Monday, January 27, 2020

Allies of Inconvenience- Episode 24: Blood of Baal and Ritual of the Damned

Join us this month and Evan, Chris and Jason discuss their recent hobby progress and games played and then launch into reviews of the most recent Psychic Awakening Books- Blood of Baal and Ritual of the Damned- all containing 4 factions that we all collectively play!

00:00 Intro
01:52 Hobby Progress & Games Played
32:32 Blood of Baal Review
1:05:42 Ritual of the Damned Dark Angel Discussion
1:25:24 Ritual of the Damned Grey Knights Discussion

Songs and Soundclips
Blue Mark- Atlan Urtag
Kaap mere- Bugotak
Clip 1- Newline Cinema The Hobbit
Clip 2- Warhammer TV Pointy Aelves
Clip 3- Warhammer TV Ritual of the Damned
Clip 4- The Lord Inquisitor Grey Knight Teaser by Warpgazer/Erasmus Brosdau