BUT WHY? That is entirely dumb. The enemy already got a Kill Point from the piranha. Why does he deserve another for 2 gun drones.
4- Planetstrike FAQ not answer whether or not demons could assault the turn they arrive. The rule was worded that demons deploy as a special type of deep strike and not deep strike itself. There was a bunch of controversy, FAQ was put out, and every one was like "HEY! ANSWER OUR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!"

Basically, the problem I see is that they get guys like Yak and other super competitive people to make the FAQs. The problem there is that competition gets in the way of common sense.

Take competitive modeling for instance. Crawling assault marines and devastators on columns. Though the rulebook says you should not use modeling to your advantage, Yak was one of the first to recommend it. It is really an unfair element in my opinion, favouring people with time, resources, and money over common Joe guy.