Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cult Mechanicus Electropriests

Last month I did up some Fulgurite Electropriests. These were originally going to be for Adepticon, but it the time since I bought them, my team changed themes and I was stuck with 12 Cult Mech Models. Instead of selling them NIB at a low price, I decided I would try and increase their value and painted them up nicely.

So these guys will be for sale eventually. I just need to finish the Tech Priest and Kataphron. Ideally sometime this month or December.

So I even had the infamous Dave Taylor ask me how I got the effect I did with their skin!!!
So I think over all I must have done a good job!

(And for those who can't read it, the skin was done by painting it ulthuan grey, washing drakenhoff nightshade, and then applying thin layers of skull white)