Saturday, February 6, 2010

Death Company

So the new death company rumours I am seeing here are mixed to me.

I don't like having to buy Death Company. At least they are still outside the force org I believe and don't take up a slot.

I really hope there base size is 10 and not 5. I am not taking Devastators, especially with the Red Fury rule across the army. Blood Angels don't do devs. We do armour heavy support. Baals and Vindicators. So that is negative 1.

They are going to be potentially super expensive. I see them being great in Apoc games, but generally avoided in normal play. Power weapons are great and all, but +10 more points on a guy that is probably already 25. Eh.

I do have to say that at least it will be easy to get jump packs, as I will always be taking at least one Assault Squad. And the potential for 2+ armour saves is really sweet. Makes these guys great for going toe to toe with terminators or plague marines.

I am thinking though that often it will be worse to take a Chaplain with them then to just let them run amok.

I am also worried that taking Seth will be the only way to play them reasonably. I DON'T PLAY FLESH TEARERS! I play Blood Angels. I only want to use BA characters. GAH! Having to take certain characters to play certain ways is so annoying!

Really, taking any chaplain should make Death Company a reasonable choice, with certain characters potentially enhancing them, such as Leamartes or Seth.