Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Using Forgeworld

This is something that often comes up in clubs and stores:
The Usage of Forgeworld models and rules.

Well I for one am for their use at all times. I will start with apocalypse:
They should always be allowed in Apoc. There should be no argument against it. Apoc is about using your entire collection and having as much fun as possible. Putting some restrictions though is fine, like no superheavies over 3 structure points or gargantuan creatures over X number of wounds. This can help everyone have fun instead of getting stomped on. But some forge world stuff is definitely acceptable.

Next up, casual gaming:
Yes again. Why? Because it is meant to be fun. But this is also where my argument is weakest. It is meant to be fun for both people. So what is acceptable and what isn't. Well, super heavy detachments may be unacceptable. But using Forgeworld Guardsmen or Tank variants, well, how is that really going to effect the game, especially if it is the same rules as the codex entry? But for forgeworld rules, they put as much time, and likely more, into balancing and playtesting I feel.
All forgeworld army lists should definitely be allowed here I believe, as this is typically the only place where a person can use them in the current hobby environment. As I said, they are playtested. Why not let some one who spent that time and money on their army enjoy it. It goes back to my fair sportsmen post. The game is about encouraging people to have fun. Let them have it. Their army, while different to you, is not holding any super dirty tricks up its sleeve.

Now for the big one, Tourney's and Competitive Play:
I think that there should be no reason not to allow Forgeworld here. No reason at all. Why? Tournaments, especially things like 'ard Boyz and Adepticon, are all about proving who the best player is. If you are not allowing a certain group of armies and units (FW) just because it wouldn't be fair, that's wrong. If a player can't beat a player using Forgeworld, then he wasn't good enough to win. This should absolutely be the case with 'ard boyz. Isn't it the quest for the best? Well how can you be sure the winner is the best when certain things were banned from competing.
Just because it is different/you can't afford it/new to you doesn't give a valid reason for saying that it is unfair.
It may be too expensive for me to buy 2 land raiders, so should no one I play be allowed them? No.
I may have never played against Orks before, so if I enter a tournament, should orks be banned? No.

So that's my 2 cents on the usage of Forgeworld models and rules.
So even if you don't have them, play against someone who does. Get a model of your own. Get everyone around you used to seeing it. Lets see if we can break this stigma of "Hey, that's FORGEWORLD, you can't use THAT!"