Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blood Angels: Milling over the Rumours in the Rumour Mill.

First of all check out BoLS Blood Angels Rumours part one and part two.

Some sweet stuff there I think.

First thing I want to address is a strategy I think you are going to see alot in the new codex that comes down to a rule interpretation. Quickening Land Raider Assault.
The Quickening says Infantry move like beasts. Does this make them beasts, or just move like beasts? If it makes them beasts, that means it can't be cast on squads inside vehicles or allow them into buildings. BUT if they only move like beasts, then this is irrelevant. And even if they are beasts, just cast it after disembarking, because I bet it is a movement phase power.
So lets see. A squad of Close Combat Terminators are in a land raider. Move the raider 12", disembark, which adds another 2-3". Then you fleet (If they are able to. Beasts are able to, so I assume they can.) Then you charge 12". That gives them a 26/27" + d6" assault range. That is the furthest in the game. Now this is really in the air at this point, but it is something that my friend and I noticed right away.

This brings up my second point. I am thinking Librarians will become a Staple HQ choice, more so than chaplains now. Some great new amazing powers that I believe will often be tactically critical for some of the list variants you will see come out of this release.

Another thing I am wondering about is this new tantulus lander. My guess is that it will be very much like the IG Valkyrie. I am thinking that even assault troops can use it as a dedicated transport, and "Jump Out" or something of the sort. A question I have as well though: can bikes take it as a transport? It says it is for everything in the army other than tanks and landspeeders and the Exalted.

Speaking of the Exalter/Knight of the tower: this sounds great. I Can't wait to see these rapier wielding models. Great statline. I am wondering if they have an assault move the turn they drop in.

I really like combining veteran assault squads and honour guards into one choice, and Dante making his Honor Guard troops. Makes taking an honor guard more practical.

The second rumour did not talk about an all Assault Cannon Landraider, but I'd rather have that than a redeemer, so lets cross our fingers on that one.

Mephiston with Feel No Pain, T5, Eternal Warrior. Sweet. Still be warry of power weapons with him. No mention of an invulnerable save.

The fact that I will now have to (most likely) purchase DC is disappointing to me. Though it does allow me more flexibility in HQ, as I don't always have to take a chaplain, it just feels like it is removing something from the army. I wonder at the unit's competitive ability and fear that many blood angels will be missing these devoted madmen. Though, they seem like a very potent unit, keeping furious charge as long as they win assault. Wait and see what the point cost is.

Tycho is useful now. It should be nice to see him in play.

Fleeting Furiosos. Super Sweet. Fleeting Jump Infantry (quickening) Mega Super Sweet. Living Darkness should help protect these guys cross the feild.

I am wondering about the practicality of the MC. Seems cool, but like the thunderfire cannon of the SM codex, I doubt you see this unit in play very much.

2 types of Elite scouts make me doubt scout bikers, but having a scoring unit type seems nice. I just wonder what will make the other variant special.

Lists I think we will see:
Landraider/Tantulus Mech:
2 x Terminator
2 x LR
Tactical Squads in Rhinos
Assault Squads in Tantulus

Dreadnought Drop:
Dreads in drop pods
Assault Squads for troops

Assault Squad Army:
Assault Squads
Land speeders

I really just fear too broken of a list now. People ranted about Jaws of the World Wolf in SW and About plenty of things in the New IG. Tyranids not so much, so hopefully as april/may approaches, we will see it in a more balanced light.

What I really want to see now are these new models.