Monday, February 1, 2010

Update & to do list

Sorry I haven't posted since wed. Been busy in general. And short on ideas at the moment.

Speaking of ideas, vote on what you want the next Evolution of a List series to be on. Poll over there -->.

So this post is just a general update of what I am working on.

Ordered about 15 paints today. Going to factory paint base colours on all my marines that are unpainted. Hope to be done with that by valentines day. Then it is just going back and doing detail work.

I have a megabattle for my club coming up. Cool rules for it I will post here soon.

Ever so slowly trying to get together a working version of God Machine, my homebrew game of Titan Combat.

Have some book reviews to write up, including the Horus Heresy audiobooks.

I am eagerly awaiting to see the new blood angels models so I can plan out what I am buying.

I played a 2k battle this weekend against Khorne CSM

My list:
Lemartes w/ 6 DC and Jump Packs
2 x 5 Man Assault Squad with Powerfist
5 Man Assault Squad w/ 3 x plasma pistol, powersword
10 man Tac Squad w/ Heavy Bolter, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Rhino
10 man Tac Squad w/ Missile Launcher, Plasma Rifle, Powerfist, Rhino
5 man Terminator assault squad (2 LC, 3 TH&SS)
Baal Predator

Chaos (to what I remember)
Sorcerer Lord in Terminator Armour w/ familiar, lash and wind
5 Havocs (2 Las, 2 Missile)
5 Terminators
9 Berzerkers w/ Rhino and Powersword
10 Berzerkers w/ Rhino and Powerfist
5 Chosen w/ infiltrators, icon and MoK
10 CSM w/ icon and MoK
5 Raptors w/ MoK

Game: Capture and Control Pitched Battle

Basically, I kept him on the Defensive for most of the battle, and at the end of turn 6 all he had on the table was a rhino. It came close at one point when his terminators showed up, but Dante really helped here by reducing their weapon skill and giving me preferred enemy. The assault squad with 3 plasma pistols also managed to kill two of them before assaulting I believe and Dante killed 1 or 2 himself.

I need to get a new battery for my camera or borrow a friends so I can do a detailed battle report for you all.

I have 2 tutorials in the work for you guys as well (one specifically for FTW): a Banner Painting tutorial and a Proper Posing tutorial.

I also had a small absurd Apoc battle the other weekend. 2k Chaos 2k IG tanks on both sides. We said from the start it would end in a tie, and it ended up doing exactly that. By the end of turn four both sides held 2 objectives (barely). We extrapolated that turn five would see us each holding 1 objective and turn six, both sides holding no objectives. So yeah. We even ended up taking the exact same assets (Vortex grenade and shield generator).


Waiting on IA vol 7 as well. Will put up my new IG list after that gets here.

If you have anything you want to see or talk about email me