Thursday, April 23, 2009

Evolution of a List: SM 1500 pts (Salamanders)

Check out part one of the SM list evolution here.

Part 2

Forgefather Vulkan He’stan: 190
Tactical Squad (10): 235- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Lascannon; Rhino, Extra Armour
Tactical Squad (10): 225- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Multi-Melta; Rhino, Extra Armour
Tactical Squad (10): 225- Sergeant, bp & chainsword; Melta Gun; Multi-Melta; Rhino, Extra Armour
Stern Guard Veteran Squad (5): 190- 2 x Combi-Meltas; Razorback, Extra Armour
Whirlwind: 95- Storm Bolter
Assault Squad (5): 130- Lightning Claw (or Power Weapon), Combat Shield; Flamer
Land Speeder Squadron (3): 210- 3 x Heavy Flamers, 3 x Multi-Meltas

Pts: 1500 Scoring Units: 3-6 KPs: 8, 14

Hobby Notes:
Be ready to switch the Flamers in the Sternguard to melta-guns and the chainswords to power weapons. The Sternguard Rhino should be able to be converted to a razorback with both HB and an Assault Cannon. My recommendation to do this is buy 2 razorback kits. Use one as a Rhino for the Tac squads and then use the parts to make two seperate turrets for the Razorback.

Inclusion of a Heavy Support Choice, Skimmers, and dedicated Assault troops. The Heavy Support is further a new concept with Ordnance Barrage. The assault troops are jump troops, another new concept.

This list is very similar to the 1000 pt list with the units that are the same.

Vulkan stays with the Sternguard, who get upgraded from a Rhino to a Razorback. This gives them some covering fire with the Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters. Since you now have the Heavy Bolters, I went ahead and switched the flamers in the squad for Meltaguns. High toughness targets beware. The flamers are no longer as needed because in 1500 points, excessive horde armies shouldn’t appear all to often, and the Bolters of the Tactical squads, plus the Land Speeder Squadron I added (heavy flamers), should be able to handle any large infantry block. Couple that with the whirlwind, and hordes beware.

Anyways, you get within rapid-fire range with these guys, preferably 6 in, unload in the shooting phase. Meanwhile you  broke Hestan away in the movement phase and kept him next to the Sternguard. You then assualt with him and break the squad.

The Tactical squads serve the same roles. Don’t hesitate to use the combat squads rule to capture objectives. Besides, 4 of the combat squads have Melta-Weapons. Monstrous creatures will fear you. Lascannon is in there for some 48” reach. Take out that hammerhead before it becomes too much of a nuisance.

The Assault Squad now gives you dedicated assault troops that are jump troops to boot. Assault squads are always nice. They negate any advantage inherent in non-jump assault type units/armies (Khorne Berserkers being a prime example). They should always get the assault, and if they don’t, you are doing it wrong. Use them against easy to beat units, such as enemy troops choices. You can assault into objectives with the frag grenades, flaming them before hand, negating out their cover saves. The lightning claw/power weapon choice is down to your personal preference. The power weapon gives you +1 A, but the lightning claw lets you re-roll your to-wound rolls. Choose which ever you like more, both have their advantages. The former is best for the intended roll of the squad, but the lightning claw lends some diversity, allowing them to engage high T units or enemy characters. Combat shield also lends nicely to this role.

The Land Speeder Squadron is a two-fold unit and in mega-amplified by Vulkan. They can easily flame their way through infantry then end up slamming into your opponents Armour. They are particularly nice against Guard or Tyranid armies, where the heavy flamers take out infantry one turn and the multi-meltas engage Monstrous Creatures or Leman Russ the next.

The last addition is the Whirlwind. Set it up behind cover and fire every turn of the game. For only 95 points, it is a great choice and I personally believe it to be a shoe-in for any Vanilla SM builds. Three types of ordnance in one choice. Golden. The storm bolter is for defensive purposes, but if you’d rather spend the 10 pts elsewhere, be my guest. May I suggest melta-bombs on the Assault Sergeant.

There you go. Part two of the SM evolution done. Sorry it took a while to get it up. Expect this line to finish late May/early June. I made a writing schedule yesterday, so I should be able to stick to it.