Saturday, March 26, 2016

Adepticon Prep: Dark Angels

Hello everyone, schlemazal here again. I finally managed to finish all the painting I had to get done in time for adepticon, so I thought I would share some photos of everything I'm taking with me. It's been a pretty wild ride desperately trying to get through everything in such a short time frame, but I'm definitely looking forward to going to Chicago with team Sepulchre of Heroes in a week's time.

Everything going to Adepticon
Today I'm going to focus solely on the Dark Angels, but I'll be back again soon with a look at my necromunda squad. First up, the last of the vehicles between my team tournament and Friendly armies: a drop pod, a rhino and a vindicator. The rhino and vindicator had both already been painted, but I decided to update them to match the rest of the army. The drop pod is certainly an interesting model, I had never painted one before. I'm rather fond of how the hazard stripes and 4th company iconography on the fins turned out.


After that we have another squad of tactical marines and some scouts. The scouts were equipped with camo cloaks, but the bolter scout models don't come with them. After a failed attempt at sculpting cloaks out of green stuff (I am hopelessly useless at modeling), I found a handy tutorial for making cloaks out of tissue or similar paper products: I made mine using chemical wipe paper, but it's very similar to standard tissue - just slightly thicker and less likely to pill or leave lint.


All of the bases are Urban Streets bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I did the ice with crackle paint followed by a wash of turquoise ink and some white drybrushing. I thought about going back with a brown wash to dirty it up again, but that would take away the luster. I may need to track down a new brown ink - if anybody has any recommendations, I would be happy to hear them. The snow is actually done with baking soda and elmer's glue following this tutorial from BoLS: I really like the effect it gives, particularly following a brown wash around the edges and a bit of white drybrushing to hit the surface. I'll leave you here with the bases I did for my two flying units: the Nephilim and the darkshroud. I'll be back soon with necromunda photos.