Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Adepticon Prep: Necromunda

Hello again, Schlemazal here for one last time before heading out to Adepticon tomorrow. Today I thought I'd post up the Delaque gang I painted for one of the Necromunda events there.

For those who aren't well versed in the vagaries of Necromunda, the Delaque gang are known primarily for their trenchcoats, dark glasses/visors and bald heads. Thankfully, that sort of cyberpunk aesthetic is certainly popular, so there are a number of good options for modeling them outside of the original GW line. Most of the models I used come from the Gang line at Heresy Miniatures, which are clearly designed to serve as Delaque gangers. The one thing I didn't care for about them is that all the models in the range are shirtless or nearly shirtless, so I used green stuff to add undershirts. The bases are all from Secret Weapon Miniatures, who have generally become my go-to provider for bases.

Gang Leader with a plasma gun and a ganger with chainsword and autopistol
For my heavies, I chose a heavy stubber and a flamer for primary weapons, with a plasma gun as a long range option for the flamer heavy and an autogun for backup on the other. Since all non-pistol weapons need to be modeled, I decided to attach them as though mag-clamped to their backpacks (I couldn't really find a better place to add them).

The rest of the gangers were basically left as is, the only exception being my lasgun ganger - I used a little bit of green stuff to fill out the tip of the barrel to more closely match standard GW lasguns.

I was a little bit disappointed with the models for the juves - the two models I received were the exact same model with slightly different arm positioning. One I modeled with just an autopistol, the other has an autopistol and a hand flamer. I made the hand flamer with the base of a long pistol attached to a combi-flamer piece from Chapterhouse Studios.

Finally, we have the hired guns for the gang - an underhive scummer with plasma pistol and laspistol and a bounty hunter. For these two I wanted to keep to the theme of trenchcoats for consistency, but to use a different color palette to indicate their status as outsiders. Both models are Reaper minis, modified with 40k weaponry. The bounty hunter has way too many weapons, so I added the strap across his chest with green stuff to attach a lasgun from Chapterhouse.

I based the color scheme for the scummer (left) on Mal Reynolds from Firefly. Now if only the face looked more like Nathan Fillion.

That's it from me for today. Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Chicago, and I hope we'll get plenty of good photos and stories for Gothmog to put up here later.