Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1st List Idea for New Blood Angels 2k pts

With everything flying around and all the rumours, I have desigend my first list for my Blood Angels codex.

Based around deepstrike assault concept. I love Jump Packs!

HQ Dante
Troops Honour Guard(5) in Storm Harbinger w/ meltaguns
-Priest w/ exsanguinator and powerfist
Troops Veteran Assualt Squad(5) in Storm Harbinger w/ meltaguns
-2 x Power Weapons
Troops Veteran Assault Squad(5)
-2 x Flamers
Troops Assault Squad(6)in Storm Harbinger w/ meltaguns
-Powerfist or Power Weapon and Meltagun
Fast Attack Scout Bike Squad(3)
Fast Attack Scout Bike Squad(3)
Fast Attack Exalted(5)
Heavy Support Devastator Squad(5)
-4 x Missile Launcher
Auxilary Death Company(5)
-Frag and Krak Grenades
-Jump Packs

I heard through the bushes Dante makes Veteran Assualt Squads Troops. Not just scoring, but troops.
The scout bikes give me some beacons to bring my deep strikers down on. Shotguns give them a little more weight of fire for no cost. Just use them to harass really.
Keep Exalted near the Death Company.
My Storm Harbingers are tank and High T hunters.

What I should have hear is 22 guys assaulting upon Deepstrike. I took more veterans because for most likely only 20-30 pts more for 5 guys, I significantly increase my attacks (2 base instead of 1 base). Then I have 10 more deepstrikers that are just plain good in assault. Death Company should have that rumoured continous Furious Charge and Exalted should have hit and run and power weapons. Then 6 bikes harrassing the enemy. Hide them as much as I can and then swoop in last turn to contest an objective is what i'd ideally do with them. 3 Storms and 4 Devs should handle any armour or MC on the table as well. Plenty of powerweapons and fists all around. Good amount of rending shooting. And some melta from the storms and Dante.

Alternatively, I may drop pod or rhino my Death Company and take the Assault Squad as a 5 man Veteran Assault Squad. Really, the only reason they are just normal right now is so the DC can get Jump Packs.