Monday, February 22, 2010

Megabattle Scenario: Massacre

Today I thought I'd share one of the mega-battle scenarios my club has done.

This scenario is particularly good for groups that don't have very many armies geared to Apocalypse but still want a very large battle.

Mission: Massacre (Modified Annihilation)
No Apoc forces allowed (formations/legendary units)
Recommended pts cap per player: 3000-4500 pts

Force Organization Chart:
1-3 HQ
0-3 Elites
2-6 Troops
0-3 Fast Attack
0-3 Heavy Support
0-1 Free (may be applied to any other Force Org Slot)

Setup: Pitched Battle
This mission principally uses annihilation rules, where everything is worth 1 kill point.
Furthermore there are Kill Point objectives. I recommend approximately 3 per 4000 pts.
Objectives are placed in each deployment zone and in between the deployment zones. Evenly distribute them is set of 3 so that every set has one in each zone.
If you hold an obj in your zone at the end of the game it is worth 1 KP.
If you hold one in the neutral zone it is worth 2 KP.
If you hold one in your opponents deployment zone, it is worth 3 KP.
Only scoring units can hold objectives as per normal rules.